How To Create A Schedule For Your 9 Month Old Like A ‘Baby Whisperer’!

9 month old schedule baby whisperer
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So, your baby is now or about to turn 9 months old. How do you prepare yourself for this wild age? If you haven’t created a schedule, it comes highly recommended. Like a ‘baby whisperer’, a schedule for your 9 month old can take some of the chaos out of your life and get your 9 month old behaving like the angel that they are. Let’s discuss the art of creating a day schedule for your child (so you can create an evening schedule for mom and dad!).

Creating a schedule for a 9 month old

If you are going to create a schedule for your 9 month old the first step is to assess their specific needs. Thankfully, these are pretty limited at this time. Your child needs some playtime. They will need a napping schedule. Your child needs to eat. So what amounts are we talking about here?

A nap schedule for a 9 month old

Let’s address the issue of napping first. Your 9 month old is going to require around 14 hours of sleep in every 24 hour period. Generally this will translate out into 2 naps a day coupled with their nighttime sleep.

Feeding schedule for a 9 month old

So, we know approximately how much sleep is required, so how much does baby need to eat every day? Well, a 9 month old should be at the point where they are eating solids 3 times a day and ingesting breastmilk (or formula) at a volume of 24-32 ounces per day. Factoring this in, we have sleep time and eating time covered, so the rest is playtime!

Playtime tips

9 month old schedule
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Yes, you can cheat and include some cartoons if you like but overall the best strategy is to load up that playpen with their favorite toys and let them go to town nearby while you get a few essential things done yourself. So, with all of the basics covered, let’s delve a little more into a sample schedule for your 9 month old baby to sleep, eat, and play.

The baby whisperer : A routine for your 9 month old

Here is a sample schedule for your 9 month old baby that you can tweak or build on. We understand that not every baby is the same but hopefully this will give you a starting point for customizing your own solution in regards to the perfect baby schedule.

Your sample schedule is as follows:

  • 7:00 Wake up time! – Time for baby to breast or bottle feed a little and spend about half an hour in the playpen before proper breakfast.
  • 8:00 Breakfast proper – Some fruits or other solid foods are called for now that baby is getting used to them. Whatever time is left after eating is good for play or cartoons.
  • 9:00 First nap – A quick 45 minute nap is in order to get ready for a long playtime ahead!
  • 9:45 Playtime! – Time for baby to wake and to get a little bit of exercise Load up the playpen with their favorites and turn them loose! You’ve got an hout and 15 minutes to get a few things done!
  • 11:00 Quick snack – Time for a liquid snack for baby before lunchtime. This can be through breastfeeding or formula, whichever your preference.
  • 12:00 Lunchtime! – Time for baby to eat again. This can be solid or liquid, depending on yours and baby’s preference. Whatever time is left goes to playtime in preparation for a nap.
  • 1:00 Nap number two! – Well-fed, baby is probably tired. Whether or not this is the case, a 45 minute nap is just what the doctor ordered. Be firm and your baby will conform to your schedule in time.

” Get a few things done that you need taken care of in this time.”

  • 1:45 Playtime number two! – For the next hour and 45 minutes your baby will have some playtime to exercise those arms and legs. Get a few things done that you need taken care of in this time and it will be productive for both of you!
  • 3:30 Liquid snack – Time for more formula or breastmilk to tide baby over for an hour before dinnertime.
  • 4:30 Dinnertime! – Be sure to include some solids. Remember, we are trying to target solids 3 times a day if possible.
  • 5:00 Last playtime – This is a great time for a stroller ride or some more time in the playpen in order to get ready for the upcoming bedtime.
  • 6:00 Bedtime stories – Whip out that storybook! While baby won’t care much about the plot right now they DO love the sound of your voice. It will calm them down and get them ready for a good night’s sleep.
  • 7:00 Last call – Time to give baby some milk to last the night so that you can both get a little bit of sleep. At this stage of development baby should not require another night feed but ultimately the decision of when to wean them off of this is yours and yours alone.
9 month old nap schedule
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In summary

Well, that about wraps things up. We’ve advised in regards to the typical specifics of a 9 month’s olds needs. Of course, mileage may vary, as every child is unique, but in general we’ve covered what is considered the dietary standards as well as the sleep requirements for most 9 month olds. Remember to be patient as you are trying out the new schedule. Your child may require more sleep, for instance, and if that is the case try to keep it to 2 naps per day but just tweak the times for other events a little. With a bit of time and patience your child will get used to the schedule that you are determining for them and it should hopefully have the effect of giving you more time as well. Just be patient and you’ll both get there!

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