Best Baby Carrier For Short Moms? [Top 3 Picks]

Ergonomic design for Baby Carriers

Short moms often experience the struggles of choosing the right position for carrying their babies without being hindered in terms of movement. The struggle is real when you’re made to choose between doing what you have to do and carrying your crying baby. Also, carrying your child in a suboptimal position can cause you to feel the fatigue a lot faster while carrying your baby. This is why you need to choose an ergonomic design but what is the best baby carrier for short moms?

Baby Carriers made especially for Short Moms

Being a short mom is a tough condition to be in when you need to often carry your child around with you. Luckily, there are a few baby carriers made especially for short moms through ergonomic design for reduced fatigue and increased mobility while carrying your baby.

The one-size-fits-all isn’t necessarily the best idea to adopt when it comes to carrying your baby as they also need to be secured and free from occasional shakes and bumps while in your arms. Choosing a baby carrier especially made for shorter moms is a great solution to your baby-carrying needs.

How do we choose the right baby carrier for short moms?

Choosing the right product for short moms means that we’ll be putting emphasis on the design of the baby carriers and the comfort and mobility they provide to parents carrying their child. In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the baby carriers fit for short moms, and from there we’ll choose which one fits your needs as a short mom that often needs to carry your baby with you. Here are the categories which we will use in order to decide which baby carrier is right for you:

  1. Ergonomic Design
  2. Durability
  3. Comfort and Ease of Use
  4. Value for Money
  5. Extra Features

Product Features

Lightweight and Handy: Mo+m Ergonomic Baby Carrier Review

Best Baby Carrier For Short Moms

Product Dimension (in inches)13.4 x 9.9 x 3.7
Product Weight (in pounds)1.85
Carrying Weight Range (in pounds)12 – 36
Material Type100% Cotton
Other features·         Includes accessible pocket

·         Machine washable

·         Easily foldable

·         Sun hood and Zip-up for baby


Mothers on the Move is a brand that concerns itself with the needs of mothers in the modern times. Mothers often are involved in a lot of activities aside from taking care of their children, and they need to have a certain level of mobility and freedom in order to do these tasks while taking care of their children.

The Mo+m Ergonomic Baby Carrier is a prime solution for moms with an active lifestyle, especially short moms that are often on the go. With this ergonomic baby carrier, you won’t need to suffer any back pains or built-up fatigue every day.


·         100% cotton and completely lightweight

·         Pockets available for essentials

·         Breathable zipper makes it comfortable for the baby


·         The waist clamps are too hard to undo

·         It takes two hands to put in the safe button

·         Might cause shoulder pains due to unequal weight distribution

The Mo+m Ergonomic Baby Carrier is your best bet at finding a lightweight and easy-to-carry baby carrier. Its 100% cotton design means that it’s easily washable and perfectly comfortable even on warm and humid days. It also comes with a breathable zipper that helps your baby feel comfortable no matter what weather you’re in. The detachable hood is also a welcomed addition as it protects your child from light rains you might encounter.

However, there are a few design flaws that come with this lightweight baby carrier. The Mo+m Ergonomic Baby Carrier introduced safety waist clamps that unfortunately require both hands to secure and remove. Moreover, the weight distribution of the baby carrier isn’t exactly the best even with the waist clamp on. Prolonged use can cause shoulder pains if the baby carrier is not a perfect fit for you.

All in all, the Mo+m Ergonomic Baby Carrier is a cheap and lightweight solution for your baby-carrying needs. Its lightweight design is a perfect fit for short moms, but it still requires prior trial before use to secure that there won’t be too many inconveniences or problems experienced.

Ergonomic Design4.5
Comfort and Ease of Use4
Value for Money5
Extra Features4

Comfortable and Soft: Mumma Baby Carrier Wrap Sling Swaddles Review

Best Baby Carrier For Short Moms

Product Dimension (in inches)8.8 x 5.1 x 4.8
Product Weight (in pounds)1.7
Carrying Weight Range (in pounds)Estimated 12 – 36
Material Type95% Peruvian Cotton, 5% Spandex
Other features·         Easily washable

·         Soft and comfortable fabric

·         Ergonomic design provides equal weight distribution


Mumma Baby is a small and lesser-known brand on the market, but it has been gaining a lot of positive reviews when it comes to providing quality, affordable, and comfortable products.

The Baby Carrier Wrap Sling Swaddles is made of 95% Peruvian Cotton which makes it extremely soft and comfortable even during warm weather. Its ergonomic design is a one-size-fits-all with a lot of extra cloth to compensate for any preference or body type. Moreover, it is easily washable since it is mostly made of cotton.


·         Holds well during walks

·         Fabric is soft and stretchable

·         Comfortable and lightweight


·         One-size-fits-all might not be too ergonomic

·         Weight focuses on the back and shoulders

·         Weight capacity is limited due to design

Aside from being light-weight and portable, the Baby Carrier Wrap Sling Swaddles is an ideal baby carrier due to its sling style approach. Moms that don’t want straps fitting too much on both of their shoulders will definitely enjoy this kind of soft and stretchable baby carrier. Also, despite its material used, this thing holds your child very well without any comfort issues.

However, there are limitations to the carrying capacity of this baby carrier given that it’s mostly cotton and its design focuses on one thick sling. The weight capacity is a little bit less compared to other designs, and its weight distribution focuses more on the back and the shoulders. This might be ideal for some short moms, but there are those that feel more comfortable with the weight being distributed up to the hips and the waist. Another thing to consider is that it is a one-size-fits-all design meaning there will be excess cloth hanging for shorter moms.

All in all, the problems experienced with the Baby Carrier Wrap Sling Swaddles are minor and can easily be fixed with a few simple solutions. In terms of comfort and ergonomic design, this baby carrier provides an adequate solution for short moms that prefer this kind of carrying style.

Ergonomic Design4
Comfort and Ease of Use5
Value for Money4.5
Extra Features4

Perfect for the Road: Baby Tula Discover Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier Review

Best Baby Carrier For Short Moms

Product Dimension (in inches)12.4 x 5.9 x 3.5
Product Weight (in pounds)1.65
Carrying Weight Range (in pounds)7 – 45
Material Type100% Cotton
Other features·         Adjustable body panel

·         Multiple ergonomic positions

·         Padded straps with waistband

·         Standard 100 certified cotton fabric


Baby Tula is a brand engaged in creating quality baby carriers, backpacks, and blankets made with an innovative design that provides solutions to the evolving needs and desires of parents and their children. Its focus in terms of design is to create soft and comfortable products that kids will love.

The Discover Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier is part of the high-end line of baby carriers made by Baby Tula. Its main feature includes an adjustable body panel that allows for multiple ergonomic positions for your kids and provides short moms with the comfort they need.


·         Shoulder straps are comfortable due to pads

·         Highly durable parts

·         Comes with customizable prints


·         Might not always be a snug fit for small babies and infants

·         Adjusting straps and wearing the carrier may be difficult at times

·         Adjustable body panel is fairly limited

The Discover Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier is nothing short of an ingenious solution to the problem of short moms when it comes to design. Its adjustable body panel allows short moms the option to move their baby around into a more comfortable position. Features that add comfort such as shoulder strap pads also help with long walks and trips. Moreover, this baby carrier’s parts are highly durable and can withstand daily use.

However, a few problems you might experience with the Discover Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier include having a less comfortable fit for smaller babies. You might have to wait until they grow up a little bit before carrying them with this baby carrier. Also, the adjusting straps are difficult to adjust at times, which is a nightmare for short moms.

All in all, the Discover Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier can be a little bit pricey compared to other baby carriers in the market, but it comes with the added value of providing comfort and ease to shorter moms. Its reliability and durability make it a baby carrier worth every dollar spent. Moreover, Its innovative and ergonomic design is a totally viable solution for your problems that involve carrying your child.

Ergonomic Design4.5
Comfort and Ease of Use5
Value for Money4
Extra Features4.5

Head-to-Head Comparison and Analysis

Short moms have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to the right baby carrier for their needs, but there are a few details that are easy to miss out when buying the right baby carrier. Let’s look deeper into the breakdown of the scores before we decide which one is the right baby carrier for you:

  • In terms of Ergonomic Design, the Mo+m Ergonomic Baby Carrier and the Baby Tula Discover Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier both offer the most adaptive design for short moms.
  • In terms of Durability, it is the Baby Tula Discover Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier that offers reliable and trustworthy quality that will survive continuous use and abuse.
  • Comfort and Ease of Use go to both the Baby Tula Discover Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier and the Mumma Baby Carrier Wrap Sling Swaddles due to their soft cotton and easy-to-wear design.
  • Value for Money definitely goes to the Mo+m Ergonomic Baby Carrier because of its highly affordable price matched with its reliable quality.
  • Extra Features is what the Baby Tula Discover Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier offers with its adjustable design and customizable print.

The best baby carrier for short moms would definitely be the Baby Tula Discover Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier because of how adjustable it is, making it a purchase that will definitely not go to waste. Moreover, its other features are well worth the extra cash spent as it offers high durability and multiple options for carrying your baby. The different options to choose from make it a product that can meet different moms’ needs.

An alternative for those that have a tighter budget would be the Mo+m Ergonomic Baby Carrier because of its ergonomic and lightweight design. While not as durable as more expensive baby carriers, this one is decent enough for its price and its portability.

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