[Q&A] How To Hack Baby Monitor Signal?

Hacking of baby monitors has been a real thing for a while and many people wonder why should you even bother well, the reasons may vary but either way you wouldn’t want to have a camera that can be hacked in your house. As a parent when this reality dawns on you it becomes important for you to know how to hack your baby monitor signal to see whether it is that easy to be hacked and if so what you should do.

Ways you can hack you baby monitoring signal

  1. Using radio transmissions

Identify the transmission and capture them with software defined radio and demodulate the signal then you can tune in on what is being broadcasted. This however mostly applies to the analogue baby monitoring cameras and for one to get the desired result you have to be relatively close to it.

  1. Baby monitoring cameras that are WIFI enabled are very convenient because you are able to watch your child wherever you are no matter the distance. The best part is that you can just watch on your mobile phone or tablet simply by downloading a free app. However, these cameras are the easiest to hack all you need to do is gain access through the internet connection and if you have the necessary pass codes it will be easy.
  2. Digital monitoring cameras are less exposed however they can still be hacked. All you need to do is find a device that is on the same frequency as your monitoring camera. This also means that other devices around the house can also interfere with the signal of the camera.

How to find a hack proof monitor

It is very scary to even imagine that it is possible for someone to hack into your child’s monitoring camera and listen in and see all that is happening. Many people would be at peace if they found that monitoring camera that cannot be hacked.

To those who prefer the digital baby monitoring camera, there is a technology commonly known as FHSS [Frequency hopping spread spectrum] which switches signals in monitoring cameras search that even though someone else is using a device operating on the same frequency it becomes almost impossible for them to eavesdrop. You can find recommendations of such products by searching the web using that word ‘FHSS’.

Using the wireless option is not recommended but you can still get a good monitoring camera by searching for that which enables you to change the password on it and automatically updates with new firmware releases. You should also change your home wireless network password and only give it to those you trust.

Recommended baby monitors to avoid

Avoid all WIFI and analog models especially those that have been linked to security issues in the past. Take your time to research and look keenly at the product reviews of the items you seek. Pay close attention to other people’s experiences and learn from their mistakes and also successes.

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