Boy Names That Start With Y

boy names that start with y When a new life is on the way there is so much to consider. Preparing the nursery, putting aside some savings, keeping mom healthy, and more. There is also the fun but crazy-making task of deciding what name your child is going to bear as they carve themselves a future. Many of us want to find something unique or maybe even faith-based and Y is a good letter for names of this sort. In today’s article we have collected some boy names that start with Y so that you can review them and see if any of them might be a good fit for your newly arriving family member.

Thinking outside of the box

The hardest part about selecting a Y name is going to be the unfamiliarity of it. If you are from an English speaking country then Y names are rather limited but if you are religious or simply cosmopolitan when it comes to names around the world then there are certainly some unique options to consider. The best part about it is that your child can stand out from the crowd and for many of us, this is critical. We don’t want our child to be just another John, Joe, or Dave to be lost in the numbers. So, are there really many Y choices out there?

Y? Y, Indeed!

One of the nice things about selecting the letter Y when you are looking for boy’s names is that there are a lot more selections than you might think. The caveat, of course, is familiarity. While there are a lot of Y names out there, finding something that doesn’t sound TOO exotic can be a little tricky. We’ve collected a few favorites for you which are familiar, along with a few of the more exotic ones in order to give you a healthy sampling of some good Y options. Let’s see what you think!


Our first entry, Yann, sounds a little familiar on purpose. Yann is the Breton French version of the standard French name ‘Jean’. Jean, of course, is another version of ‘John’, which is ultimately derived from the Greek Ioannes and from the Hebrew word ‘Yehochanan’, meaning ‘God is gracious’. While it’s got a rich linguistic history it is a Y name that manages to be exotic yet brings a little familiarity to the table. Some famous Yanns of note include:

  • Yann Peifer – (German Disc Jockey)
  • Yann Martel – (Canadian writer)
  • Yann Tierson – (French musician)

Yavinboy names that start with y

Our second entry is Yavin and it’s a good name with some faith and even science fiction associated with it. As far as the science fiction, think ‘Star Wars’. In the original movie Yavin 4 was a moon hiding the base of the Rebel Alliance. This reference might appeal to some of the fanboys out there but don’t worry, if you decide to use it for that reason, we won’t tell. As far as the actual meaning of the word, Yavin actually has some depth to it, as it means ‘he will understand’ in Hebrew. So, if you would like a name with a little depth and some hidden ‘sci-fi’ undertones then Yavin might be the right name for your little one. As the name is uncommon, one famous Yavin we found by example is:

  • Haim Yavin – (Israeli filmmaker and television anchor)


With Y names you have a lot of uncommon choices, as they tend to occur less in English speaking cultures, and Yaza is no exception. It’s roots indicate that it comes from Burmese and Pali and the meaning of ‘Yaza’ is ‘King’.  Yaza is also a Buddhist term, which describes sitting beyond the time expected daily for meditations even when tired. As you can see, it is a strong, if uncommon name so it is worth a little consideration if you are looking to really think outside the box. We have found one famous Yaza:

  • Yaza Ne Win – (Myanmar, artist and comic performer)


Our next entry is predominantly a surname but may be used as a given name as well. It is very uncommon but it has a lot of meaning behind it. The name Yeoman predates the 7th century and originated in England. It comes from the old English words ‘geong’, meaning ‘young’, and ‘mann’,

“It comes from the old English words ‘geong’, meaning ‘young’, and ‘mann’”

essentially meaning ‘Young man’. It was also a term denoted the status of serving in a royal house. While it is uncommon as a given name we can only cite surname examples but if you use it as a given name then perhaps someday your son will be the one adding it to the celebrity list! Some famous Yeomans include:

  • Owain Yeoman – (Welsh actor)
  • Bill Yeoman – (American football coach and former player)
  • Robert Yeoman – (American cinematographer)


Our final entry is Yeriel and this is a very old name of faith. The name is self means ‘taught by God’ or ‘established by God’ and is mentioned in the Bible in 1 Chronicles 7:2, with the spelling of ‘Jeriel’. Jeriel was from the time of David and was considered  to be both strong and valiant. He was also one of the 6 heads of household of the house of Tola from the Issachar tribe. So, if you are looking for a name of faith that is uncommon and yet mentioned directly in Biblical text then Yeriel might be a good selection for your family’s newest arrival. Beyond the Biblical reference, we were unable to find any celebrity Yeriels but as with the other uncommon Y names this is an opportunity, not a hindrance!

boy names that start with y

Some closing words

In today’s article we have explored a few options that you have regarding boy names which start with Y. We hope that you have found either the right name here or at least a bit of inspiration to lead you in the direction that you need to go. Just remember to be patient and open-minded and when you see or hear the right name you will know it. Count on it!