I’m Confused! What Is Best When It Comes To Crib Dimensions?

crib dimensions
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Big crib, little crib… what size is a regular crib supposed to be? What do I need if I have limited space? Crib shopping is important and if you don’t have a little advice it can be incredibly confusing. In this article we will discuss crib dimensions and give you a few examples of what is out there that might fit the bill for your needs. Thankfully, there are regulating standards out there that help to ensure safety and make size definitions to ensure that your kiddos are getting a full-sized crib when that is what you paid for in the first place! We’ll go into that shortly. So, are you ready? Let’s discuss baby crib dimensions!

Standard crib dimensions

When it comes to your ‘standard’ crib size, there is a recognized set of measurements that define the U.S. standards for a full-sized crib. Standard crib dimensions for a full-sized crib state that the inside of that crib should be 28 plus 5/8 inches in width by 52 3/8 plus 5/8 inches in length. The standard mattress that is approved for these cribs measures in at 27 1/4 inches by 52 inches. This should give you a little bit to go on as far as what fits the definition of full-sized.

Safety note

The Consumer Products Safety Commission also established that the spaces in between the slats on your crib should be no more than 2 3/8 inches apart. This is so that your child cannot get their head stuck in between. This was included in a set of regulations defined in 2011 that also banned ‘drop cribs’, which are those cribs that you have seen where the front can slide down so that you can get to the baby. If you ever seen one of these for purchase, stay away from it. A number of infant mortalities resulted from these and they are NOT safe.

Standard and other sized cribs

Now that you know the standard crib dimensions, you will have a little idea of what to expect and to look for(height may vary). Still, what if you require something smaller due to space considerations or for travel needs? We’ve gathered information of 4 example cribs of various sizes to give you an idea of what is out there that might be in the neighborhood of what you are looking for.

Lotus Travel crib standard crib size

This is a crib for those who don’t require a full-sized or who already have one and would like a portable size option. This crib actually folds into a flight-approved backpack, which is a definite perk for those bringing the little one along for vacation. There is a side zipper in place that allows you easier access to your child (and it’s quiet, of course) and a soft foam mattress. We really like the backpack option, as a lot of portable options don’t have their own set container. This is all-inclusive, everything you need for a crib on the go!

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Baby Delight Beside me bassinet

crib sizeThis is another of the smaller versions which is designed for those who wish to sleep next to their baby. It is not only lightweight, but you can adjust it to 6 different positions for baby’s comfort and easy access. If this is your first baby and you can’t stand the idea of putting baby in another room away from you, then this might be the right selection for you.

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           ” That rocking function can really come in handy.”

Da Vinci Alpha Mini Rocking cribcrib dimensions height

This space-saving crib is slightly larger and comes with a nice feature. When the wheels are off you can rock baby to sleep! Made from New Zealand pine, it is attractive and that rocking function can really come in handy for when your little wakes up fussy. It comes with a small pad but you can purchase a fluffier mattress designed to fit it separately. Overall, it’s a great value and a cleverly designed crib.

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Delta Children Birkley convertible crib and changer

baby crib dimensionsThis one is a definite winner. and the largest of our listings. The Birkley comes with a convertible bed that you can adjust as your baby grows. This adds longevity to the crib, which any parent will tell you is very important. Many of the items that you can buy for your baby have a very short half-life and soon must be replaced but this crib can be used for a long time. Aside from the crib itself, there is a change station built-in for you that includes changing space (with a safety strap included) as well as 2 storage shelves and 2 storage drawers for you to keep diapers, toys, and whatever else you need quick and easy access to the most. It also is of solid wood construction, so if you have the space available and you are wanting more of a full-sized option then this might just be the right crib for you and your little one.

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The final word

Whether you need a portable, medium-sized, or a full-sized option when it comes to cribs, we hope that the information in this article will help to set you on the right path. We advise that you check out ratings and reviews when you are looking to make your purchase so that you can get the benefit of previous experience from other parents who has given these items a ‘live test’. Also, don’t assume that the most expensive option is always going to be the best. Take an inventory of the room where the crib will be installed, the materials of the crib itself, and give a thought to the convertible options. As we mentioned before, when the crib can ‘grow’ with your child it can save you some expensive extra purchases that you could have spent on new toys or starting that college fund in advance. We wish you and yours the best and hope that you and your child enjoy your the crib, whichever one that you decide on!

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