[Q&A] How To Attach Car Seat To A Shopping Cart?

Going for a shopping trip to get the things you need for the house is unavoidable whether you feel like it or not either way you will get to a point where you don’t have food stuffs in the house and you have to go shop. As a parent you know that you go through things in the house quite fast especially with an infant, things like diapers may not last that long. I am sure there are places you’ve been to that you have had to carry your infant in her car seat well, you can also use this same car seat while shopping to make work easier. You might be wondering how to attach a car seat to a shopping cart, below are a few proven ways to use it and alternative suggestions and safety measures.

Ways to use your car seat when shopping

  1. In many stores you may find shopping carts that have car seat adapters or safe docks. This is the best place to fasten your car seat and carry your baby around as you shop. It is perfectly safe to use just like the seatbelts installed in shopping carts these safe docks are designed to hold your infant carrier for an easier experience while shopping. Make sure to securely buckle it in to avoid it from falling in case of a tip over.
  2. Putting the car seat inside the cart. This can be best for those times when you don’t have a lot of shopping to carry around because the car seat may take up some space. Alternatively if you have a lot of shopping to do, you should consider wearing your baby in a baby carrier and stroll around together shopping.

What not to do with your car seat when shopping

  1. Whether the car seat comes with a warning sign or not do not balance your car seat on the shopping cart. Putting the car seat on top of the shopping cart and hoping that it won’t fall off is a very risky move because if the cart does tip over it will lead to your child falling off and sustaining major injuries. You should always remember that your child’s safety comes first.
  2. Do not forcefully fit the car seat in the front of the cart/child’s seat. If the car seat doesn’t fit and you manage to force it inside you risk damaging that car seat and may not function as effectively or hold as tightly as it should once it is back in the car.
  3. Do not leave the cart unattended to avoid any kind of accidents.

Alternatives to using your car seat while shopping

If the store you go to shop to does not have carts with safe docks then it is best to find another way to carry baby around. You should perhaps consider wearing your baby in a baby carrier or using a baby stroller alongside your shopping cart but if your stroller has got an under carriage and you are only doing some light shopping you ma definitely use that to carry your items.

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