Names That Start With P For Boys?

names that start with p for boys

So, expecting a new member of the family? We’d like to take this moment to congratulate you! A new life is indeed a huge responsibility but it is an even bigger blessing. An important part of this is, of course, finding the right name. How do you select something that fits the mental silhouette of the figure in your mind and their future achievements? In this article we are going to endeavor to help to make your selection process just a little bit easier. We’ve collected some names that start with P for boys in an effort to help you find the right one right away or at least get those creative juices flowing. Let’s see if t helps!

Don’t panic, you’re going to find the perfect name!

Some people say that we don’t so much as choose the name for our children, but rather that we find it or it finds us. Rather like a woodcarver chipping away at a piece of driftwood, with time and effort shapes begin to reveal themselves which the skillful carver brings to the surface. With that in mind we counsel patience. You’ll review these names which we have found for you and likely dozens more, but take to heart the meanings and consider which ones ‘roll off the tongue’ the easiest and the list will whittle itself down over time. The right name is just within your grasp and it will, of course, prove to be the perfect one. All things come with patience!

Our favorite boy names starting with P

Without further ado here is our list of favorite names starting with the letter ‘P’. We hope that you’ll find in its ranks the name that is on the tip of your tongue but has until now eluded you. Barring that, perhaps a little inspiration is in the works that will get you where you need to go in your mindset to find the name that helps erect the framework which you hope will child will grow into. That said, here are our favorite ‘P’ name selections!

Porternames that start with p for boys

Our first entry has been a popular English surname and given name for a very long time. The meaning behind the name Porter harkens back to the old French ‘portiere’ meaning ‘gatekeeper’ or ‘keeper of the door’. Alternately, some argue that it comes from  ‘porteur’, meaning ‘to carry’. An uncommon name, Porter is a solid choice that has a ring of responsibility and strength to it so this is a good name to consider for your child. Some famous Porters of note include the following:

  • Porter Gustin – (American Football player)
  • Porter Wagoner – (American Country music vocalist)
  • Porter Rockwell – (American gunfighter and U.S. Marshal)


Our next entry is Pax which is both a succinct name and quite meaningful. It is also unisex, as you will understand shortly as we explain the meaning. In Latin, Pax means ‘peaceful’ and is considered a boy’s name, but in Roman mythology Pax was also the name of the goddess of peace (named Irene in Greek mythology). As it is a unisex name this is a great choice to consider for those who would like something meaningful but do not yet know the gender of their child. Some famous Paxs include:

  • Pax Jolie-Pitt – (child of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie)


Our most exotic entry this is also a very meaningful name option which you might consider if you feel like thinking outside of the box. In mythology, the Phoenix was a bird which, at the end of its life would be consumed by fire and emerge anew from the ashes. From an etymological standpoint, the Greek word ‘phoinix’ is its root and actually means ‘dark red’. Its use as a given name is fairly recent and so while we do not have some famous listings with Phoenix as a given name we do have some surname examples:

  • Joaquin Phoenix – (American actor and singer)
  • Naomi Phoenix – (English songwriter and vocalist)
  • Tanit Phoenix – (South African actress and supermodel)


A classic but powerful name, it’s roots lie in the Latin ‘Paulus’ which means ‘humble’ or ‘small’. It is a popular selection for both its faithful connotations as associated with the famous Biblical apostle and for

“The name means ‘small’ or ‘humble’”

its familiarity. Paul falls squarely in the category of names which are strong and yet underused, so it’s one of those names that won’t get in the way of your son’s success. Though the name means ‘small’ or ‘humble’, Biblical scholars know that Paul was a powerful character and it’s a tradition which continues to this day. Some famous Pauls of note include:

  • Paul Cezanne – (French painter)
  • Paul McCartney – (English singer from ‘the Beatles’)
  • Paul Revere – (American silversmith and patriot)

names that start with p for boys


Perry is another good name which we’ve found that is actually derived from a location. In old English, the word ‘pirige’ meant ‘near the pear tree’, and as such this is a name that is handsome and yet not too mired in various conflicting meanings. It’s use as a surname dates back a very long time and usage is recorded as early as the year 1198, but it’s use as a given name would come much later. If you are looking for a strong name that is masculine without overdoing it then Perry might be a good selection for your son. Some famous Perrys of note include in their ranks:

  • Perry Como – (American television personality and singer)
  • Perry Blake – (Irish songwriter and singer)
  • Perry Christie – (Bahaman Prime Minister)

In Closing

In today’s article we have discussed our favorite names for a boy which begin with the letter ‘P’.  We hope that the names which we have selected have either been filed away as potential good fits or have at least served to inspire. Remember, a name is like a framework which your child will grow into so select it carefully and you’ll at least know that they will always make a good first impression!