Baby Names Meaning God Answers Prayers?

baby names meaning god answers prayers When it comes to baby names, for some of us is it very important that a name of faith is chosen. If you want a baby names meaningGod answers Prayers’ then one example might be ‘Eliana’, for instance, though there are many faith-based names with their own wonderful meanings to choose from. In this article we are going to explore some names that express faith from the get-go, some quite common in various forms in different cultures and a few more exotic, obscure name options that you may consider. Let’s talk about baby names with faith behind them!

The importance of the right name

Have you ever met someone, learned their name, and it immediately seemed to fit the mental profile which you’d drawn? That’s because there is a lot in a name and our selections will demonstrate that. We get used to saying many names daily but almost never think of what the names actually mean. Let’s see some names and learn a little about what is behind them!

Girls names with Biblical connotations

First, let’s start with some powerful girl’s names. We’ve selected a few that we think that you might like which have strong and profound connotations in relation to faith. We hope that you will enjoy these or that they may help inspire you to a favorite psalm or verse that provides the right name for your little girl.


As far as powerful Eastern names go, Samara is a very good one. Arabic in origin, this names means ‘protected by god’ or could also be interpreted as ‘guardian’. It is also a popular name in India, so if you  want a Biblical name that is a little exotic and not so common then Samara is a good selection. It’s earliest known roots are in Sanskrit, and it is unchanged as it writes out as ‘Samara’ and meant ‘accompanied by God’ if we want to be extremely literal in the translation. Some famous Samaras include the following:

  • Samara Weaving – (Australian model and actress)
  • Samara Lubelski – (American Musician)
  • Samara Golden – (American artist)


Elizabeth is a classic name which has appeared in many forms, such as the Hebrew ‘Elisheva’, the Greek ‘Elisabet’, the Spanish ‘Isabel’, and in the Old Testament as ‘Elisheba’. The name itself translates out from Hebrew components ‘El’ meaning ‘God’ and ‘shave’ meaning ‘promise’ or ‘oath’, so the name itself is essentially ‘my God is my promise’. This name became popular starting as far back as the 12th century in Eastern Europe with Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, who gave her wealth freely to feed the poor. Whichever form of the name you select it is a powerful choice for inspiring faith and kindness in your child. Some notable Elizabeth’s include:

  • Elizabeth II – (Queen of the United Kingdom)
  • Elizabeth Montgomery – (American Actress)
  • Elizabeth Taylor – (American Actress)

Selahbaby names meaning god answers prayers

This name has two separate interpretations in the original Hebrew. Selah can mean ‘a tower’ or ‘a rock’ on the one hand and on the other it can be ‘to contemplate what was just said’, with the second

“With the second meaning being in relation to the Psalms”

meaning being in relation to the Psalms. If you would like your daughter to be strong and most contemplative on the interpretations of articles of faith then Selah may be a good fit for her. This is a very uncommon name and the only notable Selah that we can find is:

  • Selah Sue – (Belgian musician and granddaughter of Bob Marley)

Boys names with Biblical connotations

If it turns out that you are expecting a boy we’ve still got you covered. We’ve selected a sampling of boy names with Biblical connotations which you can use or draw some inspiration from. Without further ado, let’s take a look!


Our first selection is Theodore, a powerful name that is composed of the Greek words ‘Theos’ and ‘doron’, meaning ‘Gift from God’. Alternately, you could also use this for a girl in its form ‘Theodora’ as well and the meaning is not changed. It was a very popular name in ancient Greece and has long been a popular Christian name choice as well. Due to the widespread nature of Christianity as a religion you can also find variants of the name in just about any culture. So, if you would like a solid Christian name this is an excellent choice. Notable Theodores include:

  • Theodore Gericault – (French painter)
  • Theodore Dreisner – (American Writer)
  • Ted Nugent – (American Rock musician)



A popular name choice for Christians, Samuel comes from the Hebrew ‘Shemu’el’, meaning ‘God has heard. This is another name that has spread through many cultures, each with their own slight variations of the spelling to keep the same meaning. You, of course, know of him from the Old Testament from when he led the Israelites in a time when the Philistines were in power but there are also quite a few modern Samuels which you will know. Some notable examples include:

  • Samuel Clemens – (American author, known most commonly as ‘Mark Twain’)
  • Samuel of Bulgaria – (Bulgarian Emperor)
  • Samuel Colt – (American inventor and gunsmith)



Our final entry is Nathan, another Old Testament name with strength associated with it. Its roots lie in the Hebrew word ‘Natan’ and the Greek ‘Nathan’ meaning ‘God has given’ or ‘Gift of God’. Popular derivatives that still contain the same meaning are ‘Nathanial’ and even ‘Jonathan’, so there are a few forms that you can select if you would like to preserve the meaning but do not like ‘Nathan’ in our selected form. Some notable Nathans include the following:

  • Nathan Fillion – (Canadian actor)
  • Nathan Seiberg – (Israeli physicist
  • Nate Saint – (American pilot)

baby names meaning god answers prayers

In closing

In today’s article we have discussed some names of faith for boys and girls. We hope that we have helped you to narrow down the list of names which are considering or perhaps inspired you a little to help you find on your own. We wish you and your new family member the best!