[Q&A] How To Keep Toddler’s Head Up In A Car Seat?

The joy of seeing that your baby has reached the age and recommended weight to be facing forward in the car is quite remarkable. That first ride of your toddler being able to see the many cars ahead and the busy roads and the curiosity that piques in him and he starts asking questions about the different things that he is now able to see and experience makes it even better. But then after some time he falls asleep during the ride and you notice that his head is falling forward and you keep positioning it back each time. As a concerned and loving parent you will definitely inquire on how to keep your toddler’s head up in a car seat.

The tendency of your toddler’s head to keep falling forward or to the side may be influenced by the angle of recline in the seat or the base, the position of the child restraint, the position of the child in the restraint and padding in the car seat.

What to do to keep your toddler’s head upright

  1. Recline the car seat

Check the instructions that come with your car seat in the manufacturer’s manual to know whether your seat can be reclined and if so to what degree. Doing this will significantly reduce the slumping and help keep your kid’s head comfortable. But be sure not to exceed the limit given for the reclining of the seat.

  1. Use a booster seat head rest

It is a place kid’s can rest their heads. It attaches to the vehicle headrest bars and the sides fold up and down and click into place. You should definitely invest in this if the recline does not work this will offer your child a more comfortable nap during the car ride and you will also be able to relax and not worry too much about them hurting their neck.

  1. Use large pillows

They are these huge pillows that rest on your kid’s lap and go all the way up to support their head. They come in colorful monster faces so that kids can find them interesting to use and have a good and easy time using them

  1. Make sure your child is fitted in the restrain correctly

These little things that people may assume may be a major contribution I why the child is falling forward while sleeping. Ensuring that everything is in order may save you the time spent repositioning your kid’s head but also ascertain that he is safe.

  1. Strap in tight

Ensuring the shoulder straps are snug and fit perfectly may provide extra support for your toddler, This especially applies to a forward facing seat harness that provides more safety and support than a seat booster.

However, you should also take into account the fact that whatever might seem uncomfortable to you might not be the same for your child so try not to project to your kid what you would feel if you slept slumping. Try to find out if by any chance their neck is in pain and always strive to give your kid the best support available to you.

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