[Q&A] When Can Baby Go In Backpack Carrier?

Don’t you just miss high school? Mr Fitzpatrick’s pit stains, that ill-fated football tryout, and toting things around in a backpack… Wouldn’t it be great if you could recreate that right now, just bundle your little one into a backpack and go about your day? Of course, it would!

“So,” I’m sure you’re thinking, “when can Baby go in backpack carrier?”

No, seriously, why would I use one?

Often, parents want to go outside with their babies. While a stroller is good for pretending to pilot a starfighter down the street, it does require the use of your hands. And, because they don’t actually hover, strollers don’t fare well against rough terrain or subways or stairs.

The ideal solution is to convert your tiny human into an item of clothing. Preferably on your back, since the front carriers put more strain on your shoulders – a far less stable pair of joints than your hips, which is where the weight would be with the sturdier backpack carriers.

And, assuming you like your little burden and want to bond with it, a backpack carrier holds your baby close to you, with his or her head close to yours. Far more conducive to conversation… About the kid’s improved view, I guess…

When can I don my baby?

It’s best to begin using your newest fashion accessory after 6 months old, when they weigh around 15 pounds and can safely support their own heads. In fact, as soon as their necks start being useful in that regard, it’d be best to start using the backpack carrier. This is because the child will still be somewhat light and you’ll gradually get used to their heavier weight over time. It’s better than deciding to jump in the deep end with a larger little one!

It’s always better to play it cautious when your baby’s safety is concerned. So be sure to consult with your kid’s pediatrician if you’re unsure about whether to use a backpack carrier.

And when must I shed my baby-garment?

That depends largely on how fancy your backpack carrier is. Most can still bear the infant when he or she reaches 45 pounds at about 14 months. At which point, you may want to enlist your child in the Imperial Navy (read: get a stroller and fly that ship) to spare both your body and your backpack carrier. While some of the more expensive ones can still bear the weight of a 60-pound child, at about 4 years old, most kids of that age would rather run around than stay on your back.

After all, roadkill is a far more appealing career path than the least favourite co-star on Dora the Explorer…

In summary…

You can put your little one in a backpack carrier between the ages of 6 and 14 months, in most cases. Thanks for reading, and we wish you good luck with your upcoming range of designer infants!

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