[Q&A] How To Mount Baby Monitor On The Wall?

When you get the perfect crib and have the room all set up for your baby you also need to consider the fact that you’ll need to keep an eye on your child. At this point, a baby monitor will come in very handy because you will be aware of what is going on with your child even when you are not in her room. Since you set up the room and decorated it you would also want to know how to mount the baby monitor on the wall yourself to give you the perfect result.

Here are a few ways you can mount your nanny cam

  • Using a universal baby monitor mount

There are a few brands that can be found in different stores that come with an adapter to fit any type of nanny cam you might be using. Setting up this mounting device on the wall is quite easy all you need to do is follow the manufacturer’s manual and you will get your desired outcome. The pro about this particular mount is that you can manipulate its position to get a better and clearer view of your baby.

  •  Use command picture hanging strip

This method appeals to those people who do not want to handle any tools while mounting their cameras. Just follow the instructions that come with the hanging strips and mount the camera just like you would a picture. This however is not the safest way to go about it so it’s best to put it a bit further from the crib and always hide the cords to prevent any accidents.

  • Screw a nail to the wall

When you look at the back of your camera you will see a hole that can be used to hold it onto the screw. It is a good and easy way to get the camera mounted and get to see your baby

  • Use a command hook

If your command hook is big enough and can fit in the hole at the camera you will be able to hook it to the wall easily. You can also use the command hooks may also be used to keep away the cords.

  • Using the mounts that come with the camera

There are certain baby monitoring cameras that come with mounting devices that can easily be installed onto the camera. The mounts are flexible and can be bent to fit where you want them for example around the curtain rods.

What to pay attention to

  1. Once you mount you camera make sure it is not loose and cannot come loose and fall.
  2. Ensure that once your baby is able to stand on his/her crib the camera is mounted a little further where he/she cannot reach.
  3. Keep away all the cords and make sure none of them is close to the baby because it may result in an accident or strangulation of the child.
  4. You should also ensure that wherever you place the camera you are able to see a good view of the entire crib to better keep an eye on your child.

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