Our Favorite Extra Wide Baby Gate Pressure Mounted Selections!

extra wide baby gate pressure mounted Everyone has advice on finding a new crib or stroller, but what about gates? When your baby becomes mobile, when you watch those first steps, your first thought is ‘oh my god, my baby is walking!’, followed soon by ‘oh crap, my baby is walking EVERYWHERE!’. This, of course, is followed with a mad panic to seal off the bad areas, cover the plugs, and baby-proof your house in other ways. So, how do you know if the gate that you select is up to the task? In this article we are going to discuss our favorite extra wide baby gate, the pressure mounted selections (because hey, some of us live in an apartment or don’t want to damage the walls with installations!). We’ll let you know the ones we liked and what we liked about them so you can make an informed choice about baby barriers. Let’s get started!

Finding the right gate

Finding the right gate is paramount. You need something that is going to have an extra-wide opening for when you need to carry baby through it and something that locks securely, because if a gate can be knocked over then it is not a safety feature but a DANGER to baby’s safety. To that effect, we’ve collected some of the best that are available at a varying price range so you can select the perfect mix of function, efficiency, and form. Let’s take a look at our favorites and we’ll see what you think!

Safety 1st Eco-Friendly Nature Next Bamboo Gateextra wide baby gate pressure mounted

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Our first entry is imported and has the grace of being simple and green. This Safety First Eco-friendly gate is made of durable bamboo and recycled plastic panels. It expands in a range of 28 to 42 inches and it is 2 feet high, providing the range of coverage vertically and horizontally that you need.  They have also included bumpers so that you don’t have to worry about scratching the walls or furniture where it is installed and the actual installation is also a breeze. You can set it up in minutes and then after that it is a matter of a few seconds to effectively secure an area.  Great for stairs, hallways, and doorways, if you like the simplicity of bamboo and enjoying ‘keeping it green’ then this inexpensive model might be a good fit for you!


Safety 1st Décor Easy Install Tall & Wide Baby Gate

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extra wide baby gate pressure mounted Our second entry is also from Safety 1st and it’s a nice looking, durable gate. This gate can cover widths of 29 to 47 inches and it stands at 36 inches/3 feet tall, so it’s got the dimensions that you need. Certified to ASTM standards, this gate even comes with a 1 year warranty and with baby supplies that’s certainly a breath of fresh air. That’s not all, however, this gate comes with a pressure meter so that you know that when you put it into place it is truly snug and secure or that it needs to be adjusted to reach that state. It’s a nice little touch and we appreciate it. This gate does come with a door that can easily be opened with one hand by you (but not baby, of course), so if you want a dependable gate that looks good and does what it is supposed to then this Safety 1st might be the perfect fit for you.

Regalo Easy Step 38.5-Inch Extra Wide Walk Thru Baby Gate

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Our 3rd entry is the Regalo Easy step and this one is adjustable to two ranges, those being 29 to 34 inches and 35 – 38.5 inches wide and stands in at 30 inches tall. The pressure mounting system is accomplished with spindle rods and it has a 6” extension kit that comes with the gate, free of charge. This gate is a good fit for children of 6 to 24 months old and further extensions may be purchased as needed. So, how durable is it? Well, with an all-steel construction and multiple lock features to keep

“This product has earned ASTM and JPMA certification for safety standards”

your baby secure, this product has earned ASTM and JPMA certification for safety standards. So if you want something that is safe, durable, and upgradeable so that you can use it just about anywhere in the house then consider the Regalo, they’ve got you covered!

Summer Decorative Wood & Metal 5 Foot Pressure Mounted Baby Gate

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Our final entry is this beautiful Summer Decorative baby gate and it’s both stylish and good at its job.  Designed to fit openings ranging from 35 – 60 inches wide, it stands at 32 inches tall and the gate can be opened to swing out from either side… a nice touch. The mechanism for opening the gate is, of course, one-handed, so that you can use it conveniently while holding your baby. It is also a wide opening so that you don’t have to shimmy through it, another important function in a gate. Like some of our other entries, this gate is expandable and the expansions fit as snugly as the overall door, so you won’t have to worry that you will be sacrificing stability when you are expanding its function.  If you like the look of it and your surrounding décor supports it, you can even get this with a bronze door and this helps immensely for making your baby gate look like a natural extension of your selected house décor. The standard gate, however, is an oak and slate finish, so even if you don’t go with the bronze then this is still the best looking option of the bunch!

In Closing

In this article we have discussed our favorite options for keeping your little one from walking where they are not supposed to. Whether you go with the bamboo or the bronze, you can rest assured knowing that your gate has got form and function covered and your baby will be kept safe. We sih you and yours the best!