Making a Moon And Stars Themed Baby Shower?

moon and stars baby shower
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Praise the heavens, a new baby is on the way! Are you looking to plan a moon and stars baby shower for a friend or family member and need a little bit of a foundation to get started? Well, look no further! In this article we will discuss organizing a baby shower with a moon and stars theme. We’ve collected some item listings that can help as well as a few idea tips so that your baby shower will proceed as if it were ‘written in the stars’. If you are ready, let’s get started!

Moon and stars party decorations

Let’s start with a little festive decor. These crescent moon shaped balloons will add to the atmosphere of your baby shower They auto seal and they are made of high-quality aluminum foil so they have a nice, shiny look to them. You can fill them with helium to make floating masses of moons and stars or simply inflate and arrange, whichever strikes your fancy. Of course, there are other considerations, such as…

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Moon centerpieces

moon and stars baby shower theme*What to do for a centerpiece? One easy idea is that you might have a moon cake made with star cupcakes surrounding it (or even just go with the cupcakes if you like!). These moon and star cupcake toppers will add a festive decor to any cupcakes of your choosing. Try getting lots of different flavors and arranging them into a moon and star shape on your table, for instance. The effect will definitely be pleasing (and certainly delicious!).

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Moon and stars baby shower theme dining

You’re going to need to prepare your snack table and you’ll need moon and star centerpiecessomething to serve them on. That’s where this dinner set comes in. A set for 16 (get a second set if you need it!) comes with plates, napkins, cups, a table cover, and even a moon and stars cookie cutter (for those delicious cookies that will be keeping the cupcakes company!). Paper plates and cups are really the way to go, as they tend to make cleanup a snap, and these are all theme-fitting, bearing the words ‘I love you to the moon and back’ so that Mom and the child that she is expecting are sure to feel the appreciation.

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Moon and stars baby shower gifts

over the moon baby showerYou want to make sure that your guests feel appreciated and as just as it is traditional that they are bringing gifts for mom or baby it is traditional to send them home with some favors as well. These moon and star gift bags are a great way to do this. These drawstring pouches with a moon and star motif are perfect for a number of different types of treats, such as bath salts or soaps. They can accompany other gift boxes or bag if you like, filled with sweets to tickle your guests taste buds. Just use your imagination and you’ll think of a dozen different things that would fit perfectly in these. Each pack comes with 100 of them so you’ll have a great time finding various uses for them in your baby shower.

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Moon and stars baby shower: Cheating!

Now, there is always the possibility that you’d rather focus on crafting moon centerpiecesother aspects of the shower, such as entertainment, personalized invites, or other aspects, and you find yourself in a time crunch. In a case like that you can always cheat a little! This premium set contains just about everything that you need to get started and to ensure that your

“It DOES give you time to personalize more aspects of the shower…”

guests of honor at the baby shower feel ‘over the moon’ from your theme. The set is designed for 32 guests and comes with lunch plates, dessert plates, standard and beverage napkins, as well as your cups and cutlery. That’s just for the dining portions of your shower, though. It also includes banners, balloons, pom poms, and more! While it is cheating a little just to get the whole set it DOES give you time to personalize more aspects of the shower, which can be a huge bonus. So if you are thinking, ‘why trifle with the boring parts?’ then this might be the kit that you need to get started!

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Some other ideas for your shower

You will want to get a hold of some invitations and when you do, check online for some shaped glitter. Often you can find sun and moon shaped glitter which you can include inside the invitations and seal into the envelope. Also, if all of your guests are well known, why not provide a digital camera and encourage guests to use it when they like to take photos? At the end of the evening you will have enough photos for a scrapbook, in all likelihood, as well as some to mail along with thank you letters. The fun of ‘passing the camera’ is that you never know who will have it at which time and people are always taking pictures in ways that you might never have thought of. It’s a fun little to do as long as you know everyone present very well (don’t do this if you don’t, as you don’t want anyone to ruin your mood by walking away with the camera!). Beyond these quick tips, just make sure that there is plenty to eat and drink and that you’ve carefully selected the music and there is sure to be a good time had by all.

Some final words

Whether you are selecting portions of your moon and stars baby shower individually or going the kit route, we’re confident that with a bit of work and imagination you can make a baby shower well worth remembering. The celebration of the impending arrival of the first child is a longstanding tradition, one that only comes once in a lifetime. Make it an evening to treasure and don’t forget to keep your own copies of the photos that come of it. After all, it’s going to be a baby shower to remember!


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