Ideas For Hosting A Tea Party Themed Baby Shower?

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There’s nothing quite like a baby shower. These days, they aren’t even necessarily a ‘ladies night’ type gathering. Some men and children might attend and join in the festivities of honoring the new mother and the little angel that will be coming soon. So how do you host a baby shower that’s a little less like the rest? In this article we are going to discuss hosting a tea party baby shower. A popular theme, this gives you a chance to project an evening of elegance for the expectant mother that she and your other guests will be sure to appreciate. We’ll go over some basics to help make it easier for you and if you fill in the blanks with a little creativity and a lot of love then you’ll soon have a party worth remembering!

Tea party baby shower invitations

Well, you can’t have a party if nobody knows that you are hosting it! These invitations are just the thing. If tea party baby shower invitationsyou feel like getting creative you can customize them with stickers, add glitter, or whatever strikes your fancy. Just make sure that your guests RSVP so that you can plan entertainment and ensure that you have enough food and gifts to go around! These invitations have a pink teapot with the words ‘Come join us for a Tea party’ on the front where you can write all of the pertinent information and seal in a handy, included envelope. Let them know that you are expecting them!

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Tea Party baby shower decorations

tea party themed baby showerWith the words ‘A baby is brewing’ written across a banner and a handy little cake topper, this decoration will certainly fit the bill for your tea party. It also comes with pre-strung teacups and pastry displays to add a little more festive decor for your efforts that your guests are sure to appreciate!

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Tea Party baby shower favors

tea party themed baby showerMake sure that your tea party baby shower favors are properly displayed with these teacup boxes. You can use them as an open display for candy or little toys or use the drawstring bags that are included to house your guest goodies for easy and elegant display. Easy to assemble, this set comes with 50 pieces so you can devote some of them to display duty if you have extra!

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Tea Party themed baby shower photos

You’ve got to have photos, right? This photo prop set can help you to capture some of the innate giddiness baby shower tea party favorsof the event. Including cardstock teacups, captions such as “I came for the cake!’ or ‘A cup of tea, anyone?‘, this 25 piece set will certainly make for some amusing photos. Protip: Send some of these photos with your thank you cards for some nostalgic goodness that your guests can scrapbook. After all, these moments are the ones that we treasure through the years. Why not memorialize them?

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Tea party baby shower cupcakes

If there is a better cake to go with tea we have yet to see it. Cupcakes are portable, lovely to look upon, and sinfully delicious to eat. These cupcake toppers can make sure that they stick to theme and make for aesthetic arrangements when you obtain your cupcakes en masse. Be sure to get a few different flavors and arrange each flavor into a shape or find yourself a 3-tier display so that they get the attention that they deserve.

“Get some assorted packs of tea and make a ‘tea station’.”

Sure, the display won’t last long (cupcakes quickly find themselves on the ‘endangered baked-goods list!) but that initial impression of delicious awe that comes when guest spot the yummy fare awaiting them is well worth your time. If you’ve got ’em, flaunt ’em!

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Don’t forget the tea and sugar, of course!

If you don’t have a few favorites that you rely on, get some assorted packs of tea and make a ‘tea station’ so that your guests can select their own. Make sure that sugar cubes are accessible both there and on your tables as well as a pitcher or two of milk for those who desire it. It IS a tea party, after all.

Tea party baby shower ideas

There are always a few little extra things that you can do to make your baby shower perfect. We recommend finding an appropriate photo backdrop, for instance. If you fancy Disney, you could also turn a regular tea party into a Mad Hatter tea party with just a few adjustments. Also, give some consideration to your gifts. Will there be mostly adults at this party or lots of kids? You can always put the kids gifts separately if utilizing the set from this article (with 50 pieces you have a little leeway). This means that the adult bags can have things like bath salts, fancy teas, or whatever else you think might tickle their fancy. For the kids, candy is always a winner, or small toys. You can find inexpensive kids tea party sets if you want to keep to theme but with the kids bags generally some candy and any sort of toy is going to do the trick. Lastly, don’t forget that RSVP that we recommended earlier. It will help you to craft the proper entertainment and ensure that you are well-supplied. You don’t want your guests to find you ill-prepared when they have come all this way to honor mom and the soon-to-arrive little one. Keep your guests well-fed and entertained and the rest will all fall into place. We promise!

In closing

In this article we have discussed some ideas for hosting your own tea party baby shower for a beloved friend or family member. We hope that you will use these ideas as a basic foundation that you can build upon. Don’t be afraid to go a little wild! Hosting a party for someone really gives you a chance to show off your creativity and while you will, of course, be humble… Well, it’s nice to shine a little anyways, isn’t it? Good luck and have a spectacular baby shower!

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