Girl Names That Start With N

Girl Names That Start With NThere’s a new princess arriving soon and you have an important task: finding her true name. Names have a powerful influence, shaping not only personalities but also providing a portion of the first impression that another gets of the person. So, how do you choose? In this article we are going to discuss some girl names that start with N which we think will either captivate you or get you started in the right direction. If you are ready, let’s get started!

Do children really grow into their names?

While some say that a name is just a name there is no arguing that we, as a species, attach a lot of importance to form and symbolism. Don’t believe us? Step outside for a moment and look to the sky at the first cloud that you see. How is it shaped? The odds are your answer was something like ‘a face’ or ‘a bird’ rather than ‘an ugly cookie I once baked’ (though even then you thought ‘cookie’ rather than cloud!). That’s the power of the name. While it’s not necessarily going to guarantee a specific strength of character, in all likelihood your child will at least look to history or modern culture to see who else has their name and who knows, maybe to be inspired? To that effect, we’ve collected a few of our favorite girl’s names beginning with the letter ‘N’ and we’ll include a little about their roots and meanings so that we can help you to make the right decision. Without further ado, here are the names!

Our favorite selections for girl’s names beginning with the letter ‘N’Girl Names That Start With N

When it comes to names, ‘N’ is a great letter choice with a wide selection of names to choose from. Due to this range there are names that sound serious, exotic, and even make you think of professions such as writer, artist, businesswoman, and more. We’ve selected a few of our favorites that we hope you will enjoy and just in case you see one that you like we’re including roots and meanings to go with each selection so that you can consider your choice with the knowledge of the depth behind it. Let’s get started on those names!


Our first selection sounds like it has Eastern origins or specific Biblical connotations (it does, but not how you think) but you might be surprised to know that its linguistic roots are completely in English. That is because Nevaeh is simply ‘Heaven’ spelled backwards. We like this name because it carries the weight of older names but not a lot of extra linguistic baggage. It’s a name that your girl can grow into and better yet, define for others when they achieve their dreams for other to see. As far as names go, this one is relatively rare, taking off in popularity after singer Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D. decided to use the name for his daughter. As such, we don’t have any famous examples to include but that is a good thing. Someone is going to make this name famous someday.


The name Nova comes from the Latin ‘Novus’, meaning new, but it has come to mean a little more than that thanks to a Danish astronomer from the 16th century named Tycho Brahe who popularly used it in the title of his book ‘De Nova Stelle’, meaning ‘the new star’. A nova is, of course, a brightly flaring star and so this is a name that is not only beautiful but also powerful. So, how popular is it in the realm of who’s who? Some notable Novas are as follows (including one unisex example of the name):

  • Nova Maree Peris-Kneebone – (Australian athlete)
  • Nova Widianto – (Indonesian Badminton player)


A Russian name with a festive meaning of ‘birthday of the lord’ or simply ‘Christmas day’ in it’s original Latin form of ‘natale domini’. While it is predominantly used in Russia and surrounding areas it is still popular enough to enjoy usage in the Dutch Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States, and many other areas across the globe. We like it because it sounds both efficient and yet also distinctly feminine. Some Natalias whom you may have heard of include:

  • Natalia Dyer – (American actor from ‘Stranger Things’)
  • Natalia Makarova – (Russian ballerina)
  • Natalia Ginzburg – (Italian writer)


This entry is one that you may now have heard before but which is a beautiful selection nonetheless. Nyla is thought to be another version of Nā’ila, an Arabic word meaning ‘winner’ or ‘to attain desires’.

“An Arabic word meaning ‘winner’ or ‘to attain desires’”

Nyla is the Americanized form and though it is most popular with African Americans it’s starting to see use in this form around the world.  If you are looking for something that is exotic but also has some ‘down to earth’ qualities then this is a good name to consider. Some famous Nylas of note are:

  • Nyla Milleson – (American Basketball coach)
  • Nyla Usha – (Indian stories)
  • Nyla Carroll – (New Zealand distance runner)

Girl Names That Start With N


Our next selection is the French version of the Russian ‘Nadya’ and it has a little history behind it. Root-wise, it is another form of ‘Nahezda’, meaning ‘hope’ and you might also have noticed that it shares the same letters as the name ‘Diana’. It gained popularity when the Ballet Ruse was first established in Paris in the 20th century and while it is used around the world, it is also obscure enough that you won’t have to worry about your daughter being lost in the ‘crowd’ of common names. Some notable Nadias include the following:

  • Nadia Chambers – (Welsh actress)
  • Nadia Cavalera – (Italian novelist)
  • Nadia Turner – (American singer)

In Closing

Today we’ve discussed some of our favorite girl’s names beginning with the letter ‘N’. We hope that you’ve found a little inspiration and maybe even exactly what you were looking for. Finding the right name for your little girl is important and we wish you and your new little angel the best!