[Q&A] When Can Baby Go In Jogging Stroller?

After giving birth to your healthy bundle of joy it comes a time when you start to wonder when your baby can go in a jogging stroller. Mainly because you want to get rid of that flab and making a run part of your daily workout routine would go miles in helping you achieve your goal.

What to consider

Newborns have no neck and head control and their motor skills are generally weak. So taking your baby for a jog while they are this unstable is not advisable. As they grow they become more stable and can sit up on their own with full head and neck control. When they get to this point you can take them for a jog this is because waiting until they fully develop stability will ensure they are able to handle faster movement without damaging their spine.

However, if you must go for a jog with your baby after birth before they are stable you should invest in a jogging stroller that reclines completely and is designed to absorb the movements to avoid any discomfort to your baby.

  • Readiness

Since most jogging strollers do not recline, baby will have to be seated upright throughout the run. Having the required head and neck support will go a long way in making sure the baby is comfortable and that they don’t lean forward and accidentally close their air ways.

Once your baby gains the stability it is best to consult your pediatrician so that he can give you the go ahead and advice you on what to do and what not to do.

  • Check your manual

Every stroller comes with a manufacturer’s manual that explains all you need to know about your particular stroller. In some manuals you may find that they have included the recommended age for you to start using the stroller with your baby. Once you are comfortable with the recommended age just follow the instructions on how to make baby comfortable and take them out for their first run.

Safety tips

  1. Once you are on a run with your baby stay close to them to attend to any need they might be having. Leaving them at a distance is not a very safe bet because any number of things could happen without your knowledge.
  2. Use protective covers on your stroller to shield your child from the scorching sun. Having a little sun is good however you should make sure that it is not too hot to the point of hurting your baby or making them uncomfortable.
  3. Consider using a car seat on your stroller to provide that extra protection to your baby once you strap them in.
  4. Get the right gear. You should a stroller that is specifically for jogging because they are made to withstand the movement and can be used on any surface without damage or discomfort to your child.
  5. Dress appropriately. Consider the weather outside before taking your child for a run. If it is cold make sure to dress them warm and when it is hot dress light.

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