Boy Names That Start With P?

boy names that start with p Finding the right name for your son is a challenge, to say the least. It’s not just a matter of picking something masculine and respectable and hoping your child grows into it. You have to decide if you want to use a name that is common in your ancestral line, for instance, or to pick something from out of the blue that you hope will inspire artistic qualities. Basically, you’re faced with the task of putting who you feel that your son is going to be into the first word that people will hear in an introduction. While we cannot promise we have the answer, we can certainly provide some inspiration. Let’s talk about some excellent boy names that start with P!

So, you want a name that starts with ‘P’?

Selecting a name which begins with ‘P’ means that you are already thinking outside of the box and we can appreciate that. While there are common ‘P’ names such as Peter or Paul, we’ve found a few others that we feel are both less common and yet evocative of strong, original personality expression. Let’s see what you think of our favorite ‘P’ choices!


We’d mentioned Peter earlier and if you like that name but think that it’s a little overused, why not try Pierce? The name itself is actually derived from Piers, which in turn is the Middle English and French derivative of Peter. This means it shares the same meaning as Peter (which is ‘a rock’) and yet it has a whole different sound and initial impression. ‘Pierce’ also refers to a sharp object passing into or through something as well, so this is a pretty sharp name(yes, we went there!). Some notables who have used the name Pierce include the following:

  • Pierce Brosnan – (Irish actor)
  • Franklin Pierce (14th United States President)
  • Pierce Steed (One of the founders of the Taco Bell franchise)

Peyton boy names that start with p

Our next selection was originally an English surname from the Peyton family, who earned large amounts of land in the 10th century from William the Conqueror for their valor. The first recorded spelling of the name was ‘de Peytun’ and this was noted in the 13th century. While it was a family and a placename, it’s use as a given first name wouldn’t really kick off until the 1700s but it has since risen in popularity. As a first name it is solid and uncommon and certainly bears a good amount of character to it and it is also considered a unisex name as well. Some famous Peytons include:

  • Peyton Reed – (American film director)
  • Peyton Hayslip – (American actress)
  • Peyton Siva – (American basketball player)


Like Peyton, Preston originated a place name but it also bears the connotations of a name of humble faith. This is due to the etymology of the name, which is thought to have been formed from the Old English ‘Preost’ and ‘Tun’, making its meaning ‘from the Priest’s village’. This gives the name an interesting flavor of character and along with a feel of familiarity, so if you are looking for something meaningful that won’t make your child stick out like a sore thumb then Preston might be just the right name for your little one. Some famous Prestons include the following:

  • Preston Campbell – (Australian rugby player)
  • Preston Gomez – (Cuban-American baseball player)
  • Preston Davie (American Military Colonel and lawyer)


The name Parker enjoyed its highest level of popularity in the 19th century, however, it is still an excellent name to consider in the present day. Derived from Middle English, the ‘parker’ was the ‘keeper of the park’. We like Parker because it sounds responsible, creative, and carries overtones of Nature to go with it. Some notable Parkers that you might have heard of are:

  • Parker Jacobs – (American actor, artist, and musician)
  • Parker Hall – (American Football player)
  • Parker Burrell – (Canadian politician)


The capital city of France is also a popular unisex given name. While celebrities like Paris Hilton might have you thinking that Paris is a name only for girls, we would humbly like to point out its Greek origins. Do you remember reading about the Trojan War? It was all started when Paris, the prince of Troy, fell in

“Do you remember reading about the Trojan War?”

love with beautiful Queen of Sparta, Helen, and ran right off with her (which, of course, did not sit well with her husband, King Menelaus!). Paris was also called ‘Alexandros’, attributing the meaning of ‘defender’ also to the Greek name Paris as well. It is a great unisex choice for those who have decided to ‘wait and see’ whether a boy or a girl will be the newest member of the family, so if it tickles your fancy then it’s certainly a good name to consider. Some famous bearers of the name Paris include:

  • Paris Simmons (English Football player)
  • Paris Jackson (African-Canadian Rugby player)
  • Paris Lees (British journalist)


Our final selection probably makes you think of a specific entertainer but the name Prince has had quite a lot more circulation than you might think. From the Latin ‘princeps’ meaning ‘the first in order’ and ‘noble’, this is a strong name for promoting regal character and drawing some attention to its bearer. ‘Princeps’ originated from the Roman Senate and the Emperor Augustus even gave himself this title as a way of establishing himself as the restorer of order following the 1st century Roman civil wars. So, if you would to choose a name that is bold and has a rich history then Prince might be the right name for your little one. Some famous Princes include:

  • Prince Rogers Nelson – (American singer, songwriter, filmmaker, dancer, producer, and actor)
  • Prince Arron – (English Boxer)
  • Prince Hall – (African-American abolitionist)

boy names that start with p

In closing

We hope that these names have provided exactly what you need or at least have given you a push in the right direction. Until next time, we wish the best for both you and your newest arriving family member!