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Help! My Baby Wakes Up Screaming At Night!

baby wakes up screaming
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It’s a terrifying thing. In the middle of the night your baby wakes up, crying hysterically. What do you do? What is causing this? Well, the good news is that it’s not a ghost problem (well, probably!), but what sort of thing can cause this? In this article we will review the potential reasons why baby wakes up screaming at night and what you can do to help to make sure that your little angel (and everyone else, consequently) are getting a fulfilling, good night’s sleep.

Why does my baby wake up screaming?

Actually, there are a number of reasons why your baby might be waking up this way. It could be something physical that is distressing them. Alternately, it might be emotional. We’ll give you a few examples of what to check for in order to determine the cause of your baby’s distress.

Physical causes

When your baby wakes up screaming uncontrollably the first concern is that something is physically wrong. While this might not be the case, there are certain signs that you can check for. Here are some common causes for this behavior as well as what you can watch for:

  • Stomach ache – If baby is screaming and curled into a fetal position then it could well indicate a stomach ache. A tummy rub may help in cases like this or if it is frequent you might seek pediatrician approval to give the occasional spoonful of ginger root tea to settle the little one’s stomach.
  • Indigestion – If your baby is perspiring heavily and tossing and turning, indigestion may be occurring. This can also be helped with ginger (if approved) otherwise you may want to check with your pediatrician for medicines that are safe for your baby at their particular stage of development.
  • Sinus trouble – If baby has a runny nose and can’t breathe very well this is certainly going to throw them into a panic. Be sure to clean baby’s nose a little with some soft tissue to help clear out some of the mucus so that your child can breathe a little more easily. If it continues your child may be sick so this is also a case to consult your physician.
  • Fever – Fever is never good, so this is a definite scenario where you will want to check with your pediatrician. Very few over the counter medicines are going to be safe for a baby and so it’s always best to consult first before trying any over the counter remedies.
  • Dehydration – If baby’s diaper has pellet-type, dry poops then your child might be dehydrated. If you are bottle feeding then you might want to switch to a faster-flow nipple (especially if they haven’t been finishing their bottles lately) and this should do the trick.

Baby woke up screaming and it doesn’t seem to be physical!

baby wakes up crying hysterically
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If your baby wakes up crying hysterically at night and there do not seem to be any physical symptoms then it could be an emotionally driven response. Some emotional triggers that can cause this behavior are as follows:

  • Nightmares/Night terrors – Yes, your baby can have nightmares, just like anyone else. As the mind processes what we have seen during the day the process isn’t always neat and tidy and when everything is new (and sometimes scary) your baby can get nightmares. Night terrors are similar, they involve a state where the body is paralyzed but the mind is active. While rare, this can occur with your baby as well and there is little you can do besides to calm them. Rubbing the spot between the eyebrows can often soothe a frightened baby and hugs are always welcome as well for calming your frightened little one.

                   ” It could simply be separation anxiety…”

  • Separation anxiety – If your 1 year old wakes up screaming and inconsolable it could simply be separation anxiety (which can start as early as 6 months). Typically this will be focused on one specific parent, so if you notice that baby only calms down for mom or for dad specifically then this is likely the case.
  • Plain old fear – Everything is new and when you are young the dark is pretty darned scary (even sometimes when you are older, whether we admit it or not!). You can combat this with a night light or even a baby projector to give your child a soothing ceiling full of stars and soothing music to keep them feeling safe and secure against the night.
  • Baby wants to play – Babies can be little manipulators and they quickly learn that crying is the fastest way to make mom or dad magically appear. Rule out physical and emotional distress and if baby just seems to want to play then you may want a pediatrician-recommended strategy to discourage this.

When in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask your pediatrician

While we might feel that we are being overprotective if we constantly pepper our pediatricians with questions the reality of it is that THIS IS A GOOD THING. This is your baby’s health and the pediatrician is dedicated to helping make sure that your baby is happy and healthy. They won’t mind it a bit. So don’t cheat yourself and your baby by trying to Google everything for days before breaking down and asking. If you are uncertain about something then contact your pediatrician and make a list of questions for your appointment. This way you can get them all addressed and get a check-up for your baby at the same time.

baby wakes up screaming uncontrollably
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In conclusion

In this article we have discussed reasons why your baby might be waking up screaming or crying hysterically. Take advantage of this information and soon everyone will be getting a refreshing, good night’s sleep. Lastly, don’t forget to ask your pediatrician if you need a little advice. They will be happy to be there for you. Until next time, sweet dreams for you and your little one!


Jeep Jogging Stroller Models That Your Baby Will LOVE!

jeep jogging stroller
pgbsimon / Pixabay

Walks are great exercise and your baby loves going out. Have you thought about investing in a stroller that is a little more heavy-duty so that you can get a little exercise while delighting your little one? In this article we are going to review a few of the Jeep jogging stroller models that can help to make baby’s afternoon walks more productive for everyone involved. If you are ready, let’s check out some of the more popular models so that you can make an informed choice if your current stroller is simply not cutting it.




J is for Jeep – Stroller models that we will be reviewing

In this article we will be focusing strictly on baby strollers produced by Jeep. We will advise you on the following models:

  • Jeep Classic Jogging Stroller
  • Jeep Deluxe Patriot
  • J is for Jeep Cross-country Sport Jogger

We’ll go into some of the features of these models to help you to decide what stroller will be the best for your baby and you as a fitness-friendly parent. Let’s get started on our Jeep stroller reviews!

Jeep baby stroller reviews : Jeep Classic Jogging Stroller

One of the more basic models, the Classic comes with a number of excellent features. This jogger is ready jeep strollerfor inclement weather, for instance, with an extendable visor that will shield your child effectively from wind, rain, snow, or even excess sunlight (with a 5UPF 50+ rating, no less). This model can also be converted into a travel system and is compatible with Graco Snugride, Evenflo embrace, and more for when you want to expand functionality. So, how is the ride? Quite smooth, actually. The Jeep Classic has a shock absorbing frame to help ensure baby is comfortable. It also has a storage basket underneath, as well as two cup holders, and a safety tether to keep the stroller close to you while you are jogging. Baby can be put inside or taken out easily due to the ‘swing away child tray’ and the seat also reclines for baby’s comfort. While it is considered just a ‘basic’ model, color us impressed!

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Jeep baby stroller reviews : Jeep Deluxe Patriot

jeep stroller reviewsA little higher up the ladder pricewise, the Jeep Patriot has some nice features of its own to boast. The air-filled rubber tires, for instance. Excellent as shock absorbers, you can tackle different types of terrain with these should you desire to take baby off the beaten path a little to enjoy some nature together. Like our previous listing, this model

” This model also includes the UPF 50+ visor for keeping out sunlight.”

will work with a number of the most popular car seats for customizing your travel system. This model also comes with a generous storage bin underneath, as well as the standard cup holders and a special space for your Smartphone. Not too shabby, eh? This model also includes a safety bar, safety tether, and a 5 point harness system to help ensure that you and baby are enjoying the evenings walk and exercise as safely as possible. This model also includes the UPF 50+ visor for keeping out sunlight, rain, snow, or wind. This model is good if you are considering a little rougher terrain every now and again.

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Jeep baby stroller reviews : J is for Jeep Cross-country Sport Jogger

The most expensive model on our list, this model is also the toughest one. Sporting a steel framework and j is for jeep strollerhigh quality fabric, this model also has a lot of safety features and comforts that you and your baby will appreciate. It’s quilted canopy includes a ‘peek a boo’ window and when it comes to storage they certainly have you covered, with covered storage, cup holders, and a detachable parent organizer to keep your things handy for when you need them. There is also a 16″ storage bin underneath (just in case you didn’t have enough space!). As with the other Jeep models, this will work with a number of different car seats should you wish to customize it a little, and this model also comes with a multi-position reclining seat to make sure that baby is always comfortable when you want to share an evening jog. If you are looking for something super durable and safe then you will definitely want to consider this stroller.

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Add-ons – Inclement Weather Shield

j is for jeep jogging strollerWhile that Jeep canopy is pretty durable, we couldn’t resist displaying this little number. If you want some weather protection that allows your baby to enjoy the rain with you then this add-on might be right for you. While it doesn’t have the UPF protection of the canopy (so use the canopy if it’s sunny!), for rain, wind, or snow this transparent shield component will give your baby a front-row view of the weather as well as heavy-duty protection. This add-on is not just compatible with Jeep, by the way, so if you like the design but you have a different stroller then check out the provided link and see if it is compatible with yours!

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Jeep all terrain stroller reviews – Our pick

While we like the durability of the Cross Country stroller we felt that the best bargain on the list would be the Jeep Patriot. With its ample storage space and shock absorbing rubber tires it gives a nice middle-ground for obtaining Jeep quality at the best price.

In closing

In this article we have compared 3 of the more popular Jeep models to advise you of their bells and whistles as well as our own personal pick as best of the bunch. The Jeep  Brand has an excellent track record when it comes to quality jogging strollers so whichever model you decide on you will be sure to get some good use out of. With the number of safety features inside you should be able to get a bit of jogging in with baby with confidence. Until next time, we wish you the best and happy jogging!


Can I Use Enfamil Infant For A Newborn?

can i use enfamil infant for newborn
Clker-Free-Vector-Images / Pixabay

When it’s your first baby or not, there are always questions. Baby’s come with a lot of rules and no instruction manual. It’s mind boggling. Formula is a great example. For instance, when it comes to formula feeding you might be wondering ‘can I use Enfamil Infant for a newborn or is that bad for them? In this article we will explore the subject in a little more depth to help you to determine if Enfamil Infant is safe for your child. Let’s get started.

Enfamil Newborn vs. Infant : What’s the difference?

While formula products such as Enfamil’s line have age-ratings to help you determine which one you should be feeding your baby, there is generally a bit of wondering on your part as to what exactly are the differences in them. Let’s discuss some of the primary ingredients and give some comparison ratios for both.

What is the difference between Newborn and Infant formula: Protein

First, let’s discuss protein. Important for your growing baby in a number of ways, the protein content in your baby formula is certainly one something we will want to scrutinize. By comparison, here are the amounts:

  • Enfamil Newborn – Enfamil Infant has a protein content of 2.1 grams for every 100 calories consumed. This is slightly higher than the infant formula as your baby need a little more protein at this time.
  • Enfamil Infant – Enfamil infant has a protein content of 2 grams for every 100 calories ingested. This is a good ratio for your growing infant.

The difference between Enfamil Newborn and Enfamil Infant: Vitamin D

Vitamin D is another important factor with your baby’s development. Sadly, While Enfamil Newborn meets the daily vitamin D requirements Enfamil Infant contains a lower amount of this vitamin. As such, pediatricians recommend that if you are feeding Enfamil Infant to your baby that you supplement their vitamin D if they are consuming less than a liter per day. Here is how they measure up to each other:

  • Enfamil Newborn – Enfamil Newborn contains 75 IU for every 100 calories consumed. This is a good amount of vitamin D for your baby’s needs.
  • Enfamil Infant – Enfamil Infant falls a little short in the vitamin D department, providing only 60 IU for every 100 calories consumed. Most likely you will need to supplement the vitamin D to increase to proper levels.

Enfamil Newborn vs. Infant : Whey to Casein ratio

enfamil newborn infant difference*
tung256 / Pixabay

Another important source of vitamins for your baby, the whey to casein ratio of your

” Enfamil Newborn is meant to mimic breast milk as much as possible.”

baby formula is important. So how do these two compare? Quite differently, as it were. Enfamil Newborn is meant to mimic breast milk as much as possible and so it scores higher in the whey ratio. Here are the statistics:

  • Enfamil Newborn – As mentioned before, Enfamil Newborn is designed to mimic breast milk as much as possible. As such, the whey to casein ratio is higher than you will find in the infant formula. Thus Enfamil Newborn has an 80/20 ratio of whey vs. casein.
  • Enfamil Infant – Enfamil Infant has a more balanced amount of whey and casein ratios in order to accommodate baby’s changing requirements and the slow journey to eating solids. Enfamil Infant’s ratio is 60/40, respectively, for the whey vs. casein comparison.

Is Enfamil Infant good for newborns?

While the differences nutritionally are fairly minute, due to the larger amounts of whey, standard protein, and Vitamin D we would recommend only Enfamil Newborn for your newborn. In a pinch you can use Enfamil Infant if no other option is available but we do not recommend doing this regularly. With the higher casein levels it may be a little harder on baby’s stomach and nutritionally the Newborn formula is simply much better suited for your child’s needs.

Other important ingredients in Enfamil

Enfamil has made a name for itself over the years and for good reason. Their formula contains a number of useful components to aid in baby’s growth and development for up to the first year of life. Some other ingredients of note in this product are iron, DHA, choline, and dual prebiotics in order to strengthen baby’s immune system.

Notes when switching from breast milk to formula

If you are switching your baby from breast milk to formula there may be a bit of an adjustment period. As formula is a little harder on the stomach than natural breast milk you may notice a little stiffness or bloating in the child’s stomach. Warm baths or light massage several times a day can help with this. It may be associated with constipation but the massage and bath should still help. If baby’s poop schedule changes then you might also try a teaspoon of prune juice if your baby is over 3 months old to soften the stools (formula can make them a bit more solid, unfortunately, and this can stress baby). Lastly, if your baby is having discolored stools after changing to formula (white, grey, watery, with blood streaks, or accompanied by mucus) then you should visit your pediatrician to see if another formula or course of action is recommended. Likely your baby is going to adapt to formula just fine but we want to make sure that you have all of the information that you need for a happy and healthy switch to formula.

what is the difference between newborn and infant formula
Free-Photos / Pixabay

In closing

In this article we have discussed the difference factors found in Enfamil Newborn when compared to Enfamil Infant. While some of the differences are minute, this does not mean that they are insignificant. These formulas are designed to fit specific needs of your child at various ages and stages of development. As such, we recommend that only feed your child the formulas that are listed in their age range for best results. This can help to ensure that you are getting the proper ratio of vitamins that your baby needs at that particular time. Happy feedings, folks!

Baby Projector Reviews: Projectors For 6+ Months And Younger?

6+baby projector
geralt / Pixabay

Looking for a way to soothe baby and solve that nightlight problem at the same time? A baby projector might be the answer for you! A projector can give your baby a soothing light show while providing mild illumination to keep your baby feeling safe and secure. In this article we will review baby projectors to give you a better idea of the selection that is out there waiting to light up your baby’s night. Are you ready? Let’s review baby projector picks for 6+ months or under!

Baby light projector: Sleepyme Smart Sleep Soother baby light show

This adorable little projector is not only inexpensive but has some very nice functions. The Sleepyme projects a field of stars on the ceiling so that your baby has a soothing light and it can also provide nature sounds and soothing music (it has 10 different options for this!). It runs on AA batteries but the Sleepyme will turn itself off automatically after 30 minutes, so you should get a good deal of life out of those batteries. Priced at around $40 retail it’s a lot of projector in a tiny little package.

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Baby light projector: Moredig Ocean Projector

baby light projectorThis baby light projector can light up your baby’s ceiling with one of two themes. The first theme is stars and moons, rather like our first entry, but the second theme is Sea creatures. The sea theme includes jellyfish, dolphins, sea horses, starfish, clownfish, and more! The Moredig comes with 8 different color modes as well as a nightlight mode and you can power your projector with an included usb cable (adpator is not included) or via 4 AA batteries if you prefer. At around 19$ retail price it really is quite the bargain but you will have to provide your own music through a separate device (that was our only disappointment with this item).

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Baby light projector: Moredig Musical Projectorbaby night light projector with music

If you need a baby night light projector with music then Moredig has another offering that you might be interested in. Slightly higher priced, this model offers you the starry night and seaworld themes like the previous listing, but also comes with 12 light and soothing songs to help lull your child into a deep and refreshing sleep. Instead of automatically shutting off after 30 minutes, this model offers a timer that you can set for up to 555 minutes, so that you can decide exactly how long the light show will run (which is quite useful if your baby takes a little while to get to sleep). Priced at around 28$ retail and packing a lifetime warranty, this is an excellent selection to consider if you are looking to make sleepytime more soothing. It also comes with a remote!

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Baby light projector: SOAIY Aurora night light projector andbaby light projector ceiling white noise sound machine

If you don’t feel like a stars or a sleep motif, why not produce an aurora of colors on your child’s ceiling? This projector can do exactly that, providing a mixed color show in conjunction with nature sounds. The sounds included are:

  • Summer night
  • Brook
  • Thunder
  • Rain
  • Ocean wave
  • White noise

This also comes with a remote, which comes in very handy if you want to change the volume, rotation settings, or simply for switching it on and off from a

” This model comes with a 1 year exchange warranty.”

distance. This model comes with a 1 year exchange warranty as well in case there are any problems with the unit. By comparison with the other models, we give this one kudos for originality, as the aurora light show is quite stunning and should quickly ensure that your child visits the sandman in record time! Prices at around 34$ retail, this is certainly a projector to consider.

Baby light projector: Fisher Price Smart Connect baby night light projector

The most expensive of our reviewed projectors at around $68 retail, the Fisher Price Soother can be controlled by an app you load on your phone and provides a ceiling full of stars or animal shapes to soothe your baby into slumber. This model plugs in so that you don’t have to worry about batteries if you want it to play all night and it has 3 different sounds to go with it.

View this item on Amazon

The verdict : Our Pick

Our favorite from this list was the Moredig musical projector with the SOAIY Aurora as a close second. While the Fisher Price sports a more recognized name brand, we found that the Moredig offered a better selection of sounds, show, and options and at the price it simply can’t be beaten. Throw in that it comes with a lifetime warranty and the Moredig simply wins, hands-down. As far as for our second place winner, we liked the Aurora as a more unique option and because the sounds it provides tend towards nature and the light show is something besides the more common theme of ‘stars’. With this model and it’s features we think it likely that if you were having trouble sleeping you could borrow baby’s projector yourself and find yourself in dreamland very quickly. Whichever projector you choose we think that you will be getting a bargain and a product that both you and your baby can enjoy for many fulfilling, sleep-filled nights (not to mention mommy and daddy might get a little more sleep as well. Hallelujah!).

Some final words

In this article we have reviewed a number of projection devices to serve as a baby ceiling projector or simply a night light and musical projector. Little gizmos like these can really help you out if your baby is sometimes fussy and very hard to get to sleep. In time, baby will recognize the light show as a queue for sleeping as well, which will help them to get to sleep even faster once the show begins. Whether you go with one of our selections or pick one independently on your own, we wish you and your baby the very best in quality time with the sandman. Until next time, sweet dreams!

Baby Bottles: When To Change Nipple Flow And Other Questions

when to change nipple flow
Ben_Kerckx / Pixabay

Parenting is quite the experience when it’s your first time. There are so many questions and concerns that you never even considered before your little angel arrived. Baby bottles are a great example of this. When is the right time to change nipple flow? When do you change the nipple on the bottle to a different size? In this article we will discuss this and more that you are a little more prepared when it comes to bottle feeding. Let’s discuss!


What is ‘nipple flow’ and why is it important?

Nipple flow is simply the pace of milk delivery based on the design of the synthetic nipple that you are using for bottle feeding. It could be a fast, slow, or medium flow, and it is an important factor when feeding your child. The primary reason for this is as follows:

  • Dietary needs – Just switching nipple sizes at random can cause deficiencies in your child’s diet. Changing the sizes without thought could mean that your child is getting too little nutrition or too much milk at one time. This is not a basis for a stable development.
  • Avoiding straining the baby – If the nipple flow is too slow, your baby has to work harder for less milk. This strains your baby unnecessarily and can cause a dietary deficit as well as stress your baby.
  • Keeping baby from ‘spitting-up’ – Too fast a flow from the bottle’s nipple can be overwhelming, causing your child to cough and to spit up milk. Proper selection of a nipple with the right flow can easily help you to avoid this.

How do you know when to change the nipple size on the bottles?

Typically doctors will recommend that you change the nipple size on the bottles every 3 months. For instance, if you are using a size 1 nipple in May, when do you switch to size 2 nipples? Easy, you would change them at the end of July. The sizes of the nipples used on the bottle will change with your baby’s needs. When to switch to medium flow nipples? When the fast flow is too fast and the slow flow is straining your baby. There is going to be some experimentation involved so that you can find what is just right. So, how do you tell if your baby is using the wrong flow size?

How can you tell if you should change the nipple flow?

when to switch to medium flow nipples
PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

We’re glad that you asked! There are a number of signs that you can look for that will help you to know if baby might benefit from changing the nipple on the bottle. Some telltale signs that it might be time to change the nipple:

  • Baby is flattening the nipple – If baby is flattening out the nipple then they are likely trying to increase the pace at which the milk is flowing. You will want to move to a faster flow of nipple.
  • Gas – This could mean that baby is getting overwhelmed by a fast milk flow, try switching to something a little slower. If you are using a fast flow nipple, try some medium flow nipples.
  • Pushing away the bottle – Baby may be frustrated with the current milk flow. Try switching to a faster flow nipple.
  • Aggressive sucking on the bottle – This likely means that baby is not getting enough flow and a higher rate of flow nipple is desirable.
  • Getting hungry quickly (but never finishing the bottle) – Another sign of strain, baby is having to work too hard to get all of the milk. A faster flow nipple should remedy this issue.

” Is your child getting enough to eat?”

  • Spitting up – This is a sure sign that you need to switch to a slower flow of nipple. Baby is getting too much milk, too quickly, and a switch is in order to make sure that a proper flow is set and maintained.
  • Feedings take more than half an hour – This is another sign that a nipple flow issue may be at play. You will want to change to a slower nipple if baby is spitting up or a faster one if baby is working constantly but not finishing within half an hour. Typically half an hour is as long as it should take, so if feeding sessions are taking longer then you may want to consider changing out the nipple.

A note of interest  

Once you find a nipple flow that baby likes, you might be able to use that beyond the recommended 3 months. It really depends on the baby and every baby is different. Some like fast flow nipples, others prefer slow, and the key thing that you need to look for is simply this. Is your child getting enough to eat? If your baby is drinking all of their milk and seems content, there is no need to rock the boat. Sometimes just finding the right size is something that you only have to do once (if you are lucky!). If this is the case with your baby, then congratulations! Let them keep eating at the pace that they like and no change is necessary. If you do see some of the signs that we’ve mentioned, however, then you should definitely experiment to find the right nipple flow for your little angel.

bottle nipple sizes
skeeze / Pixabay

Some closing notes

In this article we have discussed what nipple flow means for your baby and why it is so important. Ensuring proper nutrition can be taxing. Sometimes our little ones don’t want to eat for a number of reasons and narrowing it down can take a lot of detective work (especially if baby just likes to be contrary sometimes!). Now that you understand nipple flow and what it means during feeding time you will have one less thing to worry about when it comes to making sure your little one is getting enough to eat. Until next time, Happy feedings!


Why Is My Baby Sucking Her Bottom Lip?

baby sucking bottom lip
Pexels / Pixabay

As your child develops there are a number of odd behaviors that you are going to observe. Some of them might even seem downright weird. The initial instinct is to worry, after all, baby is fragile and those parenting instincts are fierce! So when you notice your baby doing something like sucking their bottom lip the first reaction is to wonder ‘why’ and ‘is this going to hurt my baby?’. In this article we will explore this topic so that you can have a little more understanding as to why your baby is doing this and whether or not you need to do something about it. Let’s discuss why your baby is sucking their lower lip.

It’s not dermatophagia

In case you were wondering about this or have never heard of it, dermatophagia is where someone is compulsively biting their own skin. It could manifest as biting one’s lip, fingernails, or any number of places. The good news on this front is that your baby certainly isn’t suffering from dermatophagia, they are simply too young to have developed an obsessive condition such as this. So why do they do it? How can you tell your child is doing it if you haven’t seen it?

Signs your child is sucking their bottom lip

The most common thing to notice is going to be a red-ring on the mouth or a very chapped bottom lip. In more extreme cases there could be a blister but this is uncommon. If you notice these symptoms just watch for a little while and you will probably catch them in the act. So why the lip sucking? What if baby is chewing on their lips?

Reasons for this behavior

baby sucking lower lip
voltamax / Pixabay

The reasons that this can occur are actually pretty simple. Most commonly it is just the equivalent of thumb-sucking. It calms the child and it’s much easier to do than sucking their thumb once they are out of the womb. If your baby is 4 months old and biting their lower lip then this is likely the cause. Now, while this is the primary reason you will see this occurring, it is certainly not the only reason. If your baby is older than 6 months and you are noticing this behavior at the dinner table then it might be that they are ready to begin trying solid food. Around this time they are starting to notice the things that you are eating. The scents of the food and seeing you chewing excite the baby, who begins to mimic the chewing as they contemplate what YOU are having for dinner. If you are unsure that this is the case, then check with your Pediatrician, but it is likely at this point that your child is ready for solids. There is another very important reason why your child might be biting their lip.

Your baby might be chewing on their lips because they are teething

If rather than sucking on their bottom lip your baby is biting their is actually BITING the lower lip then you should check their gums. Inflammation or red gums might indicate that baby is about to get their first tooth! If your baby has already started teething and the first few teeth have arrive, then the lip biting could simply be your child getting used to the changes in their mouth. This is completely normal and not difficult behavior to minimize with a few strategic tactics.

Ways to minimize chewing of the lips

One of the easiest ways to minimize this behavior is to simply give them something else to chew. A pacifier, for instance, is probably something you already have. Just utilize it more often. Some other ways that you can minimize chewing are as follows:

  • Provide some entertainment – Some playpen time with a few favorite toys to distract your child might be in order. Cartoons are sometimes good as well or kids shows with a lot of music and dancing to keep your child amused inside the playpen. Sometimes this behavior occurs when your child is simply bored and so you will want to see if distraction can help.

” Lip balm that is approved for infants may help.”

  • Gum medication (if teething) – Your child’s gums will be hurting a little while they are teething. With your pediatrician’s approval, a little bit of soothing gel for those inflamed gums might be just the thing for stopping all of that lower lip biting. Sometimes the gums can get itchy when those teeth are coming in as well and biting the lips is a way that your child can scratch that itch, so see if gel is an option that you can try and if that doesn’t help you can always investigate further.
  • Whistling within view of baby – Babies mimic the things that they see their parents do. An odd little trick is pursing your lips in view of the baby and whistling or ‘blowing a kiss’. If you do this a lot your baby will eventually attempt to mimic this and might decide that it is more interesting then sucking or biting on their bottom lip.

What to do for biting blisters

You will want to check with your pediatrician for approved gels or creams if your child is biting to the point that they are blistering their lower lip. Lip balm that is approved for infants may help to prevent this from occurring in the first place so it is something to consider as a preventative measure if your child has just started lip biting.

4 month baby biting lower lip
sathyatripodi / Pixabay

Some final words

So, there you have it! We’ve discussed why your child is biting or sucking on their lower lip as well as some things that you can do in order to help minimize this behavior if it has you alarmed. Generally this is completely normal and may continue up until the child is 3 years of age. If it is occurring after 3 years however, then you will definitely want to consult your pediatrician. Until next time, happy parenting!