Best Double Stroller for 3-Year-Old and Infant? [Top 3 Picks]

Adjustable Tandem Double Strollers for your Kids

There will come a time that your small stroller isn’t enough for your two kids and you’ll need to choose either to buy another stroller or go for a two-in-one double stroller. You’ll most likely go with a double stroller because pushing two different strollers is one of the toughest and most grueling tasks a parent needs to do. At the very least, going for a double stroller helps you avoid doing such as tedious daily task whenever you need to move around with your children.  But what is the best double stroller for 3-year olds and infants?

Economic and Practical Choice for Parents

A double stroller is an economical choice if you want to save money and you’re expecting to have another child in the coming years. Not only do you only need spend for just one stroller for you two children, you also make life more convenient by moving both of them in just one handy but durable stroller. The investment goes a long way in not only keeping your children safe but also reducing the hassle of moving your children around every day.

How do we choose the right double stroller for your kids?

There are a lot of factors to consider in choosing the right double stroller. We’re here to help you decide what features and aspects of a double stroller are important as well as which products on the market perfectly fit your needs as a parent. Different lifestyles have different needs, and we’ll be taking that into consideration when we discuss the benefits and the downsides of choosing a certain double stroller. Here are the five categories that we will be focusing on when we choose which the best double stroller is for your toddler and your infant:

  1. Adjustability
  2. Value for Money
  3. Durability
  4. Convenience and Comfort
  5. Completeness of features

Product Features

Versatile Powerhouse: Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller Review

Best Double Stroller for 3-Year-Old and Infant

Product Dimension (in inches)23.5 x 45.5 x 47.2
Weight of Stroller (in pounds)34
Weight Capacity (in pounds, per seat)40
Other features·         Multiple adjustable configurations

·         Self-standing fold

·         Open basket for storage

·         Movable armbar and cup holders

·         KeyFit car seat compatible


User manual link –

Chicco is a brand tested and trusted by many parents when it comes to childcare products that are safe and reliable. One of the many reasons why parents love the brand is that products they sell don’t often disappoint parents despite its price being a little bit higher than other similar products on the market. Chicco is not just known for comfortable car seats, but also for durable strollers as well.

The Cortina Together Double Stroller is proof that Chicco really knows how to create innovative and reliable products for infants and toddlers. The adjustable configuration of this double stroller adapts your needs and allows your toddler and infant to be in the same stroller without any issues.


·         Adjustable configuration allows even 2 infants or 2 toddlers to fit

·         Compatible with KeyFit car seat to allow rear facing for infants

·         Tandem-style with durable frame

·         Allows recline or sitting even for infants


·         A little bit bulky even when folded

·         Weight makes it hard to turn especially in tight corners

·         Sunshades are too small

·         No suspensions or shock absorbers

The adjustable configuration is a unique feature provided by the Cortina Together Double Stroller which allows the seats to be adjusted according to the height and size of your infant or toddler. Another added value of this feature is that it allows infants in car seats to be rear facing, adding a layer of protection in case an accident occurs. With or without any KeyFit car seats, your kids can recline or even sit in this stroller with the help of a few blankets and the 5-point harness through just a few adjustments.

However, your first time using this stroller will not be a happy experience as you have to get used to the heavy weight and the bulky size of the double stroller. Moreover, the sunshades definitely need improvement as it offers little to no protection at all. For its price, it’s really disappointing whenever you need to spend a little bit more on a few accessories instead of having the complete package in one purchase.

All in all, the Cortina Together Double Stroller is a versatile choice that allows you to adjust the seats according to your needs. It takes a little bit more time to get used to its heavy weight, especially when turning, but the quality that this product offers makes it a decent investment for your children.

Value for Money4.5
Convenience and Comfort4
Completeness of features4.5

All-time Favorite: Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller Review

Best Double Stroller for 3-Year-Old and Infant

Product Dimension (in inches)36.4 x 18.6 x 14.4
Weight of Stroller (in pounds)27.37
Weight Capacity (in pounds, per seat)40
Other features·         Two reclining seats with canopy and footrest

·         One-hand standing fold

·         Lockable front wheels with suspension

·         Compatible with SnugRide Click Connect


User manual link –

Graco is a brand you’ve probably heard a lot about due to its quality and uniqueness of products coupled with good customer service offered with every purchase made. A lot of Graco’s products have been all-time favorites in the market, especially its large selection of double strollers not limited to a tandem design.

The DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller is a choice favored by many parents because of its complete package of features, all for a decent and affordable price. Also, this tandem double stroller is lightweight and durable, making it an ideal purchase for parents that will be using the stroller for everyday purposes.


·         Lightweight design

·         Adjustable to different positions

·         Compatible with Click Connect car seat

·         Decent storage space


·         Still eats up a lot of space even when folded

·         Back seat has limited reclining options

·         Folding is sometimes difficult after wear and tear

·         Only one cup holder

As a tandem double stroller, the DuoGlider Click Connect is fairly lighter and less bulky than other similar products in the market. Its lightweight design allows for easier turning, and it also has a decent storage space. The DuoGlider Click Connect is also compatible with any Click Connect car seat, allowing extra protection and comfort for your infant.

However, the DuoGlider Click Connect still comes with a few problems to consider. Folding the stroller may get difficult after a few months of use, and each time you fold it you may need to remove the cupboard and canopy so that it fits in your car. The back seat also only has two options for reclining, either straight up or totally reclined.

All in all, the DuoGlider Click Connect is well worth the money spent on it. A solid set of features allows it to become attractive in combination with its very decent and affordable price. It offers the basic needs that every parent has when taking care of two kids and it doesn’t compromise the quality of the materials even if there are a few inconveniences that you’ll experience.

Value for Money5
Convenience and Comfort4.5
Completeness of features5

Lightweight and Convertible: Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Review

Best Double Stroller for 3-Year-Old and Infant

Product Dimension (in inches)49 x 21.5 x 43
Weight of Stroller (in pounds)32.5
Weight Capacity (in pounds)80
Other features·         Reclining seats

·         One-hand fold

·         Large storage basket

·         Parent Tray and Chid Trays with cupholders

·         Compatible with Flex Loc car seats


Baby Trend is yet another competitive brand in the market when it comes to childcare products, particularly car seats and strollers. Its functionality in every product is designed to meet the changing needs that parents and their children have.

The Sit N Stand Double is yet another tandem stroller, but it offers the option of switching the tandem design to a sit and stand. The convertible and easily adjustable design of this double stroller allows your toddler to move around a bit if he or she isn’t feeling sleepy. Moreover, the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double is compatible with any Flex Loc car seats as well as a few other car seats.


·         Adjustable seats with only a few button presses

·         Back seat reclines farther for comfortable naps

·         Easy to use and fairly lightweight


·         Canopies and seats can cause discomfort

·         Storage basket is hard to reach

·         Car seats might not fit perfectly

The Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double is a complete package that adds the function of being adjusted to a sit and stand in just a few seconds. Seats are fairly adjustable and can recline to add comfort to your long stroll. Parents would also have an easier time using the Sit N Stand Double as it is fairly lightweight compared to other double strollers.

However, one of the issues of the Sit N Stand Double is that its overall design is not the most comfortable. The canopies and the seats might cause a few problems due to their positioning and design. Another problem is that the storage basket is hard to reach and can’t be used properly if you have a child seated at the rear. While this double stroller is a complete package, it has shortcomings when it comes to the quality of the features that it offers.

All in all, the Sit N Stand is a solid choice for parents looking for an affordable, sturdy, and easy to use double stroller for their children. The added feature of switching the arrangement from a tandem to a sit and stand is a definite bonus to the overall appeal of this double stroller. However, some might not be as comfortable when it comes to the ergonomics and overall user experience.

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Value for Money4.5
Convenience and Comfort4
Completeness of features5

Head-to-Head Comparison and Analysis

Double strollers definitely meet your needs for your infant and toddlers even as they grow up. Tandem strollers, in particular, are what parents mostly recommend so that you can use your car seat for additional protection and comfort for your infant. Here are a few things you should consider before choosing which among these three strollers you should buy:

  • Adjustability is fairly equal for all, with the Cortina Together Double Stroller leading by a small margin due to its easily convertible and adjustable design. Adjustability between the front and the back seats is one of its main features.
  • Value for Money goes to the DuoGlider Click Connect as it is the best alternative to the more expensive options available. Plus, its features don’t disappoint for its price.
  • Durability is where the Cortina Together Double Stroller shines given its build and design. Despite its hefty price, it can surely be a double stroller that you can use for everyday activities.
  • Convenience and Comfort are what the DuoGlider Click Connect offers to its buyers, with its lightweight design and comfortable interior. You won’t experience many problems whenever you use this double stroller.
  • Lastly, completeness of overall features goes to both the DuoGlider Click Connect and the Sit N Stand Double. Despite some minor inconveniences, both strollers come with a complete set of accessories that you will surely need.

It is tough choosing between these three adjustable strollers, but your best choice still has to be the Graco DuoGlider Click Connect because of its price and set of features. The Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller is a decent alternative if you have the money to spare and you want a more durable option for your children. The DuoGlider Click Connect is not only cheaper, it is also lightweight and easier to use compared to other double strollers. You won’t regret investing just a few dollars for a cheap but reliable double stroller for your infant and toddler.

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