Diapers Vs Pull Ups: what Are The Differences?

diapers vs pull ups
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So what is all the hype about Pull ups? Are Pull ups as absorbent as diapers? Is there any real difference between pull ups and diapers? In this article we will give you the definitive answers to these questions and more. So, diapers vs pull ups or pull ups vs diapers(if you are on the pull ups side)… Let’s discuss the differences and get it settled once and for all.

Difference between diapers and pull ups

You may know them as pull ups or easy ups (mostly that depends on the marketing), but what are you really getting in that box? Are easy ups/pull ups more absorbent or efficient in other ways?


They are more for potty training, as it were. The difference between pull ups and regular diapers is an elastic band in the pull ups that make it do that you can take the diaper off easily and slip a new one on. This can be done for convenience or for potty training, but either way, what you are getting pretty much is that elastic band. Generally when the time is right you switch from diapers to pull ups to get that potty training started.

So when is a good time to switch to pull ups?

Potty training ages can vary but generally you can make the switch at around 2 years old. You’ll want to gauge the child’s motor skills, their interest (or lack thereof) in potty time, and in general their ability to follow instructions to see if it’s a good time to begin potty training. As we said, however, the age may vary so don’t worry so much if you have a late or early starter. It’s all quite normal.

Are diapers or pull ups better for potty training?   

are pull ups as absorbent as diapers
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It depends on the child. Some parents opt to have their kids wearing underwear, with the idea in mind that one mistake will lead to a lot more paying of attention to their sanitary needs. Between diapers and pull ups, the pull ups are definitely easier to remove so where potty training is concerned we’re going to have to go with the pull ups as being the most efficient.

Do pull ups leak more?

Good question! Yes, diapers are the definite winner in the case of leakage. Wrapped up tight, they are much more efficient at keeping baby’s waste in one place. Pull ups are a bit more expensive, as well, so this is another consideration when you are selecting which to purchase. Overall we’d really recommend that you save the pull ups for potty training. Yes, they are easier to put on and take off, but once you’ve wrapped enough diapers it becomes second nature and you can put them on almost as fast. If you are a first-time parent and it’s not even close to potty training time, you might want to consider a changing station to make things a little easier for you.

Changing stations

If potty training is a long way away, these changing stations can help to make changing a little less of a trial. Having a set place for changing means you can have your resources ready and don’t have to worry about any accidents that might occur if changing on the bed or somewhere else that happens to be convenient. Here are some examples of stations that you can install at home:

Delta Children Infant Changing Table

pull ups vs diapersThis is pretty and to the point. Solid wood construction coupled with 2 storage shelves for stocking your diapers and baby-cleaning gear, with not an inch of it wasted on something that you don’t need.

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Super changing stations

Now that you have seen the home friendly model changing table, by popular request (mostly by men but believe it or not many women have asked where to find these as well) we present the industrial changing tables that you’ve seen at malls and more. Sheer utility and wall mounted, you wanted to know where to find them so here are two examples:

ECR4Kids Wall mounted changing station

Designed for infants and toddlers (up to 3.5 years), this unit is safe and rated for up to 250 pounds. Ifare easy ups as absorbent as diapers you are raising more than one child a changing station might seem like overkill but it will definitely get some usage (these are actually quite popular for some who have a ‘hobby garage’, so that baby can stay safely in the playpen, watching cartoons, while mom or dad gets some crafting or building done. The changing station nearby means no running into the house is needed!) . This is also made of bacteria resistant polyethylene, so if you have a cleaning fixation then this can help to keep your home environment spotless

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                        “This is also made of bacteria resistant polyethylene.”

Rubbermaid Commercial horizontal baby changing station

difference between diapers and pull upsOur second example for a mounted change-table (hey, you asked and we listened!). The Rubbermaid is heavy-duty, Antimicrobial construction (as with the previous model) means that it is resistant to certain bacteria and to odor, which is always a plus. If you hate germs with a passion then this might be a good solution for you and your baby and as a bonus, you can close it up when it’s not in use. Not too shabby, eh?.

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Some final words

Well, there you have it! We’ve discussed the difference between pull ups and diapers, when to start potty training, and the importance of changing stations in the meantime while your child is still developing and not yet ready for those pull ups. Bottom line, those pull ups are just less-efficient diapers with an elastic band to get your kid ready for potty training and the transition from expensive diapers to much less expensive underwear (hooray for mom and dad’s wallets!).. Once your child is around 2 years old then it might be time to consider those pull ups but for now, relax! The diapers that you already have are all that you need and everything is going to work out just fine!

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