[Q&A] What Is A Tandem Stroller?

Walking around your neighborhood with more than one child can prove to be a real hassle to you as a parent. However, there are strollers {tandem strollers} that are specifically designed to aid in making it easier. You may be wondering what is a tandem stroller well, it is a stroller that offers the convenience of walking two kids at the same time with as much ease and comfort as you would with one child. They are also called double strollers.

Types of double strollers

  1. Front to back style

This is a stroller with two seats one situated behind the other. The back seat is able to recline fully thus being very convenient for an infant while the front seat does not recline all the way this makes it suitable for a toddler. However there are some double seats that are designed in a recline manner to give you the ability to carry two new born babies with it and with comfort and trust in the fact that your child is safe.

This particular stroller is able to get around places with much ease. Maneuvering in small spaces is not a big issue when using this tandem stroller. Once you fold them up they tend to take up less space.

  1. Side by side style

They are practically as convenient as the tandem stroller in that you are able to walk around with two babies as though they were one. The stroller seats are next to each other and are designed to keep babies as comfortable as possible be it the infants or the toddlers. They are however mostly used by parents with twins because they get to grow with the stroller.

They are very lightweight and fold quickly and compactly without any problems and can be stored in smallest space available. However, when going on a walk it will be hard for this particular stroller to be maneuvered around in small spaces.

Considerations when choosing a stroller

A rule of thumb to always keep in mind is that whichever stroller you decide to use it should be of great quality. Check the straps to make sure they are in good condition and can easily hold your children into place. You should also consider your child’s age because the types of strollers that a toddler would use is quite different from that of an infant.

In as much as you want what is convenient for you as you go out with your child, you should also give consideration to the safety and comfort of your baby as you enjoy your walks. Having a stroller that has some kind of storage space below is a good idea just in case you need to do some shopping and you cannot manage to get another shopping trolley while you have two children in your stroller.

In conclusion tandem strollers are a life saver considering the fact that you are able to move around with your babies without any worries or hassles.

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