Oklahoma: Sperm Banks and The Artificial Insemination Process

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There are many reasons why artificial insemination might be required. Perhaps there are hereditary conditions that one is afraid to pass along to a child. Maybe a couple would like a baby but do not have an appropriate donor to fertilize the egg. A loved one may have passed on but left the means to pass on their genetic material. Whatever the reason, medical science has the answer. So, what actually goes into the process? If this is something that you are interested in reading more about then you are in the right place! In this article we will discuss sperm banks and artificial insemination, as well as finding locations for this in your region, using Oklahoma clinics as an example.

 What is involved in Interuterine insemination?

We’re glad that you asked! A type of artificial insemination, this process involves the placement of sperm within the uterus by the means of a catheter. While there are other types of artificial insemination (such as Intracervical insemination), interuterine insemination is highly effective and generally the method recommended by most doctors.

Are there any dangers associated with interuterine insemination?

Actually the process is quite safe. It requires no medications and complications are very rare. Within the first 24 hours there could be cramping or ‘spotting’, however, if this complication DOES arise it should pass within that 24 hour period. Infection can occur but it is very uncommon.

What if I do not have a partner as a donor?

That’s not a problem at all! Donor sperm inseminations are performed much the same as the standard interuterine insemination, with the exception being that thawed sperm from a donor is utilized within the catheter instead of a partners. This process is most common among single women who wish to be a parent but it is not uncommon with couples as well in situations where conception might be otherwise difficult.

How do I locate sperm donor banks in Oklahoma?

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This is quite easy. A simple Google search is recommended employing targeted keywords. To get the best results, use quotation marks.


“sperm banks” “oklahoma”


“sperm banks” “okc”

The quotation marks allow for a very specific search, If you searched simply for ‘sperm banks oklahoma’ without the addition of quotation marks, you would still get results, but adding the quotation marks means that your results from the search will ONLY include results that have both ‘sperm banks’ and ‘oklahoma’ contained within the page that the links are leading to.

Similarly, if you wish to find clinics providing artificial insemination you could search for the following:

“artificial insemination” “oklahoma”

“artificial insemination” “oklahoma city”

Try this with any word combination that you like and see what it does. We think you will be pleased with the results.

 I wish to become a donor. What are sperm donor requirements in Oklahoma?

Requirements are going to vary depending on the clinics but generally there is going to be items such as the following:

  • Generally a minimum height
  • You must have graduated college or currently be attending one
  • Excellent health is a must
  • You will need to legally able to work in the U.S.
  • Generally there are age requirements, such as being between 19 and 38 years of age.

These are just examples, however, and may vary from clinic to clinic.

” The process may vary from clinic to clinic but the goal is the same.”

What is the process for obtaining samples?

If the requirements are met, generally a screening process will follow which includes various health tests, genetic screening, obtaining family history (to avoid the possibility of hereditary conditions, for instance) and more. The process may vary from clinic to clinic but the goal is the same. By gathering data and ensuring the process is safe through health screenings it helps to create a profile for eligible donor samples to be matched with potential recipients. Once this screening process is completed then a sample is provided to the clinic during a visit to be frozen until the sample is needed, at which point it is thawed out for donor sperm insemination.

Do sperm donors have any parental rights or liability for child support?

This is something that will vary from state to state. Usually when someone becomes a donor they are legally signing away their parental rights and may or may not be paid for the sample, depending on local laws and regulations. It is highly unlikely this could include parental rights contestation or the possibility of being sought out for child support but you should consult your local laws if this is a worry. Generally the process is focused on anonymity for the donor as well as the recipients Your local sperm bank can likely tell you the local laws during your donor screening process if these possibilities are a concern for you.

How do I find sperm donor banks or fertility clinics in places other than Oklahoma?

Local fertility clinics and sperm banks are very easy to find. Simnply employ the Google search techniques which we have described earlier in this article. For another example:

“interuterine insemination” “Dallas” “Texas”

Using these words with the quotation marks should provide you with results that ONLY include the phrase ‘interuterine insemination’ in that exact order and also include both ‘Dallas’ and ‘Texas’ in the results. This helps to narrow a search down greatly and may be done for any city in any country. You can get the information that you require, quite reliably, within seconds. Don’t you just love the internet?

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Some final words

In this article we have provided you with information regarding artificial insemination with a little more detail so that you may understand primary part of the process. If you are considering this as a means for conceiving a child then we hope that this information will help to ease fears or misconceptions about this wonderful process. It is painless, simple, and can help you achieve that family that you are dreaming of. Consult with a clinic near you for further information and we wish you only the best!

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