Names That Start With S For Boys

names that start with s for boys When it comes to selecting a name for your little one it is a heavy decision. Picking a name that starts with the letter ‘S’ is a good choice, as there are many popular names out there which won’t fall into the ‘too common’ category. After all, you don’t want to give your child a name that 3 or 4 other kids in all their classes are going to have, do you? In today’s article we are going to give you some great examples of names that start with s for boys so that you can get an idea if any of them might be a good fit for the type of man that you envision that your little one will grow up to be. Without further ado, let’s get started!

So, what’s in a name?

What is in a name? Why, everything! A name help to shape a growing child’s personality and attitude and also broadcasts the qualities associated with that name whenever it is spoken. Your child will also be curious at some point and will discover famous holders of their name as well, perhaps to be inspired. So, how do you go about selecting something that is uncommon but not TOO uncommon? We’ve got a few examples to get you started!

Great names that start with ‘S’

Now that we’ve discussed a little about the power of the name, let’s go into some excellent choices that begin with the letter ‘S’. We’ve narrowed down a few which we think that you might like and we’ll provide you with as much information as we can to help you to decide if one of them might be the right name for your new son. Without further ado, let’s get started!


Our first selection is of Biblical origin but if you don’t favor religion yet like the name then you should feel free to use it anyways. The story behind the name relates to the Old Testament, which states that Seth was the third son of Adam and Eve. You can find the reference in Genesis 4:25. Scholars debate over its meaning but it tends to narrow down to translations such as ‘to make’ or ‘to set in place. It is believed to be derived from the Hebrew noun ‘shath’, meaning ‘foundation’ and Seth was also considered ‘the father of mankind’ as he was from Noah’s line when all others had perished from the flood. The word ‘sheth’ also links to a verb, ‘Sha’ah’, which can mean ‘an action which leads to destruction’, so the meanings are a bit across the board. Further supporting the destructive interpretation, ‘Seth’ was the Greek spelling of ‘Set’, an Egyptian deity who was a god of the desert and of storms therein. Famous Seths include the following:

  • Seth McFarlane (American TV producer)
  • Seth Rogen (Canadian actor)
  • Seth Holt (British director)

Stefannames that start with s for boys

Our next entry and traces its roots back through the Latin ‘Stephanus’ and the Greek ‘Stephanos’. Meaning ‘a Garland’ or ‘a Crown’, this name has some religious connotations through ‘Saint Stephen’ (the first martyr), this name is not necessarily strictly tied to religion. All of the Serbian monarchs from 1166 to 1371 were named Stefan and the name was even popular for fictional royalty, such as King Stefan from Sleeping Beauty. Some famous notable Stefans include:

  • Stefan Edberg (Swedish Tennis professional)
  • Stefan Noesen (Hockey player from the New Jersey Devils)
  • Stefan Zweig (Austrian writer)



Our third entry is Samuel, which has been a popular name since the Protestant reformation. The name is said to translate out one or two different ways, with some interpreting ‘shem’ and ‘el’ as combining for ‘name of God’ while others state that it comes from ‘shama’’ and ‘el’ meaning essentially ‘to hear the word of God’. Not strictly reserved for the religious, it’s likely that you have met a Sam or a Sammy sometime in your life and if not, there are definitely some that you have heard of. For instance:

  • Samuel Clemens (or as you might know him, author Mark Twain)
  • Samuel L. Jackson (American actor)
  • Samuel Beckett (Irish writer)


If you are looking for a great name that doesn’t have any religious connotations at all then Sawyer might be a great fit for you and your kiddo. Hailing from the Middle Ages, the name comes from ‘sawer’ which is another way of saying ‘woodcutter’. In the way that names do, as it caught on it started as a surname

“the ‘yer’ sound at the end is the result of French influence”

but nowadays it is becoming more popular as a first name (and it is unisex as well!). The ‘yer’ sound at the end is the result of French influence (think words like lawyer and clothier, for instance). Overall, it’s solid in meaning and yet easy on the ears, so consider Sawyer when it comes to naming time. Some famous Sawyers include:

  • Sawyer Sweeten (American Actor)
  • Sawyer (fictional character from TV series ‘Lost’)
  • Sawyer Spielberg (son of Kate Capshaw and Stephen Spielberg)


Our final entry in this list of ‘S’ names is Silas. With Latin roots (it comes from the word Silvanus, the name of the Roman God of the Forests), and Silas is reputed to mean ‘man of the forest’. There is an alternate view that the name is actually from the Aramaic ‘sh’ila’, meaning ‘asked for’, but from either origin or meaning Silas is a powerful name and not so common that you will need to worry. Some notables by the name of Silas are as follows:

  • Saint Silas – (early Christian missionary who accompanied Paul on many journeys.)
  • Silas Weir Mitchell (American actor)
  • Silas House (American author)

names that start with s for boys

In closing

In today’s article we have discussed names for boys that begin with the letter ‘s’. We hope that we’ve given you some ideas or at least a firm foundation in where to start in this important decision. Until next time, we wish you and your upcoming little one the best!