[Q&A] Where To Mount Baby Monitoring Camera?

When you are decorating your child’s room you get to the point of wondering where to mount your baby monitoring camera. Well, the best place is always that which provides the best angle for viewing the baby and with which you are sure of your child’s safety. Mounting a baby camera helps you keep tabs on your child and know when she wakes up or is crying. You can also talk to your child through the monitor once they hear your voice they are assured they are not all alone.

The best places to consider when mounting your camera

  1. On the crib

Look for a place to put your camera and see if the view is satisfactory enough but be sure not to put it over your child’s head and ensure that it does not wobble and is securely fastened. This however mostly applies to static monitors that do not turn. No wires should be anywhere close within the child’s reach so make sure to carefully and neatly keep the cords away from the cot. Once your child is old enough and can stand in the crib it is advisable to move the camera and find another place for it.

  1. On the wall

There are many ways in which you can mount your camera on the wall and the best part is that you can do it all by yourself. All you’ll need is a wall mount and you can place your camera. You can do this after your child is able to stand in his/her crib and you need to move the camera from their crib. You should also make sure that the cords are away from the child and well hidden.

  1. On the baby’s changing table

Depending on where your changing table is you can use it to mount your baby monitoring camera. If your changing table is overlooking your child’s crib and provides a good view of your child as they sleep then you should consider leaving it there. You should however be cautious when changing your child so that they don’t kick the camera with their arm or leg by mistake. I cannot emphasize this enough, the cords should be away from your child’s reach at all times.

  1. On the curtain rod

If you have a curtain rod that is close to your child’s crib it is a good place to mount your baby monitoring camera. Since it is high enough it will definitely provide a good view of your child’s crib and what is happening. You can use the flexible octopus shaped mounts that come with the baby cam and attach it to the camera then place it on the curtain rod. It is amazing how effective and easy this particular method is. The best part about it is that you can easily hide the cords away behind the curtain and thus keeping it far from your child’s grasp.

As you can see there is a variety of options to choose from all you need to do is determine the best position and what works for you.

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