Hosting A Baby Shower With A Prince Theme?

prince theme baby shower
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Are you thinking about organizing a baby shower and looking for a theme? It’s easier than you think. All you need is a little creativity and drive and you can make a baby shower worth remembering. In this article we are going to explore a sample baby shower theme, in this case ‘The Royal Prince‘. We’ll discuss some items that you can include to help build up the ambience and go from there. If you are ready, let’s go!

A Royal Prince Baby Shower

So, what goes into planning a themed baby shower? Well, there will be decorations, typically with a color theme in play so that everything matches to some extent. Also, what sort of food do you serve? You will want something that fits in with a ‘royal’ theme, so that is something that needs to be considered. We’ve collected a few items to get you started and we’ll share those next, followed by some general advice as to how you can carry your theme to the next level.

Catering in the Prince’s court

While it is unlikely that you’ll be having a whole-roasted pig with an apple in it’s mouth or even gigantic turkey legs, you can always go with standard fare and get creative with the deserts. Cakes can be ordered with the design theme that you have selected and little cupcakes with crowns are certainly very easy to obtain (and a delight to devour!). Plastic ‘goblets’ are quite easy to obtain online and even at some department stores, so they are good for drinking for the younger guests who are old enough to handle a goblet but can’t be trusted around the glassware. These can also serve the purpose of being an excellent container for soft-serve or plain old ice cream as well! Just be sure that when you are selecting the main courses that you don’t forget the guests of yours who don’t eat meat. A vegetable stir-fry or even veggie-burgers can provide an easy addition that will pair well with carefully selected sides.

The royal entertainment

Consider renting a karaoke machine. It is entertaining to adults and children alike. Barring that, just make sure your guests rsvp and you can try to select party games that will fit with the average age of the kids that your guests are bringing along.

Royal Baby shower dining

You want to make sure that your guests are well fed and in the bargainroyal prince baby shower* you can make cleanup easier with a dinner set. This particular set is designed for 16 guests so you may need to get more than one if you are hosting a larger shower. It includes 16 dinner and dessert plates, beverage napkins, standard napkins, and everything is perfectly fit for your theme as it is royal blue, with a golden crown above the word ‘Prince’.

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“You can place one in a separate room as a photo backdrop.”

Royal Prince Baby Shower Backdrop

royal baby showerHung on the wall as an announcement to the world of his young royal majesty, this backdrop is also in royal blue with golden framing. On the left side, a little prince is humbly bidding the guests welcome as they arrive to mingle and share the joy of the event. This looks great above a food table, a gifts table, or even just standing alone. Also, you might consider getting two, so that you can place one in a separate room as a photo backdrop so that you can save some memories to your photo album. Overall, this backdrop definitely gets your guest’s attention and helps to set the overall mood of the gathering.

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Little Prince Baby shower Party Favors

We want to make to sure that his royal highness expresses prince baby showergenerosity to the guests, young and old. These gift boxes are a great way to do that. Add some items that will fit for your guests and organize the bags on a nearby table so that each guest can claim a token of the young princes favor. Your guests will love it (after all, who doesn’t love presents?!) The set listed here comes with 12 gift bags with 12 tags so that you can either go with a ‘grab any bag’ style or personalize each and list the guests name. All in the royal blue, of course, although instead of a prince these bags depict a castle with the caption ‘A royal celebration’ written upon them.

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Royal baby shower theme invitations

little prince baby showerYour guests can come if you don’t invite them, after all. In keeping with the theme, these lovely invitation cards depict the young prince on the front and on the back they are formatted so that you may add in items like the date, time, and location by hand. They also come with envelopes as well for mailing or simply handing them out in a way that is both organized and sharp. They also make nice souvenirs for your scrapbook, so be sure to keep a couple. Each set has 20 cards and 20 envelopes.

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Royal photo props

Baby showers are wonderful events and you will want many pictures blue and gold baby showerfor you and your guests to cherish and keep. This set of ‘photo props’ comes with 20 wooden dowels as well as 20 props for making fun and musing photo memories. Crowns, a pair of glasses, and a shimmery-gold mustache are just a few examples of the items in this kit. You’ll be sure to collect a king’s ransoms worth of photos that can be shared and kept in the scrapbook for years to come.

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In closing

Baby showers are great fun and a wonderful way for parents to network and support each other as families. With a little creativity and planning you can host a party for a new parent that will be something which they will remember and cherish. Just remember to take a lot of photos of everyone having fun with the kids because those little ones grow up so fast. Until next time, Happy planning!


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