Help! My Baby Has A Blister On His Lip!

blister on baby lip
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We do everything that we can in order to ensure that our babies are as safe and sound as possible. Still, sometimes they surprise us. It’s easy to panic when it looks like something is wrong. So, in this case, baby has a blister on his lip. What can you do? How did this happen? Today we are going to explore the ‘why’ of the issue and advise you on what you can do for those causes that are preventable. If you are ready, let’s discuss blisters on baby lips in a little more detail!

My baby has a sore on his lip. Why?!

There are actually a number of reasons why this might occur. One of the most common is teething. Your baby starts chewing everything in sight. Toys, their bottom lips, even their tongue sometimes (which is really weird but completely normal.). Teething is not always the reason, however. Some other causes your baby has a blister on their bottom lip are as follows:

  • Thumb sucking – Also caused by vigorous breastfeeding or drinking from the bottle, baby can develop a callous of skin on the bottom lip. This is fairly common and not harmful for the baby. A little pediatrician approved lip balm should do the trick!
  • Cold sores – Before you panic, cold sores (the herpes simplex virus) are incredibly common. Generally newborns are not going to get them, however, as they are currently bolstered by sharing the mother’s immune system. Generally harmless if your child is older than 6 months, if your child is below this age it is a good idea to see a physician immediately. While the child will have some protection via mom’s immune system protection passing along with breast milk feedings they still have an underdeveloped immune system. Newborns can experience the worst symptoms, such as high fever, seizures, or even death, so consult your pediatrician if you suspect this is not from biting or thumb sucking.

How cold sores are spread

blister on baby bottom lip
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Cold sores are typically passed one of two ways. If it is genital herpes it is typically passed via fluid contact during a vaginal delivery. Herpes simplex is passed on after the birth by contact with someone who is infected. This can most commonly occur by sharing a cup or if someone kisses the baby. That brief peck on the lips can pass along a cold sore even if the infected person is not currently showing any signs.

What can I do at home if baby has a cold sore blister on the bottom lip?

There are a few home remedies that you can try. In the interest of being informative we will list them but we do encourage you to speak with your pediatrician as well. Some home remedies for cold sores that you might try are:

  • Lemon balm – Purported to kill the herpes simplex virus according to a study done in 2002, applying lemon balm ointment 3 times a day until about a week after the lip has healed will reportedly do the trick (but consult with your physician if your child is under 6 months of age).
  • Oregano oil – Reputed to have antiviral properties, a dab of oregano oil on a cotton ball and applied to the blister should help it to heal faster and provide baby a little relief.
  • Apple Cider vinegar – Apple cider vinegar has been noted in studies as a preventative for the spread of infection as well as antifungal qualities. Do not overuse, however, as it is fairly acidic. Put a few drops on a teaspoon half-filled with water and then soak it into a cotton ball before applying it to the affected area on your baby’s lip.

” Found to be an efficient treatment for cold sores per a 2014 study.”

  • Licorice extract – Another home treatment for a blister on or under the bottom lip is licorice extract. Found to be an efficient treatment for cold sores per a 2014 study, licorice extract is best diluted and then applied via a cotton swab to your baby’s blister. This should hasten healing so that your child is smiling and blister-free in no time!

While these treatments are good for the meantime we would still like to urge you to get your pediatrician involved if you believe that your child is suffering from a cold sore. It never hurts to have all of your bases covered and your pediatrician may be able to prescribe something that will work much faster than the available home remedies.

What if the blister on baby’s lip is from biting?

If your baby is a little older, has a blister on their bottom lip, and has recently started teething then biting is the problem that you are dealing with. A little lip balm can help with this and there are also some steps that you can take to help to prevent biting. Some examples include the following:

  • More pacifier time – The pacifier gives baby something to do and keeps them too busy to bite their lower lip.
  • Toys they can chew – Soft toys that your baby can chew on instead of their lips are a good idea. Just make sure to keep those toys clean and when teething becomes less of an issue then the chewing should simmer down.
  • Solid foods – If baby is biting their lip during mealtime it might be that they are curious about your food. If your baby is old enough to begin solids then you might try slowing introducing them at this time.
blister on babys lip
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In conclusion

In this article we have discussed potential causes which might produce a blister on your child’s lower lip as well as some potential home remedies and general advice on the subject. We hope that you find this information helpful should you encounter this situation at home. Just remember that if you are worried the best and first course is always to check with your pediatrician. Until next time, we wish you the best!

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