Boy Names That Start With H

boy names that start with h So, looking for some ‘H’ names for a new family member on the way, are we? You’ve come to the right place! In today’s article we are going to discuss some boy names that start with H in the hopes that we can give you some good ideas of what you like and maybe, if we are lucky, to have the very name which you are looking for. Let’s talk about ‘H’ names!

An important part of first impressions

As you know, a name is the first thing that you hear on an introduction. If that introduction happens to be on the phone or a resume then it also happens to be the only representative of character that someone has to draw on when evaluating work history or ‘perceived nature’. Choose well and you have taken an important first step in the future success of your child!

Strong names that begin with the letter ‘H’

When selecting names ‘H’ is one of the harder ones, yet we think that you will find some nice examples in this bunch which we have selected for you to review. Going with less-common letters and names in general is a good idea. If you know a Dave, for instance, ask them sometime how irritating it can be when a person shouts ‘hey Dave’, only to have 3 to 4 people answer! Without further ado, let’s look at some ‘H’ names that can help your son stand out from the crowd.


Our first entry, Harlan, is a strong name of Germanic origins. Meaning ‘the Rocky land’, the name was most popular in the 1920’s, a time of good character and reliability. If you are looking for a name that uncommon and yet carries a bit of gravitas to it then Harlan is a good name to consider. Some famous Harlans of note include the following:

  • Harlan Ellison – (American writer)
  • Harlan Fiske Stone – (American former Supreme Court Justice)
  • Harlan Alaalatoa – (Australian Rugby player)

Houstonboy names that start with h

Our next entry is not simply a city in Texas. Houston has enjoyed some popularity of late as a given name though the odds are that you have only met a few people named Houston in your lifetime. As such, it is worth considering. Originally the name is thought to come from Scotland and was used as a surname, it’s meaning translating out roughly to ‘Hugh’s town’ though the ‘hug’ portion of the name is thought to be Germanic and meaning ‘mind, thought, and the spirit’. Not a name with a lot of complications or arguments as to its translation, some famous Houstons of note include:

  • Houston Person – (American Jazz musician and record producer)
  • Houston Alexander – (American MMA/Mixed Martial Artist)
  • Houston Branch – (American writer)


This is another powerful selection which comes all the way to us from Greek mythology. Slain by Achilles, the root of the name comes from the Greek hero’s actual name of ‘Hektor’, thought to mean ‘to hold, to possess’. If you enjoy history and like the idea of a name with a rich history then the old Trojan’s mythical name is a solid choice due to both its history and it’s accepted, common usage as a given name. Some Hectors whom you might have heard of include the following:

  • Hector Charlesworth – (Canadian writer)
  • Hector Berlioz – (French Composer)
  • Hector Hugh Munro – (British writer)


If you like a masculine name that is respectable and is not common then Harrison is a good one to consider. Originally a surname, it means ‘son of Harry’ and is sometimes spelled as ‘Harrisson’ in surname examples. Use as a given name has risen of late though it’s surname use goes all the way back to London in the mid 1500’s. Some Harrisons of note that you might have already heard of are as follows:

  • Harrison Ford – (American actor)
  • Harrison Schmidt – (American politician and astronaut)
  • Harrison Craig – (Australian singer)


This selection is a name that was given once to a Roman emperor who famously built a defense wall in 122 AD which spanned 73 miles. It ranged from coast to coast in England at what were then the North-west boundaries of the Roman empire and people still visit it today. A rare form of the name ‘Adrian’, its

“A rare form of the name ‘Adrian’”

meaning is specifically ‘from the Adriatic’ or was also interpreted as ‘person from Hadria’, a city in northern Italy (now called Adria, this city resides in the Veneto region).  One other interpretation of the Latin, however, is ‘black’ or dark’. Though it is uncommon it is a great alternative to Adrian if you would like a name with historical strength and stories behind it. As far as famous people with this name, there is only one so far that we know of so this is a chance for your son to change that! The famous Hadrian titleholder goes to:

  • Publius Aelius Hadrianus – (Roman Emperor)

boy names that start with h


Our final entry is Harold and odds are that you know one. With shortened/nickname versions being ‘Harry’, ‘Hal’, and even ‘Hank’, its roots are Germanic, containing elements for the words ‘army’, ‘ruler’, and ‘power’. With it being common enough Harold is not a name that will get your child picked on at school and yet still carries a lot of linguistic heft to it to help to propel your son to success. This is a name used by many kings and even a saint and some famous Harolds old and new include:

  • Harald Fairhair – (First to become King of Norway)
  • Harold Craxton – (British pianist and composer)
  • Harold Hart – (American football player)

Some final words

Today we have reviewed some of our favorite selections of boy names starting with H. We hope that the history of the names as well as the solidity of character which they represent will help you to choose the one you want or at least give you enough to get started. We wish you and your family the best!