Help! My Newborn Is Not Pooping But Only Passing Gas!

newborn not pooping but passing gas
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It’s your first baby and sadly, they don’t come with instruction manuals. Is it normal if your newborn is not pooping but only passing gas? Actually, it is something that occurs commonly. In this article we are going to go into the reasons why this occurs so that you will have a better idea why your baby is not pooping and so you can recognize when this is a cause for concern. If you are ready, let’s discuss why your newborn is gassy but not pooping.

Is my baby okay?.

If your newborn not pooping but is passing gas it is not the worry that you are imagining. The frequency of baby’s bowel movements can change quite a lot in that first year. Depending on their digestive system, how much they are eating, and what they are eating, sometimes your baby might not even poop for days! While this is certainly confusing (regular pooping is something you have come to expect, after all), it is not necessarily a cause for alarm. First let’s review if there have been any recent changes for baby. Have you recently switched to formula, for instance? A change in diet can certainly affect baby’s bowel movements, so this is one of the first things that you should consider. Also, if you sometimes breastfeed and sometimes use formula, are you noticing the constipation-like symptoms more with breast milk or with the formula? If your newborn is gassy but not pooping then it could simply be their diet.

Other symptoms to check for

If your baby has bad gas but no poop and seems uncomfortable all the time then this could be another thing altogether. Signs of actual constipation, for instance, include these symptoms:

  • Fouler smelling gas – If baby’s gas is smelling worse than usual then this could be a sign that their bowels are stopped-up and that further investigation is indeed warranted. .
  • Crying – Babies cry for a number of reasons but if you notice that baby is crying when they appear to be trying to poop then this is a sure sign of constipation. Finding poop that is in the form of hard pellets (quite often with a little blood) is also a warning sign that this is abnormal and that constipation may be at play.
  • Bloating – If your baby is looking a little bloated and the stomach feels tight anf firm then this could also be another sign that your child is constipated.

What can you do if it is constipation?

newborn not pooping but gassy
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If baby has gas but has not had a bowel movement in some time and you think it is constipation, there are a few things that you can do. Some examples:

  • Warm bath – A few warm baths during the day can help you to relax your baby’s digestive system in order to facilitate a bowel movement.
  • Hydration – Dehydration is one of the main causes of constipation. Increasing the amount of formula or breast milk during feedings can help to ensure that baby is properly hydrated and may correct the constipation.
  • Prune juice – If your baby is at least a month old and passing gas (but not pooping) after a good hydration then you might try this natural cure. Add a teaspoonful of prune juice to their formula. This can help to soften the stools and help them to pass, as prune juice is a natural laxative.
  • Exercise – A little exercise can help to loosen up those baby bowels as well. Holding baby’s feet, you can move them in a bicycling motion. Doing this daily is good exercise for baby and can help prevent constipation from coming back (while treating it at the same time if it is present.).
  • Belly massage – Gently rubbing your baby’s belly a few times during the day can help to get their digestive system more relaxed to help your baby with constipation.

My baby still has a lot of gas but no poop!

If you have tried these things and baby is still constipated and distressed then it is time to check with your pediatrician. Other signs that you should talk to your pediatrician are if your baby is experiencing nausea/vomiting, fever, loss of their appetite, or if they are pooping and it looks abnormal (watery, black, grey, white, or if it contains blood or mucous. ). If any of these symptoms are occurring then you will want to consult your pediatrician immediately as this could be something more serious.

If baby is not pooping but seems happy

Now, if baby is not pooping but still seems to be cheery and happy, then just be patient and let them do their thing. As we have mentioned previously, baby is going through a

” After that first month your baby’s digestive tract is more well-developed.”

lot of changes in that first year and it’s not abnormal for them to go for days without pooping. After that first month your baby’s digestive tract is more well-developed and so their diet of breast milk may result in only one bowel movement a week. While this is not always the case it is fairly common, so if your baby is just pooping a lot less frequently you shouldn’t worry. Their digestive tract is simply becoming more efficient as your little is growing older.

baby has bad gas but no poop
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Some final words

In this article we have discussed what to do if your baby is gassing but not pooping at their usual frequency. Unless it meets with particular warning signs and symptoms then this is to be expected and is also completely normal. The best thing that you can do if baby still seems happy is to go with it and rest comfortably in the knowledge that baby will likely only be pooping once a week for awhile until they start on eating solids. Just make sure that baby stays happy, hydrated, and well-exercised, and they should keep a regular (if less frequent) schedule) for the foreseeable future!

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