My Baby Wakes Up Every Hour And I’m So Tired! What Can I Do?

baby wakes up every hour
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What can you do when your baby doesn’t sleep? Is something wrong with them? Babies can demonstrate extremely fickle sleep schedules sometimes for a number of reasons. So what are those reasons? In this article we are going to strive to answer that question so that you can understand why your baby wakes up every hour and how with a few tips and tricks that we will recommend you can get your baby to sleep properly (and get a little sleep yourself!). So, even though you are tired, please pay close attention and we’ll discuss why your newborn or toddler wakes up every hour of the night!

Why your baby wakes up every hour at night

If your baby is waking every hour for no apparent reason then you will want to do a little investigation into the matter. Are you currently weaning them from night time feedings? If so, then you have your answer. Your baby is just resisting change. If this is not the case, are there any distractions in the room? Are the curtains drawn? Can you hear the neighbors? Small distractions can easily wake up your baby as well. How many playtimes are they getting in a day? Sometimes a little more playtime can help to tire them out for when you need them to sleep longer. Sadly, it can take a lot of time to determine cause, but there are a few things that you can try now that are classic methods of helping to get baby to sleep. Before we go into this there is one really big thing to check, however.

My newborn wakes up hungry every hour

If your baby is waking up every hour AND they are hungry, rather than craving attention, then this might be a really good sign that your child is ready for a faster flow nipple. Slower flow nipples can frustrate a baby, causing unfinished bottles in many cases because baby is straining to get enough milk. So try a faster flow nipple and see if this does the trick. We recommend a ‘medium’ flow unless your baby is no longer a newborn and is older than 6 months. At 6 months and higher you can experiment with the fastest flow nipples with less likelihood of baby ‘spitting up’ due to the accelerated flow of the milk. Give it a try if you think that baby is not getting enough to eat and this may do the trick!

My newborn wakes up every hour at

newborn wakes up every hour
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night. How do I get them to sleep?

There are quite a few tricks that you can use to get your baby in the habit of fuller, longer resting periods. Try a few of these suggestions until you find which one works the best for your baby:

  • Light-proofing baby’s room – Some babies respond well to light-proofing in their rooms. With heavy drapes you can ensure that no light comes in to disturb your baby and encourage heavier slumber when it’s time for bed.
  • Baby Projector – Producing a light show for your baby filled with sea creatures, stars, or an aurora, you can capture your babies attention and lull them into sleep once they begin to associate the projector with bedtime!
  • Soothing music – Some projectors will come with music but barring this option, a simple stereo and some soothing music can also relax your baby back into dreamland. Consider a ‘white noise’ type sound machine as well. Most of these will produce nature sounds, such as flowing rivers, rains, or even forest birds to soothe your child’s way to the sandman.
  • Aromatherapy – A few drops of chamomile oil in a humidifier can calm your baby and help to relax them when they wake up fussy (and often).
  • Burp your babyBaby might be gassy and this can certainly keep them up at night. Try burping them or if they are old enough and the pediatrician approves then ‘gas drops’ might be a boon as well. They work quickly and last, so ask your pediatrician if you can try them and see what happens!

” If baby’s bedtime changes often then your baby can become confused.”

  • Keep a strict schedule – If baby’s bedtime changes often then your baby can become confused about when it’s playtime and when it is really bedtime. So find a schedule and stick to it! Sometimes the answer is a rigid routine. If you are just starting your baby on one, give them a couple of weeks to adjust and you might find that soon they are sleeping the whole night through.
  • Wean them from late night feedings – If your baby is old enough, ask your pediatrician if it is okay to begin weaning them from their late-night feedings. This can be a lengthy process so you will need your patience but when it is over you’ll both be getting much more sleep.
  • Teething rings – If your baby is old enough to be teething then a teething ring or something else nearby to chew might be just what the doctor ordered. Give this a try and see if it helps, with a bit of luck your baby will wake up, chew a little,, and go right back to sleep!

If you suspect it might be something more serious

If you are having no luck with any of the tips and tricks here and suspect something deeper might be amiss then don’t hesitate to contact your pediatrician. With their years of experience and training it is certain that they can ask a few pointed questions, run a test or two, and then tell you exactly what is going on. Take advantage of this!

baby waking every hour*
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In closing

In this article we have discussed what to do if baby is waking up constantly in the night. We hope that these tips and tricks will help you and your baby to get a good night’s sleep like you both deserve. Sweet dreams!

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