[Q&A] When Can Baby Use Stroller Without Car Seat?

23When you are going out for a walk with your child, you definitely want it to be a pleasant walk not forgetting your child’s safety. Afterwards the baby becomes fussy and once you remove the car seat and place her on the stroller without it she relaxes. You automatically start to wonder when your baby can use a stroller without the car seat. We believe that to each family their own and every parent has their preferences, it is all dependent on you.

When to use a stroller without a car seat

  • From birth

For this, one has to invest in a good stroller that can be reclined or that can lay flat. This is to give the child the comfort she deserves and since the baby cannot sit up, investing in infant inserts is a good way to provide the baby with head and neck support.

  • Until she is able to sit up and hold her head

Once your child is strong enough and his/her neck has already become firm you can consider using the stroller without the car seat. You will however need to strap your child in very well to avoid any falls or accidents

  • Once they outgrow the infant car seat

To some parents the infant car seat is believed to provide the best safety and comfort so they prefer to keep their little ones there until they no longer fit that is the only time they would feel the need to use the stroller without the car seat.

However, it should be noted that the infant car seat is designed and meant for safety and not for development. This said, there are a few practices parents should avoid;

  1. Leaving your baby in the car seat for a long period of time regularly. This is mainly because the more you keep the child in the car seat for long the more the risk of their head flattening.
  2. Allowing the baby to regularly sleep in the car seat outside the car. Using such baby gear to let your child sleep increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.
  3. Using the car seat even after the baby is able to sit upright and support herself. It is important for sensory and motor development to let the child sit up as much as possible once they are able to.
  4. The fear of waking your baby and need for convenience. Using the car seat too much is not advisable especially if your child can already sit up. It is best to let the child sit up in the stroller instead.

Above all be sure that whenever you decide to stop using the car seat you strap in your child tightly and be sure not to deny your child the room for development. Being able to go out and see other people while at the same time being comfortable in that stroller is of great benefit to your child’s development.

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