Is It Normal To Have A Watery Discharge During Pregnancy?

watery discharge pregnancy
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Among the many things that you are becoming familiar with during your pregnancy, the bathroom is going to rank fairly high on your list. It’s vexing, certainly, and sometimes it can be scary. A watery discharge during your pregnancy, for instance, is not uncommon to see although it might panic you a little. We advise that you relax for the time being and we’ll explain a little about what is occurring and whether or not it is going to be an actual cause for alarm. Let’s talk about what a water discharge means while you are pregnant and what you should do if you see one!

I’m seeing a watery discharge during my pregnancy. Should I panic?

While visiting the loo you find that there is a clear, watery discharge that you don’t recall occurring BEFORE your pregnancy. It’s only natural to be frightened at first but the odds are that this is completely normal. That said, there are a number of reasons that a clear, watery discharge might occur during your pregnancy and there are indeed scenarios when it might be unhealthy. To ensure that you can tell the difference, we’ll discuss first the normal reasons that you might be seeing this and follow up with the examples that might likely warrant a physician visit.

Standard watery discharge scenarios

watery discharge during pregnancy
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The most common cause that you are seeing a watery discharge is simply going to be urine. That’s right! All of that pressure on your uterus means that you might find yourself leaking a little. It is nothing to be embarrassed about and completely normal. It is simply one of the many things that comes with being pregnant. Some other reasons that you might experience a watery discharge are as follows:

  • Possible labor sign – If you are late in your pregnancy then this could actually be your mucus plug. This is what is referenced when someone says that their ‘water broke’. We should note that it’s not always a large amount of fluid but if you are close to your due date and a sudden water discharge is occurring then you might want to contact your significant other and brace yourself!
  • Leukorrhea – This is a clear or white watery discharge that can occur as a result of a blood flow increase to your pelvic area and from hormones. Not a cause for panic, fluids such as this are helping to keep germs from your baby and discharges such as these are not uncommon.
  • Third trimester discharge – A watery discharge during the third trimester of your pregnancy could actually be amniotic fluid. This is simply flushing out your system, carrying such bacteria, dead cells or skin, and bacteria that your body is actively defending you and baby against. Should the discharge prove to be a brown-yellow or green color then you should contact your physician immediately, as this may be a sign of complications, otherwise if it is clear or white then you should be just fine.

Watery discharge warning signs

While the previous varieties of discharge that we mentioned are fairly innocuous, there are scenarios that you will need to watch for. Cases where a watery discharge may be something more serious are:

  • Early Labor signs – A watery discharge that includes blood (or more blood than is normal if this has occurred for you previously) may indicate preterm labor. You will want to speak to your gynecologist immediately to rule this out.
  • BV/Bacterial Vaginosis – Generally accompanied with cramping, if a discharge also includes a strong odor or fishy scent then it may be indicative of a PH imbalance inside your vagina. This is quite serious and dangerous to your developing child so you will want to consult a physician right away.
  • STD/Sexually transmitted disease – A watery discharge may also b a sign of a sexually transmitted disease. While unlikely, it is best to check with your physician if you have sexually active recently before this discharge occurred. Many std’s may show little or even no symptoms until they have progressed to a dangerous level so if you are in doubt it is always better to be on the safe side.
  • Yeast infection – Yeast infections can occur just as commonly during your pregnancy as not. If you notice a discharge accompanied perhaps by a burning sensation during urination, yellow or green discoloration, itchiness, or redness then a visit to the doctor might be a good idea so that you can clear it up quickly.

If you are having a watery discharge for the first time

As a general rule, if this is the first time that you are experiencing a discharge then we highly recommend a visit to your physician. While you might worry that you are

” Your body is complex and it is going through a lot of changes.”

overreacting this is simply not the case. Your body is complex and it is going through a lot of changes right now and your doctor will be more than happy to let you know exactly what is going on. So if it’s the first, second, or third trimester and you are suddenly seeing a watery discharge then get it checked out. Odds are it’s completely normal and your doctor can give a nice checklist like we’ve provided in this article so that you will be doubly prepared for when another discharge visits. Why not be prepared?

watery discharge while pregnant
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In closing

In this article we have described the types of discharge that you may most commonly expect during your pregnancy. As you can see, many of them are quite normal and no cause for alarm. So look for any discolorations, blood, or unpleasant scents to catch any potential issues early and if these factors are not present then the odds are that you are completely fine. Just be sure not to hesitate if you have any questions and beyond this just keep on eating right, exercising, and taking those prenatal vitamins. You’re going to be a mother very soon!

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