Britax Bsafe 35 Infant Car Seat Review Guide!

britax bsafe 35 infant car seat When deciding what you need for your baby, the car seat is one area that you had better not skimp on. Travelling with your baby is terrifying at first and while it does get easier, you want to know that your little one is snug and secure. In today’s article we are going to discuss a contender for your business in this regard, the Britax B Safe 35 Infant car seat. Does it measure up to YOUR standards? We’ll tell you what we liked and what we felt could use some improvement so that you can judge for yourself if this is the right car seat for your wee one. Let’s get started on the Britax Bsafe 35 Infant Car Seat Review!

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Choosing the right car seat for your baby

Selecting the right car seat can be confusing if this is your first time. What is the right width? How long should it last? In the second regard, we should tell you now that the Britax Bsafe 35 is NOT one of those ‘4 in 1’ models that will grow with the baby. While this might be off-putting to some, keep in mind that those models can be a bit clunky and there is no guarantee that they will survive long enough to be used as long as advertised. It IS a seat that fits a baby up to 35 pounds, however, and it has some nice features that we will expound upon for you. We don’t think you’ll miss the ‘4’ in 1’ gimmick at all.

Specifications of the Britax BSafe 35

Let’s go into the measurements first and then we’ll talk about the rest of what you get. The Britax Bsafe has the following measurements:

  • Weight – The baby seat itself weights in at 10 pounds and the base that comes with it at 20, so this is a bit on the heavy side unless you are going to keep the base installed at all times. The reason for this is the safety technology behind it. The base, for instance, is designed to absorb impact energy so that it will collapse safely in the event of a collision, while the seat itself contains a reinforced steel frame so that your baby is protected in this manner as well.

The base, for instance, is designed to absorb impact energy”

  • Length – The overall length of this car seat is 26 inches, so it is a good size for your baby and for the car seat where they are secured.
  • Width – The carrier width is about 18 inches, so it is a little narrow but should be a good fit for most babies. The width of the base, by contrast, is 14 inches


Base of operationsbritax bsafe 35 infant car seat

While you don’t have to use the base that comes with the Britax it is still very nice. While we don’t like the scare tactics that some companies use to sell their products, we do like when a company casually includes such features. And Britax really delivers here. Not just for energy-absorption, the base helps to keep the car seat secure and has an indicator on the side based on the recline of the car seat that lets you know that it has been installed properly. Britax has earned a name for themselves in this department, as all of their products are designed to make usage easy rather than the headache it can be with some other companies models. If you don’t want to use the included base you don’t have to, just so you know, as you can simply utilize the side clips on the side of the car seat to thread the seatbelt through in order to secure it in this fashion. Easy-peasy!

Ease of use

While we are on the subject of easy-peasy products, lets talk about what the usage of this car seat entails. While we discussed what it is like to install this carrier without the base, if you are using the base it is still a piece of cake, as you will see. On the base of the unit you will find some center pull straps for securing the base and it also has latch connectors that can be secured or removed with the push of a button. Travel is easy with the Brtiax too,  when you are ready to go somewhere with the carrier portion of the car seat you can pull the handy lever in the back, release the light carrier, and then you and baby are ready to go where you need to go.

The harness system that is on the inside of the car seat is nice as well, with 4 different positions that you can secure your baby in, but we should note that the material is a bit stiff and adjustments to the harness to different positions will need to be done when the baby is NOT in the carrier. The crotch strap adjusts to two different positions and should be comfortable as long as your baby is in the weight and height range for the product. All in all, despite the extra weight, we really like this car seat. It is safe, solid, comfortable, and never a headache to adjust or otherwise use.

britax bsafe 35 infant car seat


If you should want them, we should note that there are some accessories that you can get for this car seat. There is a ‘Click and Go’ adaptor that allows you to secure the car seat into a stroller, a shatterproof ‘back seat mirror’ option that you can install in order to be able to watch your baby when they are in the rear-facing position with the car seat, and you can always purchase a spare base if you wish to use it in more than one vehicle!

The verdict

We like the Britax Bsafe 35 and we think that you will too. With the safety features, the solid construction, and the thought that Britax put into making sure that absolutely anyone can use it with ease we have to say that it comes highly recommended. Be sure to check it out when you get a chance, this is one seat you can buy with confidence!

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