Girl Names That Start With Y?

girl names that start with y So, you have a little girl on the way? Congratulations! Finding the right name is one of those things that is both gravely serious while being fun at the same time. Who exactly is your new family member going to be? In today’s article we are going to discuss some girl names that start with Y and provide you with some favorites which we have found from all over the net. Give them a look and see what you think! Let’s talk about girl names that start with ‘Y’!

There really is a lot in a name

Naming is an important part of establishing part of who your child is going to grow up to be. Some of us, for instance, name our children after an ancestor. This is actually popular in many early cultures as a way of imparting famous family traits as embodied in their namesake. Others prefer to choose a new name as a way giving their child a fresh slate that they can grow into on their own. As you are looking for names with the letter ‘Y’ it seems likely that you are looking to ‘think outside the box’ a little when it comes to your little one’s name and we hope that our selections will help you to find the right one or at least inspire you in the right direction.

Our favorite girl’s names that start with the letter ‘Y’

Now that we’ve talked a little about the importance of selecting the perfect name we’d like to share a few of selections for our favorite names beginning in ‘Y’. We’re including the meanings of the word as well as the origins and popular usage when available and we hope that one or two will tickle your fancy. Without further ado, here are some names beginning with ‘Y’ which we hope you’ll like!


Our first entry is Yeva, a beautiful Russian name that means ‘mother of the living’, This is from it’s Biblical connotations, as the root of the word comes from the Hebrew ‘Chava’ and it’s earlier root of ‘Hawwah’, both meaning ‘life’, and probably the easiest way to describe it’s essence is to say that it is the Russian form of ‘Eve’. As such, if you are from the United States or the United Kingdom then you are probably more familiar with the variant ‘Eva’. Some famous Eva and Yeva examples are as follows:

  • Yeva-Genevieve Lavlinski (Russian actress)
  • Eva Longoria (American actress)
  • Yeva Aveyeva (Russian actress)


Our second entry is the feminine form of the French Yves. Yvette is a pretty name, meaning Yew’ and sometimes interpreted as ’Archer’, though this is mostly in reference to the Yew’s popularity in bowmaking. An evergreen tree full of life, this is a good name for inspiring a healthy energy for life. Famous Yvettes include the following notables:

  • Yvette Andreyor – (French actress of silent films)
  • Yvette Achelle – (American model and actress)
  • Yvette Lu – (Canadian actress, singer, and composer)

Yakigirl names that start with y

Next we have Yaki, which sounds Japanese but is actually from the Hebrew ‘Yakira’ which means ‘supplanter’. If you aren’t familiar with the term, it is one who replaces the one from before in a particular role or position. This is a unisex name, so it can be used for boys as well if you like it and do not yet know the gender of your baby. In it’s original form, ‘Yakira’, it means ‘beloved’ or ‘dear’, but either version is an excellent choice for name. This is an uncommon name, so we only have one example to give you. That would be American-born actress Yakira Peguero whom you might remember from the movie ‘Kids’!


This entry is the shortened version of  Spanish‘Yolanda’ but it stands just fine on its own. The roots lie in the the Greek ‘Iole’ and the Latin ‘Viola’, meaning ‘Violet’ and it has had a number of famous bearers, including a 12th century Empress from Constantinople. Not too shabby, as powerful names go! Some famous holders of this name include the following:

  • Yolanda Brown – (British musician)
  • Yolanda King – (Oldest child of Martin Luther King)
  • Yolanda Chen – (Russian athlete)


This lovely Russian name also has its own meaning in Tsalagi, the Cherokee language. Yana in Hebrew has the meaning of ‘he answers’, so it can be a name of faith if you should like. Alternately, in the

“In the Cherokee language it means ‘bear’”

Cherokee language it means ‘bear’ and refers to a specific tribe of Northern America native peoples. Lastly, it is also commonly accepted as the Russian form of ‘Jane’, so if you would like a pretty name which is a little exotic but doesn’t go off the rails with it then this might be the right name for your little one. Some famous Yanas include:

  • Yana Gupta – (Czech republic, model)
  • Yana Kudyavtseva – (Russian gymnast)
  • Yana Churikova – (Russian TV host)

girl names that start with y


Our final entry is one of the most popular choices of names beginning with ‘Y’. Yasmin is, of course, derived from the Persian ‘Jasmine, which is a beautiful bush bearing the famous white flower that accents perfumes around the world. The original Persian form of the name was ‘Yasamanah’, also a lovely name in its own right, and it was considered a powerful name associated with many successful bearers of upper class society. If you like the name then you might be interested to know that it has also been held by the following notables:

  • Yasemin Bradley – (Turkish writer, Television star, and physician specializing in nutrition)
  • Yasmin Swit – (Dutch Water Polo athlete)
  • Yasmin Bannerman – (English actress)

Some final words

Well, there you have it! We hope that you’ve enjoyed our selection of favorite girl’s names starting with the letter ‘Y’. As you can see, there are many wonderful choices that can help give your daughter a head start in becoming the kind of person that you know that they will be. We wish you and your family the best!