Boy Names That Start With C?

boy names that start with c Choosing the right name for your baby can be a mind numbing exercise sometimes. Do you name them after an ancestor? Perhaps give them the name of someone that you admire in hopes that they will glean a bit of that spirit of success themselves? To help to get your creative juices flowing we’ve compiled some of our favorite boy names that start with C in order to inspire you or maybe even present you with the name that you have been looking for. Let’s play the name-game!

Finding the right name

Finding the perfect name is important. What you name a child has some bearing on the type of person which they will become. After all, it’s the first thing that others hear on introduction and as a society we attach certain weights to particular names. Some even believe that, to an extent, we all grow into our names in a sense. Perhaps it is the influence of ‘looking up’ historical references of others who have had our own names, who can say? It could also simply be the innate meanings. Let’s discuss some C names and their meanings so you can see for yourself!

Names that start with C

Now that we have piqued your interest we present to you a few names starting with C which we think that you might like. We’re including the meanings of the names to go along with the names themselves so you can get a better appreciation in what is truly ‘behind the name’. Without further ado, here is our selection of ‘C’ names!

Cesarboy names that start with c

We are starting off strong with this Spanish, French, and Portugese spelling of a name you surely know. It is, of course, a version of Caesar, that famous Emperor who famously stated ‘Veni  vidi vici’ meaning ‘I came, I saw, I conquered’. Indeed, that was the case, but what does the name really mean? These is some contention on it but one interpretation is simply ‘short haired’. It’s definitely a powerful name, with the Roman Empire having inspired many people and entire cultures. For instance, the German ‘Kaiser’ and the Russian ‘Tsar’, both words for Emperor, came to pass and stuck. If you would like to use this name for your little one, know that they will be in good company. Aside from Emperor Julius, some notable Cesars include:

  • Cesar Romero – (Cuban American actor who played ‘The Joker’ in the 1960’s)
  • Cesar Chavez – (American, Latin-American civil rights leader)
  • Cesar Franck – (Belgian composer and pianist)


Our second entry is Corbin and you might be interested to know the roots of this one. From the Anglo-
Saxon word ‘corb’ for ‘Crow’ or ‘Raven’
, this was a popular nickname for those with black hair and a particular type of noticeable voice. It ultimately comes from the Latin ‘Corvus’, which we use to this day in describing the animal family that includes crows and ravens (aka ‘corvids’) so if you would like your son to have an air of commanding mystery this is a strong name with a meaning that not everyone is going to recognize right away. Some famous Corbins include the following:

  • Corbin Kaufusi – (American Football player)
  • Corbin Tomaszeski – (Canadian celebrity chef)
  • Corbin Harney – (Native American (Western Shosone tribe) spiritual leader



Cyrus is cited as having come from the Persian word ‘Kurush’ meaning ‘far sighted’, having been adopted into the Greek language as ‘kyros’. It is a famous name Biblically, as Cyrus was said to have freed the Jewish people to allow them to return to Israel in citations from the Old Testament. While a number of kings have had this name and while it is famous, there is still some contention on the interpretation of the word ‘kurush’, with some stating that it means ‘the sun’, ‘hero’, or even ‘one who humiliates the enemy in verbal contests’ (and we personally really like that translation, how’s THAT for a name?). There have been a number of famous bearers of this noble name, including:

  • Billy Ray Cyrus – (American musician)
  • Cyrus Mistry – (Indian writer)
  • Cy Hungerford – (American cartoonist)



The etymology for this name is easy to get. Yes, we are talking about the English word for money. With a relatively recent re-circulation in popularity some people have been using this name as a means of establishing an early drive for success. The origins of the word in its modern form are contended, as

“It began its most common use as a surname in Ireland”

some believe it comes from the Indian ‘kaasu’, which means ‘coin’, while others think it is from ‘caisse’, which was French for a ‘box’ (particularly a money box). It began its most common use as a surname in Ireland and was adopted by the English, changing into ‘Cass’ and its female form of ‘Cassandra’.  Some famous people who have used this name are:

  • Johnny Cash – (American musician)
  • Cash Peters – (English writer and handwriting analysis expert)
  • Cash Warren – (American film producer)



Another classic name that you simply don’t hear enough is Clark. Solid, reliable… the first image that most people generally get is the fictional Clark Kent, reporter and superhero. It is a name with some history, however, that goes a bit beyond the fun fiction. Originally from the Latin ‘clericus’, Clark means ‘scholar’ or ‘scribe’, and before it actually became ‘clark’ it evolved from the 12th century ‘clerk’. While originally employed as a surname, it eventually found its way into usage as a first name as well and is a great name choice for gearing a child towards a heavy respect for education and reliability. Some famous Clarks include the following:

  • William Clark Gable – (American Actor)
  • Sir Arthur Charles Clarke – (British writer)
  • Clark Terry – (American Jazz musician)

boy names that start with c

Some final words

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our selections and if they didn’t appeal to you that perhaps they have shed some light on the issue by inspiring you in the right direction. Don’t worry, you’ll find exactly the right name for your little one, just be patient and you’ll see!