[Q&A] How To Get A Free Car Seat For An Infant?

Becoming a parent is a turning point for very couple, a beautiful milestone and an amazing experience. However, despite all the beauty and dreamy sides of this life changing event, there is one thing that can’t be denied, parenting is expensive. You might just not be able to afford every sing necessity for wellbeing of your tiny human, meanwhile most baby related items are quite important and can’t be over looked and let’s face it, on the contrary to popular believes, not all the parenting horror stories begin with “I stepped away for just a second…” because not all the bad things happen when we are not around and maybe that is why car seats for tiny humans are required by law in US. Obviously, this should not be the only reason for you to use car seats for you little one, since this amazing equipment have saved lives of many babies. Babies can face considerable injuries in absents of car seats for infants, even in car accidents that might not be fatal for adults. Nevertheless, considering the wide range of prices for this equipment you might not be able to afford purchasing one, and normally in this kind of situations the first answer we find for “How to get a free car seat for an infant” is “I wonder if my ten years old nephew’s car seat is still standing?  ” which, to be honest is not a good idea. There is a little known fact, baby car seats have expiration dates because, well, plastics don’t last forever and integration of the seat might just be compromised. We might know a number of ways to help you get a free car seat for your infant.


For starters you can contact WIC the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children. WIC target population are low-income families. WIC offers to provide free car seats for low-income families as well as nutrition and health education for women, infants and children. In case of not being eligible for WIC or not having access to this program there are other ways to get your tiny human a free car seat.

Safe kids worldwide organization

Safe Kids Worldwide is a global non-profit organization working to prevent childhood injury through research, community outreach, legislative advocacy and media awareness campaigns. This organization is present in all fifty states in the US. You can find one in your area or you can simply reach them over phone and ask for a free car seat for your infant. They will not only provide you with a free car seat but will also teach you how to install the seat in your car. So, just dial their number on your phone and let them know you need a car seat for your little one

Health Insurance or Medicaid

If you have insurance, then you can ask your health insurance providers for a free baby car seat depending on the state Medicaid offers. You can obtain more information by simply reading policy documents of your insurance company or just call costumer supports to get an answer straight away.

The Healthy Start Coalition

The Healthy Start Coalition leads a cooperative community effort to reduce infant mortality and improve the health of children, childbearing women and their families. You can contact them.

Ask your pediatrician

Your pediatrician’s office is always a good place to start looking for a free car seat for you baby. They might be able to direct you to local organizations and programs that can help you.

Call your sheriff deportment

Eventually if none of the options above is working for you, you can call your local sheriff deportment. Since they are the ones in some communities to give free car seats to low-income families.

After eventually finding the most suited organization or company to provide you with a free car seat for your infant, there are two things about infant car seats that are just as important as finding one. First thing to remember is to make sure the car seat you obtain fits your tiny human well. The most important part about finding the best suited car seat for you little one is the boosters and the lap and shoulder belts. Also, you must remember that installing the infant car seat properly in your car is just as important. You can seek help from professionals and technicians, this service is also typically offered for free. Eventually let’s remember that if you can afford to buy a car seat for your infant it is better to purchase one since these programs and organizations are meant to help families with a low-income.

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