Boy Names That Start With N?

Boy Names That Start With N?Finding the right name for your little one can really eat up a lot of time. In your mind you already have a picture of the traits which you envision in your child and naming is one of the ways that we communicate these attributes and establish a framework for them to take root and grow. So, what are some good boy names that start with N? In today’s article we will share some of our favorite selections with you which think will help you to the find the RGIHT name or at least to get you started on the right path.

The first impression is always the strongest

As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression, and the name is a very important part of that. A name that is strong in character sticks out on a resume or a roster and for good reason. Names set expectations, of a sort, and as such they should be carefully selected. If you pick something too exotic, your child may stick out too much, and if you pick something too common, they can get lost in the crowd. Choose carefully a name which your son can bear proudly and grow to fill well!

Our favorite boy names that start with the letter N

Now that we have talked a little about the importance of the decision we would like to present to you our favorite selections for boy’s names starting with N. We’ve collected some names that we feel make good first impressions but with the exception of one selection, are commonplace enough that you won’t need to worry about unnecessary friction for the name during childhood years. Without further ado, here are our favorite N-names!

Nicolas boy names that start with n

Our first selection is Nicolas and we hope that selected this name due to a few reasons. First, it’s got some good depth to it, as its roots lie in the Greek ‘Nike’ for ‘victory’ and ‘laos’ for ‘people’ Next, it is not too uncommon. You probably know a Nick or Nicholas and so it’s not the sort of name that anyone is going to have trouble pronouncing. The spelling may be a bit different from the one which you are used to and that is because Nicolas is the version of this name most popular in France and n Brazil. If you are looking for a solid name that denotes wisdom and an enjoyment of the finer things then this is an excellent choice to consider. Some famous Nicos include:

  • Prince Nicolas – (a name given to many different Princes, such as in Belgium, Sweden, Greece, and Denmark)
  • Nicolas Cage – (American actor)
  • Nicolas Heurtaut – (French woodcarver)


Our next entry has Scandinavian (Njal) and Irish roots (Niall) to go with it and it’s one that you hear more commonly in the UK rather than the U.S.. It’s meaning in early Gaelic was ‘champion’ and also ‘cloud’ and it is also considered an early version of Neil. When the Vikings took it to Normandy it became ‘nigellus’ and eventually Nigel. As far as the flavor of the name, Nigel is a name that promotes a good natured feeling with aspects of cleverness and reliability. Some famous Nigels whom you might have heard of are as follows:

  • Nigel Ben – (British boxer)
  • Nigel Bennett – (Canadian actor, writer, and director)
  • Nigel Watson – (British Blues guitarist)


The name Nash has deeper roots than you might think. This is due to the uncommon usage of the name and this very quality can make it attractive as an option, but don’t think it’s a shallow choice. Originally

“Ash trees were associated with wisdom, protection, and even magic”

derived from a surname, Nash comes from Middle English ‘atten ash’, meaning ‘at the ash tree’. Ash trees were associated with wisdom, protection, and even magic, and this associated symbolism helps to bring this seemingly innocuous name a surprising amount of veritas. From a practical standpoint, it’s a name that instantly feels friendly and comfortable and not the sort of name that will ever get in the way of your son’s climb to success. Some notable Nashs include the following:

  • Nash Rawiller – (Australian jockey)
  • Nash the Slash’ – (Canadian musician)
  • Nash Bridges – (fictional crime investigator played by American actor Don Johnson)


Nelson is a great selection if you would like all of the heft of the name ‘Nigel’ but don’t like the sound of the UK version of ‘Neil’. It carries a large part of Nigel’s etymology, though it technically translates out to ‘son of Neil’. Originally a surname, over time its usage as a given name has grown, but not so much that you will have to worry about  your don being lost in the crowd. Some famous people with the given name of Nelson include the following:

  • Nelson Mandela – (South African activist and politician)
  • Nelson DeCastro – (American graphic novel and comic book artist)
  • Nelson Spruce – (American football player)

boy names that start with n


The boldest of our selections, as you know, the English word Noble means ‘of good character’ or ‘notable’ and this is certainly a name which a child can grow into. It is uncommon enough that your child can stand out from the crowd and yet not so much that it will be the subject of ridicule as it is a word which everyone knows (and which children will have a hard time rhyming a nasty pejorative with). Some notable Nobles whom you may know are as follows:

  • Noble “The Man’ Watts – (American Blues Saxophonist)
  • Noble Craig – (American actor and Vietnam vet)
  • Noble Jorgensen – (American Basketball player)

In closing

In today’s article we have shared our favorites boy names which start with N in order to help you to find the elusive perfect name that your child deserves. You know how important this is for first impressions but take it easy on yourself. The right name will come to you in no time!