How To Elevate A Crib Mattress For Congestion

how to elevate crib mattress for congestion
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Help! Baby is congested. Those little sniffles are heartbreaking and there is an easy way to provide a little relief. Laying flat is harder when you are congested so the solution, of course, is to elevate your baby’s head. So, how do you do that properly? In this article we are going to discuss how to properly elevate a crib mattress for a baby’s congestion relief. It’s easy to learn and quite useful, so without further ado, let’s get started!

The importance of proper elevation

Think about when you feel sick. Do you like laying flat, or does that make it more difficult to breathe? Proper elevation helps to not only facilitate drainage but to improve circulation with increased blood flow to the brain. This has a number of benefits for a sick child and so it’s one of the first things that we want to do when we go into ‘physician mode’.

Is it safe to incline the baby mattress?

That all depends on how you elevate the crib mattress. Creating a slight incline in the baby mattress can be accomplished a number of quick and easy ways and most safely if you know what you are doing. There are typically 3 ways to go about this.

Three ways for elevating the crib mattress for baby

The first method has been employed by mothers and fathers for ages. Simply roll up a blanket, life the head of the crib mattress up and tuck the blanket underneath it. No part of the blanket should be showing and you want the mattress still wedged in place to cover it. It is very important that the blanket is not sticking out, because this could be DANGEROUS if the blanket is exposed for pulling by your baby. The angle that we are shooting for is 15-30 degrees of incline.

The second method is much easier, simply get yourself a mattress wedge. A mattress wedge has the proper amount of incline already and may be simply slipped under the head of the mattress for a perfect inclline every time. The third means that you can adopt is simply to purchase a crib or bassinet that already provides an incline or may be adjusted to different inclined positions.

One note for safety

The American Academy of Pediatrics disagrees with the assumption that inclining your baby’s head during resting or sick periods is beneficial. We recommend that you consult your trusted pediatrician to get the final word as to whether or not this might be the best strategy for your child. If your doctor is on-board, here are some ways to assist you in creating that perfect incline.

Elevation assistance products

Did we mention a mattress wedge? We did and we have some information on one for you here, as well as some data on some other products that can help you to get the perfect inclined sleeping area every time. Products such as:.

Baby Delight Comfy Rise Deluxe Crib Wedge

elevate crib mattressBaby Delight provides a quick and easy solution in the form of this crib wedge. It’s made of polyester and folds up for convenient storage when it is not in use. To use it, simply pop it under the head of the mattress for a safe and perfect fit! They are cheap and easy to acquire so you should definitely consider getting a sleep-wedge and save the ‘blanket method’ for emergencies. Just our two cents worth.

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“Transfer your baby to when a little TLC and close monitoring is required.”

is it safe to incline baby mattressHiccapop Daydream Baby Lounger

Why fiddle with the mattress at all? This lounger has an incline in place already, ready for you to transfer your baby to when a little TLC and close monitoring is required. This plush lounger absorbs heat and keeps baby dry through its moisture-wicking cover. Kids love this for sleeping and it’s quite portable, so even when your baby is not sick you still have a groovy and portable lounger to ensure your child sleeps soundly wherever you go. Not a bad investment, all in all.

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Baby Delight Beside Me Bedside Bassinet and Sleeperincline baby mattress

Sometimes when baby is sick it just so happens that we are feeling under the weather as well. Whether this is the case or if, perchance, you just want to keep baby close, the Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer can do what you need. Designed for those parents that don’t want to relegate their child to a lonely room by themselves the first few months that they are home, the Dreamer provides comfort and easy access that you can keep next to the bed so that baby is always close. The Dreamer is adjustable, in fact, there are 6 different positions that you adjust it to height-wise to even it up with the bed, so baby is comfortable and you can ensure that it’s easy to watch over the little angel. The mattress in this case doesn’t incline, however, so you would still want a wedge with this model, as it’s chief function is going to be keeping your baby close!

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Elevating the crib mattress for your baby: Some final words

Can you safely elevate a crib mattress? Definitely if you use the steps or products which we have recommended. As we mentioned before, you will want to check with your pediatrician to see if this is the right strategy for your baby. New information is discovered daily and often what was considered bad for your baby one week turns out to be the latest health-trend the next week, so your pediatrician is generally the best way to go. Whether it is for congestion or simply for a better sleep, a crib with an inclined mattress is easy to setup and doesn’t need to be a fuss. Just roll up that blanket, get your wedge, or go with the pre-adjusted lounger option to get that perfect 15-30 degree incline. Your baby should be counting sheep (and snoring in the cutest possible fashion) in no time at all. Until next time, folks, we wish you happy parenting!

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