[Q&A] How To Clean Stroller Fabric?

Going for walks with you young one is such a nice way to spend your time. Using a stroller ensures they are safe the whole time you will be out together. However, strollers are prone to getting dirty and need some cleaning every once in a while. The main concern that many people have is how to clean the stroller fabric well, it is very possible to do it on your free time.

Ways of cleaning your stroller

  1. Deep cleaning.

Takeoff all the stroller fabric and take a tooth brush and start cleaning in between the crevices to get any dirt that may have accumulated that you may have otherwise neglected.

  1. Using a vacuum cleaner.

Carefully read your instructions manual on how to remove the fabric from the frame then get rid of all the loose dirt. Make sure to remove all the accessories and toys that may have been in your stroller. Run the vacuum to all the parts you can reach and make sure it is clean.

  1. Use a dish soap or a mild hand wash to spot clean your stroller. Use a damp cloth and some soap to scrub at the specific areas that you see any stains on your stroller. Rinse the cloth in water and dub the place you just scrubbed then leave it to dry. This is best done in between washes where you notice a certain stain that cannot be assumed and you need to clean it immediately.
  2. Clean the frame by disinfecting it then scrub away any loose debris that may be on it. Use a baby safe all purpose cleaner and wipe down each part of the stroller with a soft towel.
  3. Remove the wheels and gently scrub with a little brush to remove all the particles and sand on it. Clean the wheel with a gentle disinfectant making sure to clean in between the rims to.

Maintenance tips

  • Don’t wait too long between washes. It is best to keep track of the days you wash the stroller and decide for how long you should wait before the next wash. Once that is done schedule in the next date you will be washing it
  • Don’t use a washing machine to clean your stroller fabric. It might seem like the fastest way out of washing the stroller but it may have its consequences. The fabric may shrink and returning it back on the stroller frame won’t be possible.
  • Avoid use of abrasive cleaners. No matter how stained the frame may be using abrasive cleaners may lead to corrosion and it will be very unpleasant since it won’t last in a good condition for long.
  • Dust and remove any particles that may accumulate during your walks and remove any stains to keep the stroller looking better for a while before wash day.
  • When you fold it up for storage make sure that you keep it in a nice and secure place where it will not gather too much dust.

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