Maxi Cosi Car Seat And Stroller Review Guide!

maxi cosi car seat and stroller With baby products the biggest problem that you have is their longevity… or lack thereof. Your baby just grows so fast, you know? It seems like you are always buying things and in a few months they become useless. That is where products like the Maxi Cosi Zelia car seat and stroller are refreshing to review.  This is a product that you won’t be throwing or giving away anytime soon and for parents, this is a rare pleasure. Let’s talk about the Maxi Cosi Zelia a bit and we’ll give you our impressions as far as what we liked and what we felt could use some improvement. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

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Strollers, car seats, how many things do you need for a baby?!

Starting or extending a family is a joy beyond compare but it is also a costly one. If you have a car, you need a car seat. If you want to take baby on a walk outside to get some fresh air, a stroller is a concern. You also have to worry how quickly it will be outgrown and if the answer is ‘very quickly’ then often times it is hard to go for the ‘deluxe models’ because you know it will be useless in almost no time! With the large number of things that you need, the answer is obviously that you must find multifunction items that can, in essence, grow with your child. This is where products such as the Maxi Cosi Zelia come into play, looking to fill important niche in a big way.

The strollermaxi cosi car seat and stroller

Let’s get right to the meat in this review and start with the overall stroller. How does it handle? What kind of features does it have? Well, as far as handling, the Maxi Cosi is a smooth push and ride for baby over pavement and even bumpier areas such as the park. You should be able to push over these everyday terrains while baby enjoys the show or sleeps soundly. The canopy can be folded out and zipped up nicely if you want to create a ‘pocket’ where baby is covered up to the point where they can only peek out, so it’s good at the basic function, expected functions of a stroller. It is also lightweight yet solid, weighing in at only 21 pounds. Many multifunctional strollers top this and so it’s nice to see that the excess weight is minimized. The stroller has a large basket that is great for taking your baby shopping with you and a single cup holder, as far as it’s additional features go. This rates as a little scant in the ‘extras’ department and we were a little disappointed in that, as most strollers are also going to have a ‘parent pocket’ and two cup holders so that you can carry a ready-snack for baby and for mommy or daddy as well.  We can only assume that they are trading style for function to some extent but perhaps this is not an issue with some of their other models. The stroller comes with three reclining positions and this is nice but it does have its caveats, which we will discuss in our ‘ease of use’ section. Lastly, the stroller’s maximum weight capacity is at 50 pounds although for the car seat it is only 5 – 30.

The Car seat

The inner portion of the Stroller may be removed to reveal the car seat. So, how does it rate? It’s actually quite nice. Lighter than you would expect, the biggest issues is getting used to it (as some feel it is a bit on the lengthy side and the fastening is U.S. style so there is some belt adjustment learning curve). It can be secured forward or rear facing, like you’d expect, and overall we couldn’t really find any fault with it. It’s a good car seat and does what you and baby need it to.

The Bassinet

Aside from the car seat and the stroller functions the Maxi Cosi Zelia also converts easily into a lie-flat bassinet. This functionality comes as no extra charge but there is not much to say about it beyond that it is easy to convert, functional, and requires no extra parts..

Ease of use

Okay, as far as ease of use there are a few things to say about this product. First, the latching system and anything else that you want to adjust is a push and click system. Push the button and you can modify the settings. It doesn’t really have a level indicator beyond a red line and so this can mean that making adjustments to the Maxi Cosi is a little bit of a learned skill. Not that it is overly difficult but we would have preferred some level markers to assist in finding the recommended settings. It also makes ensuring that the car seat is level when buckling it in a little confusing at first, so you will want to play

“Works well with the canopy for weather protection.”

with it a few times on your own just to get used to it. The bassinet function is nicely complimented with an apron that can be snapped into place and works well with the canopy for weather protection. The straps for securing baby are strong and secure but perhaps a touch on the bulky side. This could be viewed as ‘added protection’ by some but it may be a little annoying to others. Lastly, folding it up and unfolding is easy, so we can’t really complain there. Let’s summarize things from an overhead view now and you can see what you think.

maxi cosi car seat and stroller

The Verdict

Overall, we have to admit that we are a little underwhelmed. While it is nice and has some great features, other strollers such as the Graco multifunctional stroller line offer the same functions with more extras for the parents. That said, it is not a bad stroller and it is a touch more stylish than many models, so take a closer look and see what you think. Enjoy your strolls with baby!

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