Jeep Jogging Stroller Models That Your Baby Will LOVE!

jeep jogging stroller
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Walks are great exercise and your baby loves going out. Have you thought about investing in a stroller that is a little more heavy-duty so that you can get a little exercise while delighting your little one? In this article we are going to review a few of the Jeep jogging stroller models that can help to make baby’s afternoon walks more productive for everyone involved. If you are ready, let’s check out some of the more popular models so that you can make an informed choice if your current stroller is simply not cutting it.




J is for Jeep – Stroller models that we will be reviewing

In this article we will be focusing strictly on baby strollers produced by Jeep. We will advise you on the following models:

  • Jeep Classic Jogging Stroller
  • Jeep Deluxe Patriot
  • J is for Jeep Cross-country Sport Jogger

We’ll go into some of the features of these models to help you to decide what stroller will be the best for your baby and you as a fitness-friendly parent. Let’s get started on our Jeep stroller reviews!

Jeep baby stroller reviews : Jeep Classic Jogging Stroller

One of the more basic models, the Classic comes with a number of excellent features. This jogger is ready jeep strollerfor inclement weather, for instance, with an extendable visor that will shield your child effectively from wind, rain, snow, or even excess sunlight (with a 5UPF 50+ rating, no less). This model can also be converted into a travel system and is compatible with Graco Snugride, Evenflo embrace, and more for when you want to expand functionality. So, how is the ride? Quite smooth, actually. The Jeep Classic has a shock absorbing frame to help ensure baby is comfortable. It also has a storage basket underneath, as well as two cup holders, and a safety tether to keep the stroller close to you while you are jogging. Baby can be put inside or taken out easily due to the ‘swing away child tray’ and the seat also reclines for baby’s comfort. While it is considered just a ‘basic’ model, color us impressed!

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Jeep baby stroller reviews : Jeep Deluxe Patriot

jeep stroller reviewsA little higher up the ladder pricewise, the Jeep Patriot has some nice features of its own to boast. The air-filled rubber tires, for instance. Excellent as shock absorbers, you can tackle different types of terrain with these should you desire to take baby off the beaten path a little to enjoy some nature together. Like our previous listing, this model

” This model also includes the UPF 50+ visor for keeping out sunlight.”

will work with a number of the most popular car seats for customizing your travel system. This model also comes with a generous storage bin underneath, as well as the standard cup holders and a special space for your Smartphone. Not too shabby, eh? This model also includes a safety bar, safety tether, and a 5 point harness system to help ensure that you and baby are enjoying the evenings walk and exercise as safely as possible. This model also includes the UPF 50+ visor for keeping out sunlight, rain, snow, or wind. This model is good if you are considering a little rougher terrain every now and again.

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Jeep baby stroller reviews : J is for Jeep Cross-country Sport Jogger

The most expensive model on our list, this model is also the toughest one. Sporting a steel framework and j is for jeep strollerhigh quality fabric, this model also has a lot of safety features and comforts that you and your baby will appreciate. It’s quilted canopy includes a ‘peek a boo’ window and when it comes to storage they certainly have you covered, with covered storage, cup holders, and a detachable parent organizer to keep your things handy for when you need them. There is also a 16″ storage bin underneath (just in case you didn’t have enough space!). As with the other Jeep models, this will work with a number of different car seats should you wish to customize it a little, and this model also comes with a multi-position reclining seat to make sure that baby is always comfortable when you want to share an evening jog. If you are looking for something super durable and safe then you will definitely want to consider this stroller.

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Add-ons – Inclement Weather Shield

j is for jeep jogging strollerWhile that Jeep canopy is pretty durable, we couldn’t resist displaying this little number. If you want some weather protection that allows your baby to enjoy the rain with you then this add-on might be right for you. While it doesn’t have the UPF protection of the canopy (so use the canopy if it’s sunny!), for rain, wind, or snow this transparent shield component will give your baby a front-row view of the weather as well as heavy-duty protection. This add-on is not just compatible with Jeep, by the way, so if you like the design but you have a different stroller then check out the provided link and see if it is compatible with yours!

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Jeep all terrain stroller reviews – Our pick

While we like the durability of the Cross Country stroller we felt that the best bargain on the list would be the Jeep Patriot. With its ample storage space and shock absorbing rubber tires it gives a nice middle-ground for obtaining Jeep quality at the best price.

In closing

In this article we have compared 3 of the more popular Jeep models to advise you of their bells and whistles as well as our own personal pick as best of the bunch. The JeepĀ  Brand has an excellent track record when it comes to quality jogging strollers so whichever model you decide on you will be sure to get some good use out of. With the number of safety features inside you should be able to get a bit of jogging in with baby with confidence. Until next time, we wish you the best and happy jogging!


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