Names That Start With D For Boys?

names that start with d for boys There is a new member of the family coming and already there are so many concerns that you have to deal with. Beyond planning the nursery and stocking on supplies, you need to have a name ready. As we all know, names can shape a personality to an extent and so this is an important choice. To this effect, we have selected a few of our favorite Names That Start With D For Boys to help you to find the right one or to at least inspire you in the right direction!

Names don’t always have to be so exotic

‘D’ is a solid starting letter for many names that are popular across the planet. Yes, you can pick something more obscure, but there is a fine line that you need to dance upon. If you choose something too obscure then your child might get some derision at school, for instance. By contrast, if you choose something that is only ‘slightly’ exotic or even something which is common, yet pairs well with your surname, your child can socialize and climb that ladder of success with confidence. Choose carefully, there truly is much that resides in a well-selected name.

Names that start with D

When it comes to selecting names starting in D you have, frankly, quite a lot of choices. We’ve attempted to narrow things down a bit by selecting a few of our favorites which we hope that you will enjoy. The etymology behind the name is present so that you can appreciate the deeper meaning in order to better decide if your new family member might find a good fit in the ‘D’ name which you are considering. Without further ado, let’s get started!


Our first entry is Dante, which you might be familiar with from the classic ‘Divine Comedy’ book written in the 14th century and yet still read to this day as a classic. So, what is in this name? Well, it is a shortened version of the Latin ‘Durand’ and the Italian ‘Durante’, meaning ‘enduring’ or ‘famous bearer’. Instantly memorable, a little exotic and yet not TOO exotic, Dante is an excellent choice for a son’s name.  Some notable Dantes include the following:

  • Dante Alligheri – (Italian author of ‘The Divine Comedy’)
  • Dante Rivera – (American MMA/Mixed martial arts fighter)
  • Dante DeCaro – (Canadian songwriter and musician)


Dylannames that start with d for boys

Our second entry has Welsh origins and an interesting meaning to go with the name. Dylan means ‘Son of the Sea’ and goes back to Welsh mythology, though it’s literal components ‘dy’ (great) and ‘llynw’ (flow or tide) actually translate out to what essentially amounts to ‘great flow’. Through either translation, it is an excellent name with a deep meaning behind it and it was popularized in the latter half of the 20th century. Some famous bearers of this name come from around the world, including the following notables:

  • Bob Dylan – (American singer and songwriter)
  • Dylan Thomas – (Welsh poet)
  • Dylan Wang (Chinese Actor)



If you would like a powerful name with some Old English and Viking roots then Drake might just be a good fit for your new son. Arising from the Old English ‘Draca and the Old Norse ‘Draki’, Drake means ‘Dragon’ or ‘serpent/snake’. Now, that said, we should also point out that the word is also the same for a male duck, though the etymology is unrelated (English just has a way of doing that sort of thing, as we all know). Drake was also a nickname in England for anyone who was especially fierce in battle, though this was just a little before the 7th century. If you are looking for a Viking type name that isn’t hard to pronounce and conveys strength then this is definitely one to consider. Some famous Drakes of note include:

  • Drake White – (American singer/Country music)
  • Sir Francis Drake – (English sailor and defeator of the Spanish Armada. Also the first Englishman to circumnavigate the planet)
  • Drake Doremus – (American director and screenwriter)



Our fourth entry may bring to mind the horror movie ‘The Omen’, but despite its sinister appropriation in that instance there is a bit more to this name. ‘Damien’  is the French form of ‘Damian’, which actually means ‘to tame’. It has a rich history, with the name even shared by ‘Saint Damian’, who with ‘Saint Cosmo’ is one of the two patron saints of physicians and other healers. It’s actual root is Greek, from the

“One of the two patron saints of physicians and other healers…”

word ‘Daman’, and this is where it draws it’s ‘to tame/subdue’ meaning, but various forms of Damien are used around the world. If you are looking for a strong name and don’t mind the occasional horror movie reference then Damien might be a good choice for your little one. Some famous Damiens include:

  • Damien Hurst – (British artist)
  • Damien Cook – (Australian Rugby player)
  • Damien Sin – (Singaporean writer)


If you are looking for a strong name that is a bit more commonly accepted and even has connotations of faith then David might be a good choice of name for your child. With a meaning of ‘uncle’ or ‘beloved’, David is a famous name in the Bible and became quite popular as early as the Middle ages. As time progressed it has become one of the most popular names in the world, ranking in the top 30 in the United States alone, but in use around the world. Yes, it is a bit more commonly used, but it does give this name a cosmopolitan quality and it goes especially well with an uncommon surname. Some famous Davids of note include the following:

  • David Letterman – (American comedian)
  • David Bowie – (British singer/Rock)
  • David Hume – (Scottish philosopher)

names that start with d for boys

In closing

We hope that this list will help you to get started and to make an informed decision in selecting your new family member’s name. Whatever name you decide on, we wish you and your new family member the very best!