[Q&A] What Is A Stroller Blanket?

Taking your child out for walks in their stroller during the cold or chilly seasons requires a little more precaution. In addition to dressing your child in heavy warm clothes you will also need a stroller blanket. But “what is a stroller blanket?” it is a special kind of cover used to keep your baby warm and comfy while you use the stroller. There are many stroller blankets in the market and finding one would not necessarily be a challenge so long as you do know what features to look out for and the quality.

Features to consider when shopping for a stroller blanket

  1. They are definitely lighter than other blankets that may be used in the house. This is because the stroller blanket is meant to be used on the go to supplement on providing the warmth your child needs.
  2. Size

There is a variety of sizes to choose from when it comes to stroller blankets but you need to choose that which suits your baby. It should be a good fit for the stroller and not too big to cover the whole space. Taking your time to search for the right stroller blanket for you that fits accordingly will save you the trouble of having to pick up the blanket when it falls off since it won’t be falling off.

The perfect size would be that which fits in a diaper bag and can be used in both the car seat and nursery.

  1. Quality

Quality is of great importance and investing in high quality blankets with fibers that do not come off will be of great help since it will go a long way in preventing any suffocation for the baby. Finding fabric that is warm and comfortable but also soft to the touch will be of great joy to your little one. You should also consider the fabrics that baby likes and those that she does not like.

  1. Personalized blankets

If you are planning to custom make your stroller blanket and maybe put some embroidery with your child’s name on the blanket you should also make sure it is of the right size and of good quality.

  1. Search for a blanket that has sweat absorption abilities. This will help your baby on the move to keep her cool and prevent the baby from suffering from moisture burns and too much heat. We might want to keep the baby warm but we also don’t want to hurt the baby in the process.

In addition the stroller blankets should be easy to clean and takes a short time to dry [in case you depend on sunlight to dry your clothes]. It should also be durable since we are investing in quality we need to be able to use it for a long time before it starts to wear off. It should not have any chemical odors this is to keep the baby safe from any contaminations.

In conclusion having a stroller blanket is advisable even in the sunny seasons since it provides a layer of protection for your baby.

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