How Much Does A Car Seat Cost? Your Guide

car seat cost
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Right up there on the ‘needful things’ list along with a crib, baby bath, and your stroller is the need for a car seat. After all, your wee one is not big enough to use the seat belt and we’ve got to armor our little ones as best we can. A car seat is simply a must. So, what does a car seat cost and what should I look for in a car seat? In this article we will discuss car seats in regards to price and function in order to help you to get an idea how much car seats cost and what you will want to look for. So, without further ado, let’s talk car seats

So, how much is a baby car seat?

Car seat price is going to depend on a number of factors. Mostly it is going to be a matter of which brand you choose as well as what sort of features you are looking for in a car seat. We’ve compiled a few examples to give you an idea what car seats will cost you and what sort of features come with them.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel systemcar seat price

So, how much does a car seat cost? Well, this one is the cheapest on our list but certainly not cheaply made. If you average the cost between a car seat and a stroller separately you might be looking at $150-300$ buying the items seperately. In this case you can get both in one package. The Expedition jogger car seat locks into place in the stroller assembly or may be removed when you need it. It also comes with a canopy, two cup holders, and a storage space for those little odds and ends that baby needs from time to time. The whole stroller portion folds up for easy travel, so if you want what is essentially a car seat with a stroller thrown in, this might be the right car seat for you. This one retails at about $133, not too shabby for a multi-function car seat.

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Graco Extend2Fit Convertible car seat – Gotham

how much is a car seatThe Graco Extend2Fit has a 6 position incline and a 10 position headrest in order to better assure your child’s comfort. It also boasts a latch attachment system for easy buckle-in for baby and easy buckle-out. The leg rest extends as well for when your little one gets bigger, all in all this is a cars eat that you can use for a while. This model also has cupholders and it’s own storage, as with the previous model, and installation is a breeze. At around $160 retail you don’t have to be Bruce Wayne to have your very own Gotham, either (added cheesy bonus, getting to tell your child ‘Gotham needs you!’ every time you buckle them in. Priceless!).

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Graco Snugride Snuglock 35 LX

Another car seat that adjusts with your baby as they grow, the Snugride has some good features of how much does a car seat costits own. A canopy for shading baby is included and the incline has 4 positions of adjustment for safe comfort for your child on those road trips and errands. The adjust handle is a one-hand affair, ensuring that you can adjust as needed while holding baby in your remaining arm. Last but not least, it takes 3 steps to lock it in place in your vehicle. Not too shabby, Graco. This model averages at $170 retail.

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Graco 4Ever DLX 4-in-1 car seat – Fairmont

how much for a car seatThe last entry in our list is the Graco 4Ever Fairmont. This boasts the same 3 step locking as the previous model, as well as the canopy and the one hand adjust handle like the Snugride. The Fairmont includes a canopy for shading and this model has been extensively crash-tested to ensure the quality of its construction. This armored entry on our list can be buckled or latched in and while it is nice, as far as bells and whistles there is not a whole lot to state in comparison to the previous models beyond the armor-up factor (although in fairness, if you feel the previous models are not armored enough then you can always go with this model.). The most expensive on our list at around $270 retail, we recommend checking out the reviews before discounting this model. While it is pricier it has some pretty stellar reviews. .

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So what was our favorite?

We felt that the Expedition Jogger was actually a pretty great deal in that you get a stroller AND a car seat. When you do a little pricing and see how much it costs for a car seat and a stroller then you’ll get a great idea of the savings in this model. Yes, this is the least expensive on the list but it is a good product and you are here for our opinions so we wanted to be fair. Second place goes to the Gotham (and not for the Batman joke potential) for its huge amount of adjustment settings for baby’s comfort, so if you don’t care about getting a stroller to go with your car seat and simply want a super-durable, comfortable ride for baby, then this is your model.

In conclusion

So, now you have an approximate idea of how much it costs for a car seat. As we said, features of the seat are going to come into play here, so we have made sure to recommend mostly adjustable models that will grow with your child so that you don’t find yourself buying a second car seat down the line. Baby supplies can get expensive (understatement of the year) but with a little planning and some careful selection then a large part of baby’s necessities will grow with them so that you can utilize them for a long time. That’s the goal, of course. We hope that this article helps you to find that perfect car seat for baby and we wish you both happy travels!

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