[Q&A] How To Carry A Car Seat Through The Airport?

Getting to spend time with your family and travelling with your kids is quite an exciting experience but then as a parent you know that you will have a lot of luggage to carry along with you. Most parents never plan to rent car seats once they get to their destination they would rather travel with a car seat of their own. Due to this a lot of people are left wondering how to carry a car seat through the airport considering you also have other bags.

Checking your car seat once you get to the check in would be easier but then there is high likelihood for it to get damaged or lost you’d rather haul it around the airport and get check it or take it to the airplane.

Here are 7 ways to carry your car seat through the airport

  1. Use the handles a luggage stroller

If you are travelling with your infant car seat you may easily hang it at the ends of the handles of the stroller, same goes for a convertible car seat just lengthen the straps and loop them over the handles and keep the car seat facing the stroller.

  1. Use a stroller or stroller frame

It is best to get a stroller for your car seat especially if your baby still fits in her infant car seat. This will make it easier to move around the airport and once you are at the gate you can just check it in and get the necessary tags.

  1. Use a protective car seat travel bag with wheels

There are two ways you can use this travel bag, either carry it as a back pack since most of them come with wearable straps or just wheel it all the way to the gate.

 Use car seat transporter

There are a few brands which make trolleys specifically for carrying your car seat around be it an infant car seat or a convertible car seat. With this you are able to wheel the car seat and also the baby seated on it all the way to the gate.

  1. Carry the car seat on your back

This is most definitely not the best way but it is the most inexpensive because you will just be using the straps that come with the car seat and hang the car seat on one of your shoulders. However, this may be quite uncomfortable and also very tedious especially if you have other bags to carry with you.

  1. Sit ‘n’ stroll car seat

This is a very convenient car seat that is made in such a way that it converts into a car seat that you can stroll. This is suitable for those people who know travelling is a way of life and they do it quite often. This particular one would save you a lot of hassles as you travel.

  1. Attach the car seat to rolling luggage

The car seat has got latch straps that you can use to strap around your suitcase using either one or two O-rings depending on how big your suitcase is. Also tether a large strap from the car seat to the suitcase and make sure it is made very tight. You are able to carry your baby on the car seat to but make sure it is securely attached to the suitcase to avoid any accidents.

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