Boy Names That Start With S?

boy names that start with sSelecting a name for your son is both delightful and harrowing. How do you choose something that will fit the individual that you know they are going to grow into? In today’s article we are going to give you some of our favorite examples of boy names that start with S so that you can find the right name or at least a little inspiration to get you going!

What’s really in a name?

A comic example comes to mind when answering the question ‘what is in a name’. In an American sitcom, a reporter named ‘Les Nessman’ was introduced to another individual with the exchange going something along the lines of “I think a man’s name says a lot about him. My name is Steel. What’s your?”, to which the reporter looked downcast as he reached to shake the man’s extended hand before replying ‘Les’. Choose carefully, choose the RIGHT name.

 Our favorite name selections beginning with the letter ‘S’

We’ve discussed a bit about the importance of the name and if you are here then it’s likely that you agree. The name that you give your boy is going to have an impact. Maybe they will look at the library or on the internet to see who has had this name before. Maybe one of our selections here is the name of one of your ancestors and you are using it in the hopes that a little of their spirit is brought back into the family. Whatever your reasons, we hope that you will find the right name here or at least a little inspiration to get started. Here are our favorite names which start with the letter ‘S’!

Sebastianboy names that start with s

Our first selection is very popular in Germany, Spain, France, and many other parts of the world. So, what does it mean? Well, Sebastian originally came from the Greek ‘sebastos’, meaning ‘revered’, although it was also a term that carried the practical meaning of ‘man from Sebastia’. Though it is popular worldwide, it is less so in the United States so if you would like a solid name for your boy that is well-known and yet not as common as ‘Dave’ or ‘Joe’ by a long shot then this is an excellent name to consider. Some notable Sebastians that you might have heard of are as follows:

  • Sebastian Vettel – (German race car driver)
  • Sebastian Stan – (Romanian actor)
  • Sebastian Bach – (Canadian singer/songwriter, originally born in the Bahamas)


A name that you might not have considered, this is one of the few where we don’t have to tell you the meaning but we’re going to go into it a little anyways. Meaning ‘holy’ or ‘holy person’, Saint derives from the Latin ‘sanctus’ meaning ‘sacred’. If you are looking for a name of faith (or even a name with a bit of roguish irony) then Saint might be the proper choice for your little boy. Aside from the overall strength of the name, it manages to be both ‘exotic’ and yet well-known at the same time, a fairly unique quality in names. Some famous Saints who bore the name rather than the titles are:

  • Saint West (son of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian)
  • Saint Lazslo Wentz (son of American Musician Peter Wentz)


While the first example that comes to mind is the infamous ‘Sterling Archer’, fictional superspy and smart-alek, Sterling is a name with a long history behind it. Originally a British surname, it was

“The actual meaning derives from its original form ‘starling’, meaning ‘little star’”

associated with silver and the actual meaning derives from its original form ‘starling’, meaning ‘little star’. It further goes back to the word ‘steorra’, the Middle English word for ‘star’. It is also unisex, so if you are looking for a name of character for a boy or a girl then Sterling might just be the right choice for your new family member. It is more popular in America than you might think, with such notable examples whom you might be familiar with include:

  • Sterling Hitchcock – (American Baseball player)
  • Sterling Knight – (American actor)
  • Sterling Morrison – (American guitarist from The Velvet Underground)


A Spanish name with a lot of heft to it, Salvador comes from the Latin ‘salvatore’ meaning ‘Savior’. Due to the prevalence of Catholicism is a popular, strong name for males and though it is used around the world. Spanish ancestry is not a requirement, of course, and this is definitely a name of influence. For most the first example that comes to mind is the famous artist and eccentric Salvador Dali but some other Salvadors whom you may have heard of are as follows:

  • Salvador Sanchez – (Mexican boxer)
  • Salvador Gonzales Escalona – (Cuban artist)
  • Salvador Espriu – (Spanish poet)

boy names that start with s


An uncommon name that you might not have considered is of Scandinavian origin, where it was first used, though it is also thought to be a derivative of the old Roman family surname of ‘severus’, meaning ‘serious’ or ‘stern’. Stern was an accurate description, as this dynasty spanned a time of political upheaval which was notably brutal, though it is popularly though that the arrival of Saint Severinus of Noricum to the shores of the Danube influenced the early Scandinavian/Germanic tribes into adopted its current form of Soren. Whether it’s the history or the heft of the name that you like, it is a great choice that is uncommon enough to let your son shine and yet serious enough that they won’t be subject to ridicule in their youth. Some famous Sorens include:

  • Soren Bowie – (American writer and actor)
  • Soren Johnson – (American game designer)
  • Søren Berg – (Danish football player)


..and there you have it!

We hope that these names have either firmed up your choice in this important decision or at least given you a good starting point. We’d like to take this moment to congratulate you on your newest family member soon to arrive and wish you the best. Don’t worry, the perfect name will come to you in no time!