Boy Names That Start With V

boy names that start with v When it comes to selecting names, some of us like to eschew the norm and go with something a little different. We think of it as a way to encourage a bit of creativity, sometimes, or as a way to give them a name which ‘they can grow into’. Whatever your reason, we’ve compiled a list of boy names that start with v to give you a good idea of some of the names which you have at your disposal when choosing a less-common letter.

What’s in a name? You know the answer to that!

Let’s not kid ourselves. The name which you select is going to have an impact. Statistically, for instance, hard to pronounce names can end up with their owners being passed on for promotions. In childhood, they can be the subject of taunting. So you want something that is both familiar and yet not so common as Dave, Joe, or John. To that effect, we have got you covered.

Our favorite names starting with the letter V

We’ve taken the liberty of scouring the internet and physically published literature in order to bring to your our favorite V-selections to consider for naming your new-arriving family member. Take a peek at what we’ve found, we’ve included some root information as well as the meanings behind the name so that you can get a better feel for the ones which you like and are considering. Let’s get started with those names and see what you think!


Our first selection is great for a number of reasons. First, Victor is not an uncommon name but neither do you meet one every day. With Latin roots, the name means ‘conqueror’ and as such it is definitely a selection with some gravitas to it. It is also a name with a lot of geographical coverage so you won’t have to worry about it ever being mispronounced. So if you would like a name that is widely accepted, less commonly used, and yet rich in meaning then the name ‘Victor’ might be the right choice for your son. Some famous Victors include the following:

  • Victor Garber – (Canadian actor)
  • Victor Emmanuel III – (King of Italy until 1947)
  • Victor Hugo – (French writer)

Vaughnboy names that start with v

Our second selection bears more humble connotations while still sounding strong. The name Vaughn was originally used as a surname and comes from the Welsh ‘bychan’, meaning ‘little’. Don’t let that fool you, however, as there are a number of famous Vaughns out there from every walk of life, so if you are looking for a name that is warm and familiar without being common then Vaughn might be the right choice for your little one. Some notables Vaughns include:

  • Vaughn Meder – (American comedian)
  • Vaughn Duggins – (American Basketball player)
  • Vaughn van Jaarsveld – (South African cricket player)


This selection has both Dutch and English origins to flavor it a bit. Vance comes from the old English ‘fenns’, meaning ‘marsh’ or ‘bog’ although it’s initial use as a surname would probably make ‘living near the marsh’ a more accurate translation. That said, Vance is a great masculine name that you don’t hear every day but certainly recognize as familiar and has a warm ring to it. Some famous Vances whom you might have heard of are as follows:

  • Vance D. Brand – (American astronaut)
  • Vance Palmer – (Australian writer)
  • Vance Archer – (American professional wrestler, real name Lance Hoyt)


Odds are that you have met a Vincent in your life but not many. Vincent is a great name which comes with a bit of linguistic depth. From the Latin ‘Vincente’ meaning ‘to conquer’ and the Roman ‘Vincentius’, it’s a powerful name for getting your son started on the road to success. While this name is most popular perhaps in Italy it is a name that has enjoyed use the world over and well worth considering for your child. Some famous Vincents include the following:

  • Vincent Price – (American Horror actor extraordinaire)
  • Vincent Zhao – (Chinese martial artist and actor)
  • Vincent Van Gogh – (Dutch Post Impressionist painter)


If you are looking for a bolder or more roguish choice then Valentino has some possibilities to it. This name is comes from the Italian form of the Roman family name ‘Valentinus’ and also from the Latin root of ‘valens’, meaning ‘healthy and strong’, and it’s one a good option to consider if you are looking to

“From the Latin root of ‘valens’, meaning ‘healthy and strong’”

impart a little charm in your soon-arriving angel. While this choice is more popular in Italy you can certainly use it no matter where you live and you probably wouldn’t be the first. So if you are looking to be a little daring in your name choices (and remember, it shortens into Val if you are worried how other kids might take it) then Valentino may be the right name for your newborn. Some famous Valentinos include:

  • Val Kilmer – (American actor, artist, and musician)
  • Tino Arteaga – (American drummer for metal band ‘Mice and Men’)
  • Valentino Musetti – (Italian-English stuntman)


Our final entry is Virgil and it’s a name with a lot of history. It was the name of Rome’s greatest poet who authored the Aeneid, for one thing, though it has also been the name of a few saints. If you are familiar with your Wild West history then you might also know that Wyatt Earp had a brother named Virgil. So, what does the name actually mean? Virgil has Latin roots and means ‘the staff bearer’, so aside from its interesting and varied history it’s got some linguistic goodness to go with it as well. Some famous Virgils for your reference include:

  • Virgil Leo Green – (American football player)
  • Virgil Thomson – (American composer)
  • Virgil Riley Runnels (American wrestler known as ‘Dusty Rhodes’)

boy names that start with v

Some final words

We hope that these names have given you something to think on in regards to naming your new little one. Whether you’ve found the right name here or simply a little inspiration, we wish you and yours the best!