Pack and Play Vs. Bassinet : Do I Really Need A Pack And Play?

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A new life is a blessing, but it can be an expensive one, unfortunately. There are lots of things that your baby needs and with the incredible amount of products out there trying to get your attention, it can seem impossible to choose. So is a Pack and Play really better than a bassinet? Why isn’t just getting a bassinet for the baby to sleep in enough?

Comparing a Pack and Play with a bassinet

Yes, your baby can sleep in a bassinet. What is more, they are 100% safe and have been used in one form or fashion for babies for ages. While they serve great for this purpose, babies can grow FAST. There are always new things that you need to buy and this is where the Pack and Play comes in. So what is a Pack and Play?

Multi-function baby furniture

The reason that you really can’t compare a bassinet vs. a Pack and Play is that they are designed for different . A Pack and Play is designed can sleep a child, yes, so there is no ‘vs.’ there when compared to a bassinet. The ‘vs.’ portion really comes in when you go beyond the function of sleeping that you get with both and compare the additional features that come with the Pack and Play. You see, a Pack and Play is designed so that it not only performs multiple functions, but so that those functions will be useful as the child GROWS.

So, what sort of functions does a Pack and Play have?

We’re glad that you’ve asked! We’ve taken a sampling of 4Pack and Play models to give you some examples of what they have to offer so that you can see how multi-function furniture might prove useful to you (and save you money as well!). The models are as follows:

Pack and Play Change and Carry Playard- Ripleypack and play with bassinet

The Ripley is one of the simpler Pack and Play models, but quite useful. Functioning as a changing station, some of the configuration may be modified to make changing the baby easier. There is a built-in bassinet for baby to sleep in as well, while the Pack and Play also offers storage pockets for pads and more. The changing pad is removable and folds into a convenient pouch for travelling and using when needed. It is also easy to clean with soap and water due to the Pack and Plays wipe-clean fabrics(and easy cleanup is certainly important with the little ones!) Overall, not too shabby. This model generally runs about 90$ through most retailers.

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Pack and Play Reversible Napper and Changer Playard – Basin

bassinet vs pack n playThis model sports some useful features as well. Only slightly higher in price at around $100 retail, this one also acts as a napper and a changing table. It also has the easy clean features and may be modified as your child grows. The playard space is about 35 inches high so that you don’t have to worry about the child climbing out. Best of all, you can use this for newborns, infants, and toddlers. That is likely the best part, as so many items that you will buy for your children are only good for one stage of development and this can make it pricey when they quickly grow out of it. Multi-stage multi-function furniture is simply a great idea and we wish there was simply more of it!

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” The removable seat allows you to bring the baby with you around the house.”

Pack and Play Newborn Napper DLX Playard – Manorpack n play vs bassinet

This model has a lot of nice features. Micro-fleece fabric, for instance, so that your baby feels the soft and fluffy comfort conducive to happy napping. This is another transition model, so it will be good for newborn, to infant, to toddler, so you won’t be storing or giving it away anytime soon. This model also includes a canopy to shade your child, which is another nice addition, as well as built-in shelving for bedding, pajamas, or whatever else you feel might be most useful. The changing table is rated for 30 pounds so it’s solid and good for your needs, overall we find this a great value at around $150 retail.

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Pack and Play Playard with Cuddle Cove Removable Seat – Glacier

bassinet vs pack and playThe last model on our list is also the highest priced, weighing in at around $190 retail. Is it worth it? Well,, the features are pretty sweet. The removable seat allows you to bring the baby with you around the house as-needed and it has a larger, extended changing station so that you can change those diapers with ease. The Playard and the bassinet include shelving live in the previous model for useful storage options but that is not the best part. This one comes with a secret-weapon for baby soothing in the form of vibration. That’s right, both the removable chair and the bassinet vibrate, to soothe your baby into a peaceful slumber. If your child loves it you’ll be happy to know that this model also transitions from newborn, to infant, to toddler so that they can be calmed and happy with this Pack and Play for a long time!

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Some final words

As you can see, when it comes to Pack and Play or choosing a simple bassinet, it’s rather an unfair comparison. The Pack and Play has it’s own built-in bassinet so what you are really getting is extra tools in your arsenal that are designed to grow with your child. Considering the plethora of options out there that your child can quickly grow out of, it is definitely worth considering multi stage multi-function furniture so that you can save a little money while getting a host of extra, useful features. That said, we encourage you to read the reviews for these products if you are considering them. We can tell you all we like about the bells and whistles but the best endorsements are going to be from those parents who already own one. After all, Father and Mother know best!

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