Best Video Monitor for Two Kids? [Top 3 Picks]

Best Video Monitors with Double Camera compatibility

Video monitors or baby monitors are a good way to keep your children in check whenever you’re busy. Since your children will probably be moving around a lot, you’ll need to have a few cameras in key areas to keep them in check. This is where video monitors with double or even up to quadruple camera connection can be a great help.

Keeping your kids in check all the time

Your kids are prone to a lot of accidents and injuries when you can’t keep them in check. This also happens when you’re preoccupied with a lot of things and reminding them all the time can be too much of a hassle for you. Luckily, video monitors do not only keep your children in check, they also allow you to do two-way communication and remind your children of their dangerous behavior.

The only problem is that not all video monitors are capable of extending up to 4 connected cameras. You’ll definitely need at least 2 cameras if you have 2 kids to worry about, but essentially 4 cameras are better if you can afford it. Not all video monitors are capable of connecting to your cameras, and not all have the features that you’ll need when looking after your energetic children.

How do we choose the best video monitor for two kids?

Choosing the right video monitor needs deliberate consideration of what your needs are. We shouldn’t expect that there is always a perfect product for all our needs. So what we’ll do here is we’ll present you some of the best video monitors that are a complete package when it comes to looking after your two kids. We’ll be helping you choose the right video monitor for you and your two kids based on the following categories:

  1. Durability of Components
  2. Quality of Video Captured
  3. Ease of Use
  4. Battery Life
  5. Overall Features

Product Features

Round-the-Clock Protection: Babysense Video Baby Monitor Review

Best Video Monitor for Two Kids

Product Dimension (in inches)8.7 x 5.9 x 3
Display Size (in inches)2.4
Display TypeLCD
Transmitting Distance (in feet)900
Battery Life (in hours)Estimated 10 hours
Number of Cameras AccommodatedUp to 4
Other features·         2x Digital Zoom

·         Two-Way Talk-Back

·         Infrared Night Vision

·         Temperature Monitoring

·         ECO mode


Babysense is a brand that started as a family-owned business in South Africa and has now become a childcare focused brand that caters to the changing needs of parents and their young children. Not only does the brand focus on comfort, it also focuses on protection and general welfare of your children.

The Babysense Video Monitor is a handy tool to have if you need to go for an affordable but easy-to-use video monitor for your children. With its features and the inclusion of a digital zoom and two-way communication, you’ll be able to keep an eye on what your kids are doing when you’re busy with a few chores.

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·         Easy to set-up and operate

·         Offers basic features for less price

·         ECO mode saves battery efficiently


·         Can’t work when near electronic devices

·         Relatively small LCD screen with fairly immovable camera

·         Short power cord

Babysense Video Monitor is the safest choice for parents that want to try out a video monitor. Its cheap price and solid performance make it a must-have for anyone learning the ropes on how a video monitor should be used. The Babysense Video Monitor offers a complete set of basic features you’d expect from a video monitor, but it also adds in the ECO mode so that you’re able to save precious battery life.

However, a few minor inconveniences still exist when you choose this over other brands. One problem you’ll have is that the screen can’t come close to other electronic devices since it will cause the connection to be disrupted. Also, the LCD is relatively smaller than other products available in the market. Its short power cord can also be a hassle when choosing where to mount the camera.

All in all, the Babysense Video Monitor is well worth a try for anyone interested in using a video monitor to keep watch of their kids. It is simple, easy to use, and reliable in terms of performance. Its battery life is also high which makes it less troublesome than other video monitors.

Durability of Components4
Quality of Video Captured4
Ease of Use5
Battery Life5
Overall Features4.5

Customizable Protection: Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor Review

Best Video Monitor for Two Kids

Product Dimension (in inches)19.3 x 13.4 x 6.5
Display Size (in inches)3.5
Display TypeLCD
Transmitting Distance (in feet)700
Battery Life (in hours)10
Number of Cameras AccommodatedUp to 4
Other features·         Interchangeable lens

·         Remote Pan, Tilt, and Zoom

·         Screen Off, Audio On Mode

·         Sound-Activated LED

·         Temperature Monitoring


Infant Optics is a market-leader brand that brings innovation to the video monitor products and sets new standards for what parents would want and need when it comes to choosing a video monitor for their kids. Protecting your kids has never been this easy with Infant Optic’s new and adaptive technology.

The DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor is a revolutionary product that provides you with all the features you need to keep your children in check whenever you’re busy doing something else in the kitchen or in your room. Its interchangeable lens is what sets it apart from its competition as it allows you not only to move the camera around but also customize the lens to fit your preferences.

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·         Interchangeable lens with pan, tilt, and zoom function

·         Clear quality and reliable performance

·         Quality of Life features


·         Battery isn’t as durable for the monitor

·         Connection issues persist

·         Not as clear during night vision mode

Reliability is where the DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor truly shines as a video monitor for your two kids. Aside from having movable cameras, you also have the option of customizing the lens to meet your preferences. Also, you can expect this video monitor to offer you quality in terms of video and sound that matches your expectations. You can talk clearly with your children and move the camera around to see what they’re doing, allowing you to maximize the coverage in each room of your children.

However, despite how critically acclaimed this product is, it still comes with a few hiccups you need to consider before buying. One persistent problem of the DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor is that its main monitor has a flimsy battery that easily drains in just a few hours. Moreover, connection issues can happen between the monitor and the camera even if you’re just a few feet away. It is advisable that you contact customer service immediately so that they can replace the model if issues continue to happen.

All in all, this video monitor is a safe investment you can make if you desperately need to keep your children in check at all times. Just two cameras will be enough for you to keep tabs on what’s happening with your two children, making this video monitor truly an economical choice for parents.

Durability of Components4
Quality of Video Captured5
Ease of Use4.5
Battery Life4.5
Overall Features5

Comfort and Performance in One: Motorola Comfort 50-2 Digital Video Audio Baby Monitor Review

Best Video Monitor for Two Kids

Product Dimension (in inches)0.75 x 6.45 x 3.75
Display Size (in inches)5
Display TypeLCD
Transmitting Distance (in feet)1000
Battery Life (in hours)4
Number of Cameras AccommodatedUp to 4
Other features·         Two-way communication

·         Sound level indicator

·         Low battery alert

·         Infrared night vision


Motorola is a brand that has adopted the idea of bringing quality and low price together when it comes to video monitors for your kids. Aside from its reliable quality in terms of audio and video, Motorola brings simplicity and ease-of-use to its trademark products in order to provide parents with accessible solutions to their problems.

The Comfort 50-2 Digital Video Audio Baby Monitor is, by design, a simple and affordable video monitor for your kids’ rooms. It features a larger LCD screen than most products in the market. It also allows two-way communication so that you can talk to your children as if you’re right beside them.

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·         Simple and easy to use

·         Controllable volume

·         Picture quality is great


·         Battery life is too short

·         Lacks a few basic features

·         Camera cannot be moved remotely

Simply one of the easiest to use and least complicated is the Comfort 50-2 Digital Video Audio. It offers great quality without any compromise, and it is reliable in terms of daily performance. The learning curve is simple, and you’ll immediately be able to master all of its features in no time. Also, its audio and video quality is excellent, given that it offers a larger monitor than its competitors. The option to zoom with the large monitor helps a bit in checking the finer details.

The problem with the Comfort 50-2 Digital Video Audio Baby Monitor, however, is that it lacks the features you’ll expect from most video monitors available. For its price, the lack of features can be a bit of a deal breaker despite its wonderful audio and video quality. Moreover, it is almost mandatory that you keep cameras plugged in as battery life can be a bit too short for your needs.

All in all, for those that want quality over quantity of features, the Motorola Comfort 50-2 Digital Video Audio Baby Monitor is your best bet at having reliable performance without much clutter and compromise.

Durability of Components4
Quality of Video Captured5
Ease of Use5
Battery Life3
Overall Features3

Head-to-Head Comparison and Analysis

Video monitors for monitoring your two kids often need you to have a clear two-way communication system and a reliable camera to get the job done, but throughout the years, technology has developed towards providing extremely useful and essential features that help in monitoring your energetic kids. Let’s look at the breakdown of the scores of our three listed video monitors:

  • In terms of durability, all three offer a similar level of quality that is satisfactory to the needs of most customers. There can be a little bit of wear and tear, but most of these products survive daily use.
  • In terms of quality of video, both the more pricey options Motorola Comfort 50-2 Digital Video Audio Baby Monitor and Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor do a great job in providing clear images to your monitor.
  • Ease of Use goes to the two cheaper alternatives Babysense Video Baby Monitor and Motorola Comfort 50-2 Digital Video Audio Baby Monitor. It’s as easy as a plug-and-play device.
  • Battery Life is where the Babysense Video Baby Monitor is supreme, with its long-lasting battery and ECO mode for added runtime for your devices.
  • Overall Features has to go to the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with its movable camera and customizable lens.

It’s clear that the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor is a clear favorite among the three video monitors because of how customizable and adaptive its features are when compared to other products. Having a movable camera is definitely important especially when your kids can get a bit rowdy when you’re not looking after them.

But if you don’t want to spend too much of your budget, then your best alternative is the Babysense Video Baby Monitor which offers quality and essential features without many problems. You also get to benefit from its long runtime and ECO mode which can help you look after your children for longer hours without charging.

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