Hosting A Sports Themed Baby Shower?

sports theme baby shower
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Hey there, sports fans! Does your friend or family member have a new little sports legend on the way? How should you celebrate and get mom prepared for the times ahead? Why, a baby shower, of course! In this article we are going to give you some basic ideas on crafting your own baby shower with a sports theme so that you can build on it and knock that party planning right out of the park! We have collected a few items that will help to take out some of the theme planning and we’ll be sure to include some sports themed baby shower ideas along the way to help you get to brainstorming. If you are ready, let’s play ball!

Football, soccer, or basketball themed baby shower

We found some nice items that relate to these three sports that can sports baby showercertainly help you to get started. To begin with we will want to greet the adoring fans! Your guests have come a long way to pay homage to mom and the up and coming little one so you will want to greet them with style. This hanging banner comes with themed and letter pennants, bearing slogans such as ‘Welcome baby’ and ‘go, fight, win!’ to get everyone’s spirits up during this celebration of life. Of course you will want to commemorate these moments and we have a solution for that as well!

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Sports baby shower photos

sports themed baby shower decorations*You can’t forget photos, of course! Commemorating these moments in life is paramount and during this shower you can take photos that will be treasured for the years to come. This backdrop provides a beautiful setting for photography, showing a depiction of sports paraphernalia against a backdrop of a lovely wooden wall with the slogan ‘A new all-star is on the way’. For best results, get a few props such as a soccer ball, football, and/or a basketball if you’d like to have a little fun with it. Yes, prop photos are a little goofy, but for exactly that reason they are the ones that always bring a smile to our face when we wax nostalgic. So get a few props and a good backdrop like this one and go wild!

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Sports themed baby shower decorations

There are a number of baby shower decorations out there with a sports theme baby shower decorationssports theme, you just need to know where to look. We found these centerpiece sticks on Amazon and they are perfect for adding into marble-filled glasses or jars for the decor, simply attach them to wooden dowels and pop them in place. They also are a fine means of decorating a central candy station or cake-stop at the center of your snack table. We recommend that behind or beside your snack-bar you include an arrangement of gifts for your guests, but what can we put them in? We’re glad that you asked!

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Sports themed baby shower favors

You’ve got to take care of the fans, of course, and that means that a few favors would not be amiss. These gift bags are perfect for giving the fans a little something nice to take home. The design is blue, with stars, and sports a baseball glove with a ball in it, a football, and a basketball. So, what to put inside? Football and basketball shaped chocolates are one idea. Small sports key chains are cheap and easy to add in with the candy. You might even throw in some packets of Topps baseball cards. Just get creative and keep with your theme and you can’t go wrong!

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Sports baby shower dining

Instead of a complete table cover, why not go with these sports themesoccer theme baby shower baby shower placemats? Each one bears the ‘go, fight, win!’ slogan and they add a nice touch to your table without going overboard. When it comes to food, aside from your desserts we

” Then your guests can grab their own hot dogs and top them how they like.”

recommend going the meat and potatoes route or if you like, make a hot dog station! Hot dogs are a staple at sports events and if you make a ‘hot dog bar’ then your guests can grab their own hot dogs and top them how they like. You can even include a selection of ‘veggie dogs’ for your guests that do not eat meat. You can also include other sports-snacks such as french fries, burgers, and even corny dogs. Just think about your concession stand favorites and go with the theme when you are setting up your buffet and you can set up an experience to remember.

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Sports theme baby shower entertainment

Entertainment is always a consideration when planning a baby shower. Alot of it is going to depend on your guests. These days, baby showers aren’t always just a collection of ladies honoring the new mom, often kids are brought along and men even attend these days. If the baby shower that you are hosting is going to have a mixed company then you might consider renting a foosball table. Alternately, while it is not exactly sports themed, renting a karaoke machine is another fun option that will keep the kids (and some of the adults) entertained. Installation of a mini basketball hoop gives you the option to raffle off prizes for the best shot (just don’t install it near anything breakable!). Just be sure that your guests RSVP so that you know exactly who you will be entertaining!

In closing

There you have it, sports fans! Whether you are having a football, soccer, or basketball theme for your baby shower all you really need is a little creativity and some elbow-grease and you are good to go! Be sure to take plenty of photos and video to save for Mom and for the guests. These are moments to cherish and at every party there is sure to be a number of things that you will want to capture to keep for all time. Just follow our tips and your baby shower is sure to be a home run!

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