Baby Projector Reviews: Projectors For 6+ Months And Younger?

6+baby projector
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Looking for a way to soothe baby and solve that nightlight problem at the same time? A baby projector might be the answer for you! A projector can give your baby a soothing light show while providing mild illumination to keep your baby feeling safe and secure. In this article we will review baby projectors to give you a better idea of the selection that is out there waiting to light up your baby’s night. Are you ready? Let’s review baby projector picks for 6+ months or under!

Baby light projector: Sleepyme Smart Sleep Soother baby light show

This adorable little projector is not only inexpensive but has some very nice functions. The Sleepyme projects a field of stars on the ceiling so that your baby has a soothing light and it can also provide nature sounds and soothing music (it has 10 different options for this!). It runs on AA batteries but the Sleepyme will turn itself off automatically after 30 minutes, so you should get a good deal of life out of those batteries. Priced at around $40 retail it’s a lot of projector in a tiny little package.

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Baby light projector: Moredig Ocean Projector

baby light projectorThis baby light projector can light up your baby’s ceiling with one of two themes. The first theme is stars and moons, rather like our first entry, but the second theme is Sea creatures. The sea theme includes jellyfish, dolphins, sea horses, starfish, clownfish, and more! The Moredig comes with 8 different color modes as well as a nightlight mode and you can power your projector with an included usb cable (adpator is not included) or via 4 AA batteries if you prefer. At around 19$ retail price it really is quite the bargain but you will have to provide your own music through a separate device (that was our only disappointment with this item).

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Baby light projector: Moredig Musical Projectorbaby night light projector with music

If you need a baby night light projector with music then Moredig has another offering that you might be interested in. Slightly higher priced, this model offers you the starry night and seaworld themes like the previous listing, but also comes with 12 light and soothing songs to help lull your child into a deep and refreshing sleep. Instead of automatically shutting off after 30 minutes, this model offers a timer that you can set for up to 555 minutes, so that you can decide exactly how long the light show will run (which is quite useful if your baby takes a little while to get to sleep). Priced at around 28$ retail and packing a lifetime warranty, this is an excellent selection to consider if you are looking to make sleepytime more soothing. It also comes with a remote!

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Baby light projector: SOAIY Aurora night light projector andbaby light projector ceiling white noise sound machine

If you don’t feel like a stars or a sleep motif, why not produce an aurora of colors on your child’s ceiling? This projector can do exactly that, providing a mixed color show in conjunction with nature sounds. The sounds included are:

  • Summer night
  • Brook
  • Thunder
  • Rain
  • Ocean wave
  • White noise

This also comes with a remote, which comes in very handy if you want to change the volume, rotation settings, or simply for switching it on and off from a

” This model comes with a 1 year exchange warranty.”

distance. This model comes with a 1 year exchange warranty as well in case there are any problems with the unit. By comparison with the other models, we give this one kudos for originality, as the aurora light show is quite stunning and should quickly ensure that your child visits the sandman in record time! Prices at around 34$ retail, this is certainly a projector to consider.

Baby light projector: Fisher Price Smart Connect baby night light projector

The most expensive of our reviewed projectors at around $68 retail, the Fisher Price Soother can be controlled by an app you load on your phone and provides a ceiling full of stars or animal shapes to soothe your baby into slumber. This model plugs in so that you don’t have to worry about batteries if you want it to play all night and it has 3 different sounds to go with it.

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The verdict : Our Pick

Our favorite from this list was the Moredig musical projector with the SOAIY Aurora as a close second. While the Fisher Price sports a more recognized name brand, we found that the Moredig offered a better selection of sounds, show, and options and at the price it simply can’t be beaten. Throw in that it comes with a lifetime warranty and the Moredig simply wins, hands-down. As far as for our second place winner, we liked the Aurora as a more unique option and because the sounds it provides tend towards nature and the light show is something besides the more common theme of ‘stars’. With this model and it’s features we think it likely that if you were having trouble sleeping you could borrow baby’s projector yourself and find yourself in dreamland very quickly. Whichever projector you choose we think that you will be getting a bargain and a product that both you and your baby can enjoy for many fulfilling, sleep-filled nights (not to mention mommy and daddy might get a little more sleep as well. Hallelujah!).

Some final words

In this article we have reviewed a number of projection devices to serve as a baby ceiling projector or simply a night light and musical projector. Little gizmos like these can really help you out if your baby is sometimes fussy and very hard to get to sleep. In time, baby will recognize the light show as a queue for sleeping as well, which will help them to get to sleep even faster once the show begins. Whether you go with one of our selections or pick one independently on your own, we wish you and your baby the very best in quality time with the sandman. Until next time, sweet dreams!

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